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18 Best Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Software Tools in 2024

WhatsApp is the world's most used platform, second only to Facebook. Marketers have been making the most of its reach and ease of operating by utilising it as a channel for marketing communications.

More than 100 billion messages are shared on WhatsApp, across the globe, in a single day. No wonder several marketers continue to turn to WhatsApp and its popularity among them is only rising by the day. After all, it's where all the customers are. 

The smartest way to market through WhatsApp is through WhatsApp Marketing Software. Needless to say, the success rate of this marketing method is proven to be extremely high. And a lot of brands are getting really creative with their WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

This article will get you acquainted with some of the finest and most popular WhatsApp marketing software in India and around the world.

What is WhatsApp marketing software?

It is a tool that enables your business to send bulk messages to your customers on WhatsApp without having to save their contact details, i.e. run your entire WhatsApp Marketing strategy.

Using this tool you can send engaging messages that contain text, images, documents and videos. You can even automate these messages and send them out in a timely fashion to keep your customers engaged and delighted.

Benefits of using a Bulk WhatsApp Sender in India

Elevate your business to greater heights by making the most of bulk WhatsApp sender tools. Here are some of its top advantages:

1. Improved customer engagement 

Connect to a larger user base and take your customer engagement rates up several notches by using WhatsApp’s bulk messaging features.

2. Brand positioning 

Reaching out to more people implies that you position your brand better in the market, where your products get more visibility. 

3. Build your internal teams 

Use the tool to build a strong team that is collaborative and brewing with innovative ideas.

4. Share valuable information 

The best WhatsApp marketing software will help you send useful information or promotional WhatsApp messages to customers about events, projects and activities easily and keep them posted about orders placed every step of the way.

Some of the tools below use official WhatsApp API. We have highlighted it in the text wherever that is the case. In case you're looking to learn the difference between the official WhatsApp API vs WhatsApp Business app, read the linked article.

Here’s a line-up of our top 8 picks for bulk WhatsApp sender software you can use:

1. DelightChat

Rated as one of the best WhatsApp marketing software for India, DelightChat offers end-to-end marketing solutions to grow your e-commerce business.

You can send unlimited bulk WhatsApp messages for abandoned cart recovery, notify customers on orders placed and much more, using the official WhatsApp Business API.

DelightChat allows you to send personalized WhatsApp broadcast messages that will help your business generate 26x ROI on your marketing spends. 

More importantly, the platform helps you ensure that the right message reaches the right customer at the right time. Its key features, in a nutshell, are 2-way messaging, shared team inbox, bulk automated notifications, ROI tracking, Shopify integration and a whole lot more.

Sign up today for free.

2. Chatarmin

Chatarmin is your go-to WhatsApp Marketing Tool tailored for E-Commerce success. Seamlessly integrate your Shopify and Klaviyo platforms for streamlined customer engagement. Unlike other WhatsApp marketing providers, we offer specialized features that empower your E-Commerce strategies.

Priced competitively with a starting point of 99€/month, Chatarmin lets you unleash the full potential of WhatsApp for E-Commerce by providing advanced tools for targeted campaigns and customer segmentation. Boost your ROI and conversion rates through our efficient WhatsApp integrations.

Whether you're looking to automate responses or personalize marketing messages, Chatarmin has you covered. Elevate your customer support and sales strategies today with Chatarmin—the ultimate WhatsApp marketing solution.

Sign up for Chatarmin today!

3. Sendwo

Sendwo is an official bulk WhatsApp sender tool. They are a desk-based application that allows you to send messages from your own PC and WhatsApp account. Currently, they do not offer any API as yet.

This bulk WhatsApp sender app comes for free and is very popular across the world. Its anti-blocking technology comes in handy for both small and mid-size businesses that are looking to power sales and increase user interaction. Not only does the app support several languages, but it also allows automatic customization.

Other prominent features include 24x7 customer support, multiple contact storage, fraud detection and Customizable sender ID.

4. Zoko

Zoko is a shared WhatsApp inbox that lets you share your WhatsApp Business number with your entire team. With Zoko, you receive fairly basic functionality but if that’s all the features you need to get your customer support going, it might be the best fit for you.

