Everything you need to deliver delightful support & WhatsApp marketing

DelightChat is packed with features that streamline your work and help you talk to your customers with ease.

Support all your customers with an Omnichannel Inbox

WhatsApp API

Engage with your customers over WhatsApp, assign conversations to multiple team members, all from one single WhatsApp API number.

Live Chat

Talk to visitors of your website and convert them into customers by having live conversations using DelightChat's chat widget.


Connect all your support emails and respond to incoming queries from a single screen. Replies are sent from your own email address.

Instagram Comments

Seamlessly reply to comments made by your customers on Instagram posts or ads without ever having to visit the platforms.

Instagram DMs

Manage all your Instagram DMs in one place, assign to your team and never miss replying to a message. You can also initiate a DM from an Instagram Comment.

Facebook Comments

Instantly respond to customer comments on Facebook posts or ads without ever having to visit the platforms.

Facebook Messenger

Reply to Messenger DMs easily. You can also initiate a Messenger DM from a Facebook Comment using DelightChat.

Shared Team Inbox

Respond to your customers across all channels, keep track of tickets and ensure they are replied to, easily collaborate with your team, all from one unified screen.

Grow your brand and revenues with WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Broadcasts

Send broadcasts to your customer lists using Official WhatsApp API. Create personalised message templates and generate 26x ROI on marketing spends. Up to 100k messages per day on top tier.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Recover Abandoned Carts on autopilot via WhatsApp. Write persuasive message copy and achieve high open rates thanks to WhatsApp API, leading to high recovery rates.

Order Confirmation

Inform customers when they place a successful order on WhatsApp. Optional: Include an upsell coupon code for their next purchase.

Order Tracking Notification

Let your customers know when their order has been shipped by sharing the tracking number and link on WhatsApp. Optional: Include an upsell coupon code for their next purchase.

Cash on Delivery Verification

Send a verification message on WhatsApp asking the customer to confirm their COD order, which helps in reducing RTOs and improving your margins.

Manage Opt-Outs

We get it, some customers don't want to be contacted. Easily manage opt-out lists to ensure that your marketing messages never go to customers who don't want them.

Analytics ROI

Know exactly how much revenue you generate, thanks to powerful software and a deep Shopify integration that keeps track of customers who saw your messages and subsequently placed an order.

Effortlessly automate repetitive tasks & reduce tickets with self-service

Fast Reply

The Fast Reply (aka macros) feature allows you to create pre-made templates for common queries like “Where’s my order?” so that you can answer them in 2-clicks.

Automated Replies

Auto-reply to common queries such as "where's my order", questions about sizing or refund policy. Setup autoresponders for new tickets and messages received outside business hours.

Automated Ticket Actions

Auto-assign incoming tickets, add tags such as "refund request" to a ticket based on contents of the message and more.

Self-Service Widget

Enable your customers to track their order status and access tracking links without involving your team, using the self-service widget.

FAQs & Help Center

Write all your help articles and make them easily accessible to every visitor with one click through the self-service widget.

Contact Us Widget

Make it easy for store visitors to contact you using a contact form or your social media handles using the contact us widget.

No more back & forth with deep Shopify integration

Customer & Order Details

With deep Shopify integration, you can automatically find and display customer & order details such as order ID, products ordered, shipping address and more, allowing your team to have more context-driven conversations.

Modify Orders

Easily view, edit, refund, duplicate or cancel the correct order without having to leave the DelightChat dashboard.

Order Tracking Link

Easily share the tracking link with your customer for any order right from DelightChat’s dashboard.

Sell More via Shopping

Customer asked for product details? Easily browse through the products on your store via the Shopping tab on DelightChat and share product images, description and checkout links with in a few clicks.

WhatsApp Marketing Automation

Our Shopify integration makes it possible to automatically send WhatsApp messages for Abandoned cart, Order confirmation, Order fulfilment, COD order verification and more.

Be more productive with simplified collaboration

Internal Comments

Write internal comments within a customer conversation and collaborate with your teammates to resolve a ticket without ever having to leave the dashboard.


Keep track of important conversations without a hitch by labelling them as “refund”, “VIP”, “exchange”, or whatever the situation demands.

Conversation Status

You can assign conversations to relevant teammates, close them when it’s resolved, archive them when there’s no activity on it or keep it unassigned if needed.

Collision Detection

You are always aware of who’s viewing or replying to a particular ticket thereby preventing duplicate replies.

Snooze To Follow-up

Easily schedule a reminder to follow-up with a customer conversation. Never miss a follow-up again.

More features to streamline your
customer service

Analytics & Reports

Learn how your team is performing in terms of first response and ticket resolution times, understand which channels have high conversation volumes, and more.

Tickets Outside DelightChat

Manually create tickets to manage and resolve all customer conversations that happen outside of DelightChat.

Mobile Apps

On-the-go? No worries. Manage your ecommerce store’s customer support through DelightChat’s mobile apps, available on both Android and iOS platforms.

1000+ customers say DelightChat is powerful, easy-to-use, and provides fast support 😍

This app has been a game changer for our CRM. We tried many solutions like interakt, zendesk , freshchat etc, to no avail.
The team especially Preetam and Baz are very instrumental in listening to our day today problems and I am always getting positive feedback and changes that I recommend have been implemented in the app to suit my needs.
Studio Y
It literally took 15 minutes to be up and running after integrating Email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger & comments and Instagram comments.
STAC Fine Jewellery
The DelightChat team were an absolute delight. The whatsapp group they created to resolve our queries has been amazing and the responses have been really prompt. The automated responses have reduced our transaction customer service interaction significantly so that the team can now truly focus on Customer Delight.
Our experience with the DelightChat team has been amazing. It is the perfect combination of a great product, very simple and intuitive UI, and outstanding support.
Fabric Pandit
Literally the most seamless & user friendly UI we have seen yet. We currently handle over 3k orders daily and we have tried almost every customer support tool out there but DelightChat suited our operations to handle the high volume of tickets across multiple channels best.
Shop Curls
I really really love the App. It has everything I was looking for and more. The platform is clean, organized and easy to use. The support team is very helpful, they created a WhatsApp Group after our demo and are always there to help us right away. I highly recommend this app!
Kudos to the team for being super prompt in solving merchant queries. The team understands the ecommerce ecosystem very well and the solutions that they make, fit very well to the communication needs of the merchants.
Sleepy Owl Coffee
DelightChat has made life so much easier for us at Sleepy Owl! Apart from the ease of use, Preetam & his team have been very accommodating to tweak and make this a super helpful app for brands like ours. With all channels consolidated into one, it has saved us all a lot of time and hassle.
Our experience is nothing less than perfect. Delightchat offers us all the features we were looking for. However, the absolute best thing is that the team is extremely proactive and agile. Literally demonstrating what an ideal customer service looks like. This is honestly the best CRM tool available out there!

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