A small team with a big heart.

Sankalp (left) and Preetam (right) working out of Chai Point, a tea cafe.

A bit about the founders...

Hey! This is Preetam, I'm the co-founder and CEO at DelightChat. And… I’ll be the narrator today (you know, in Morgan Freeman’s voice).

Building software gives meaning to my life. Watching folks use my software and fulfil their life’s purpose gives me the energy to wake up every day.

Oh, but there’s more… I dabble in marketing, design, I'm a huge nerd for the latest gadgets, and I’m always up for deeply philosophical discussions about life.

Sankalp is my co-founder and CTO at DelightChat. We met in 2016 and have been bouncing startup ideas and helping each other out ever since.

Sankalp loves stringing together open source tools and writing code that beautifully fit together and scale to support millions of users reliably, 24x7, without human intervention.

Sankalp is a huge anime nerd and likes to draw parallels between fiction and real life philosophy. So I always have a companion for those deep philosophical discussions.

When we are not building DelightChat, you might find us exercising, travelling, or working on our passion projects DailyHabits and DailyWorkouts, among other things.

The road to DelightChat

We built SuperLemon to help small businesses talk to their customers through WhatsApp.

We put our sweat, tears, love, and care to become the highest-rated WhatsApp plugin for 20,000+ Shopify stores across 50+ countries.

Sankalp and I worked remotely throughout this journey. Starbucks and Third Wave coffee shops were our offices, and sometimes Dharamshala or Thailand.

While working at SuperLemon, we stumbled upon a bigger problem plaguing the ecommerce industry.

We had an amazing relationship with our customers and they would often tell us their plight, i.e. helping their customers.

Running an ecommerce business isn’t easy. Brands and their customers are online on every channel. And when customers get stuck, they need support ‘yesterday’.

The current set of tools aren’t helping. Either they are too expensive for smaller retailers, or they don’t serve the specific needs of an ecommerce business.

Superlemon was run by just 2 humans, me and my co-founder. We tackled dozens of customer queries all day long, which isn’t easy when you’re a small and lean team.

We knew in our hearts that we had to solve this problem, to make our customer’s lives easier so that they can actually focus on growing their business.

And that’s how DelightChat was born.

Our mission at DelightChat

With DelightChat, our vision is to be the best customer support tool for small and medium sized D2C & ecommerce brands running lean teams.

What our customers need is a high-quality tool that is easy-to-use, integrates with the various apps used by ecommerce stores, and yet remains affordable for the smaller brands.

After all, that’s exactly who we were on the software side of things, small guys trying to make a big dent in the universe.

So, here’s what we aim to do.
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DelightChat will help you manage the chaos of running your e-commerce business by...

Simplifying customer conversations across all channels (such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, SMS, etc.) with an omnichannel inbox.

Enabling easy collaboration between team members to discuss customer problems and resolve tickets in the fastest and most hassle-free way.

Helping you with smarter automation and software that will do the heavy lifting on common customer queries (like, "where is my order?"), thereby freeing up valuable support resources to tackle the  more pressing customer problems.

Providing revenue-generating features that will help your support team close tickets, complete purchases, and turn support into a powerful profit center for your business.

We can’t wait to delight you!

We are building world-class software that is powerful and in-depth (think Intercom or Freshdesk), yet simple to use (think Gmail or WhatsApp) for ecommerce merchants across the world.

Along on this journey is a small, caring and wonderful team who has joined us to realise our vision.

Say hi 👋 if you see them on social media! 

Meet the DelightChat tribe

Principles we live by

Customer obsession

We always place customer's interests first and work passionately to earn their trust.

We are on mission to help our customers grow their business and achieve their goals.


We treat our customers, co-workers, and friends the way we would like to be treated.

With kindness, patience, and acting in the best interest of helping them grow and achieve their goals.


Simple solutions delightfully executed produce the best outcomes.

Great design is obvious and easy to understand, gets out of the way, and takes the least amount of effort for the customer to achieve their goals.


Our mission doesn't end with creating software. Code & media are the superpowers of tech companies.

We create content that empowers and educates our customers in growing their business and achieving their goals.