Zoko charges $34.99/month plus per conversation charge. Their pricing structure is affordable if you stay within their conversation limits. Zoko is powered by the official WhatsApp Business API that will help your business attain success and increase revenues.

With Zoko you can generate tickets and assign them to different agents based on the type of request. This channel works to improve communication and accountability within the team. You can send WhatsApp messages that include interactive buttons that allow users to respond to your message.

5. Vepaar

Vepaar, formerly known as WhatHash is an official WhatsApp marketing software in India. It is a versatile WhatsApp business web app that comes with highly developed CRM features. Businesses that are aiming to automate their processes stand to benefit greatly from this app.

All you need is a WhatsApp Business Account that can be easily integrated to get more leads and respond to the queries of existing customers. Not only is the app free, but it is also agile and supports quick responses, saving media and messages.

The tool also lets you set up business pages, build e-commerce stores, run surveys, create reports & dashboards and more. Simply put, it does half the job when it comes to client interactions. 


WATI is a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider (BSP) and customer support tool owned by Customers can apply for the WhatsApp Business API through them and use their shared inbox tool for customer support.

It also offers a no-code chatbot builder to automate customer responses and to create conversation flows. Built for B2C businesses of all sizes, WATI is a great customer support tool if you only need to respond to customers on WhatsApp.

You can send promotional broadcasts to all your customers using Wati, which is powered by the official WhatsApp API. Pricing starts at $40/month billed yearly for 5 agents. No free trial.

7. WAAM-it Sender

WAAM-it Sender is a web-based WhatsApp marketing software built using the official WhatsApp API that has been gaining popularity in recent times.

Also available for free download, this app lets you send personalized messages to all your contacts using a spreadsheet. You can even embellish your messages with pictures, videos, emojis and other files.

A key highlight of the app is that it allows you to send up to 5,000 messages free of cost. The other benefits of the app include contact management, setting time delays between the messages you send, bulk invitations to meetings and events, reports & dashboards and customizable sender ID.

8. Interakt

Interakt is one of the most affordable official WhatsApp Business solution providers (BSP) on the list.

It offers a shared inbox for WhatsApp so your entire team can get online to assist with customer support. It also supports automated order notifications to users and good contact management on your admin dashboard.

You can send bulk WhatsApp marketing messages using Interakt, which is powered by the official API. It also boasts one of the lowest price points to start using WhatsApp API. Pricing starts at INR 999/month or $15/month for unlimited logins.

9. RapBooster

Boosting your business is easier with RapBooster, another state-of-the-art WhatsApp marketing software that you can access for free and is easy to download and use.

RapBooster is an official bulk WhatsApp chat automation tool that equips you with the capabilities to run campaigns and boost results at every phase of your business. You can add multiple sender IDs and send personalized messages, resulting in a wider and more targeted reach.

The app also supports sharing of unlimited videos, photos and other files. RapBooster is sure to give your business an edge with benefits such as — the ability to import/export data from .text & Excel files, to fetch contact details from WhatsApp lists, group messaging, instant chat replies and instant delivery reports.

10. AiSensy

AiSensy offers an official Whatsapp business APIs-based marketing and customer support platform. You can create chatbots and use the multi-agent shared inbox to collaborate with team members. Send promotional WhatsApp marketing messages using the official APIs.

Paid plan starts from $14/month which gives you 2000 monthly active users. The next pricing is $36/month for 5000 monthly active users & goes up to $130/month for 20,000 monthly active users.

It offers a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required to get started.

11. Enjay World

Another WhatsApp marketing software built using the official WhatsApp API to boost communication and increase ROI, is Enjay world. It offers a plethora of services to help you meet your marketing goals.

Enjay World provides a 4-step process to help you in WhatsApp marketing. You can use a Google Sheet template as your bulk WhatsApp sender tool.

As a user of this app, you stand to benefit from Portable conversion tools, intelligent IVR, user activity monitoring feature and Whatsapp API integration.

12. Gallabox

Gallabox helps businesses generate more leads, and grow sales through WhatsApp Business APIs, chatbots, and multi-agent shared inboxes. You can send WhatsApp marketing messages using the official API via this tool.

