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Step 1: Enter your country code without the + symbol, followed by the WhatsApp phone number.

Step 2: Add a pre-filled message (optional).

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WhatsApp Click-to-Chat: Create Your WhatsApp Chat Link in 2 Steps

77% of customers said that to provide good customer service online, the most important thing a business can do for them is valuing their time, says Forrester research. The research also says that 55% of US adults abandon their carts in absence of quick response from businesses.  

Presence on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp helps you provide quick responses and good customer service with one-to-one conversations and build brand repute.

But, having a WhatsApp number is just not enough. You need to put them out where your customers would notice. For example, on the bottom right corner of your website or on your app.

However, for your customer to contact you on the app, they will have to save your contact, go to WhatsApp, look for your contact and then send you a message. Who has that kind of patience anymore? People want instant gratification.

That’s where WhatsApp chat links come as your saviour. How come? Read on to find out.

What is a WhatsApp click-to-chat link?

People do not want to save business phone numbers on their personal phone. Especially not on an instant messaging app they use for personal conversations.

The WhatsApp click-to-chat or feature allows users to directly chat with another WhatsApp user by clicking on a link, without the hassle of saving their phone number. 

This works well for both businesses and customers.

All a customer needs to do is click on your WhatsApp chat link, which directs them to a WhatsApp chat screen on their phone or WhatsApp web and start chatting right away.

But what other advantages does the WhatsApp click-to-chat feature have? Read on and you’ll be surprised!

Benefits of creating a WhatsApp chat link for your business

Ease of communication

We’re living in a fast paced world and people want their needs met right away, specifically when it comes to addressing their queries or complaints. Having a WhatsApp chat link helps you to do that. 

Be it welcoming a new customer who just signed up on your website or providing one-to-one customer support, with WhatsApp, you can do it in an instant. After all, the customer is a king and you want to make them feel like that. 

Engage in real-time

Engaging with a potential customer in the right place at the right time makes you more likely to convert them into your customer.

Oftentimes, the right place is your business website and the right time is when your customer is surfing through it. Having a WhatsApp chat link enables your customer to reach out to you within seconds.

The whole process of them having to figure out your services, fill out a form and wait for you to respond to them hours, days or sometimes weeks later gets eliminated. 


WhatsApp is more than just an instant messaging platform. It also has the option of direct shopping and payment. So whenever your customer wants to look at your catalogue, they do not have to go to your website, it can be set up on WhatsApp itself. 

As for payments, there is no hassle of bank transfer or switching to other online payment apps. Shopping and payments can all be done on WhatsApp.

No wonder it has a user base of 2 billion!


Living without instant messaging apps? That’s unimaginable for most people today. Your customers are all hanging out on these apps. And that is where you need to be too. 

When your customer clicks on a WhatsApp chat link and talks to you, their number is immediately available in your database. So each time you roll out a new offer, launch a new product or even wish to drive traffic to your website, you can directly send them your brochure, offer codes and website links. 

But remember, do not be spammy. You want to retain your customers, not drive them away.

It's important to note that creating a WhatsApp chat link isn't the only way to offer convenience to your customers. A scannable WhatsApp QR code can also make it incredibly easy for customers to connect with you. DelightChat has created a free WhatsApp QR code generator that helps you get started in seconds!

Create WhatsApp link in 2 steps

There are 2 types of WhatsApp chat link that you can generate - A simple link and a link with a pre-filled message. Here’s how you can create a WhatsApp link in just 2 steps.

Creating a simple WhatsApp chat link

1. Copy the url: “” or “

2. Insert your phone number with country code after the link (without +, zeros preceding the country code or any other special characters).

For example: If your phone number is +91 9020580048, your WhatsApp chat link will look something like this: or .

Creating a WhatsApp link with a welcome message

1. Copy the url: “” or “

2. Insert your phone number with your country code and pre-filled message. The phone numbers should be entered without +, zeros or any special characters.

Now while adding a custom text message, there are a couple of instructions to follow.

Single sentence:

When you add a single sentence, your simple chat link is followed by ‘&text=’ and your desired text is followed by ‘%20’.

For example: You want to send “Hey there!”. Your WhatsApp chat link will look like this:

Multiple sentences:

When sending multiple sentences, each sentence is followed by ‘0A’.

For instance: If you want to send “Hi Jay. I want to inquire about your industrial grade glue.” This is what your WhatsApp chat link will look like:

Whew! Building a WhatsApp chat link manually is simply tedious. What if I told you, there’s a simpler way and takes only seconds?

Lean in, so I can tell you about the not-so-secret WhatsApp link generator tool.

DelightChat’s WhatsApp Chat Link Generator - the simplest WhatsApp link generator tool on the internet. Bonus, it's completely free to use.

How simple is this link creator tool really?

To create your WhatsApp chat link, all you have to do is enter your phone number and type your desired text. While you sit back and relax, DelightChat will do the rest for you - within seconds and for free! 

Don't stop at just creating a click-to-chat link! As a business, you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you. If you have a website with a lot of visitors, the easiest way to do that is by adding a WhatsApp live chat widget. DelightChat has built a free tool to help you generate the WhatsApp widget in just a few steps.

Important points to remember

  • Enter your phone number with country code only. Do not use any +, zeros before country code or any other special characters.
  • Ensure that the number for which you have created a link has an active WhatsApp account.
  • If you are adding a non-international number, while creating the link, you can skip the country code and enter just the phone number.  


Skip that long and tedious process of reaching out to customers with forms and emails. Let them come to you instantly with WhatsApp chat links.

Use DelightChat’s WhatsApp Link Generator and create WhatsApp chat link for free today.

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