Pricing starts from $40/month for the Growth plan that gives you 5 users & is ideal for small businesses. There is a Scale plan that is $75 per month. It gives you 10 users and is ideal for businesses that require advanced conversational flow.

13. WappBlaster

WappBlaster is one of the top-ranked official WhatsApp marketing software out there that lets you send unlimited Bulk messages to your contacts. It has an intuitive interface that offers unique features for marketing success.

Its key features include multi-language functionality, reporting capabilities, and an anti-blocking algorithm for bulk messaging.

14. Tellephant

Tellephant is a WhatsApp Business Solution that provides WhatsApp API, bulk messaging, templates, and simple chatbots. You can send bulk promotional broadcasts via WhatsApp using this tool.

Paid plan starts from $29/month that offers 1000 Free Conversations & $0.010 per Conversation. At $99/month you can get 1000 Free Conversations & you will pay $0.006 per Conversation. It offers a 30-day free trial. No credit card is required to signup.

15. QuickReply

QuickReply is an all-in-one business solution for eCommerce brands to take care of marketing & customer support that happens on website chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. It also offers a single, shared inbox for managing customer interactions on the Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Twitter, etc.

They forever free plan which allows you to keep your account but when you send a message you'll have to pay $ 0.0106/message. Apart from that, they have 3 plans — the Starter plan starts from $35/month, the Standard plan is $80/month and the Plus plan is $199/month.

16. BusinessOnBot

BusinessOnBot is a tool that helps you run end-to-end marketing on WhatsApp via chatbots, automated sequences, & bulk messages. It is a company based in India and backed by Y Combinator. You can use this bulk WhatsApp sender to market to your customers using the official API.

For pricing, you can get a custom quote by contacting them & sharing your requirements.

17. Bitespeed

Bitespeed offers a combination of Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp marketing features in one software. Primarily used for marketing use cases, Bitespeed now also offers a support inbox. They are primarily focused on ecommerce businesses and its use cases.

They have a free plan which only charges the WhatsApp message fees, however to unlock WhatsApp customer support, broadcast marketing or using your own number, pricing starts at $49.99/mo with a 14-day trial.

18. Woztell

Woztell is a tool that you can use to send push notifications on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It also helps you create 24/7 chatbots that you can make live on your website, WhatsApp or Instagram. You can send promotional bulk WhatsApp messages through Woztell.

It offers forever free pricing if you have 100 monthly active users. If you have 400 MAUs, go for the Starter plan that starts from $39. The next plan costs $89 and gives you 1000 MAUs.

Key Features to Look for in a WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp has exploded as a marketing channel for businesses to engage customers and drive growth. But with so many WhatsApp marketing tools and software options out there, how can you determine which solution is right for your needs? The key is understanding the must-have features and capabilities to look for in order to maximize your WhatsApp marketing potential.

Bulk Messaging Capabilities

Bulk messaging allows sending large numbers of messages to customers at once. This is useful for promotions, announcements, and updates. Some software makes bulk messages appear as individual ones for a personal touch. With the WhatsApp Business API, bulk messages must use approved templates. The ability to quickly blast personalized messages to your entire customer base in one go through WhatsApp is extremely valuable for events, campaigns, and new product launches.

User-Friendly Interface

An intuitive, easy to navigate interface enables efficient use without a steep learning curve. This allows teams to focus on strategy rather than software intricacies. Some tools offer virtual numbers to maintain privacy. You want software that any team member can start using immediately without extensive training. Complex interfaces cost you time and money.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics provide insight into campaign effectiveness via metrics like messages sent/opened and revenue generated. This data helps optimize future efforts for better engagement and conversion rates. Understanding message performance is the only way to continually improve your WhatsApp initiatives.

Multi-Language Support

Support for multiple languages facilitates communication with diverse global customer bases in their preferred tongues. This improves satisfaction and engagement. Don't limit your WhatsApp reach if you have an international audience.

API Integration

API integration enables seamless connections with other platforms like CRM, e-commerce, and analytics. This allows automated messaging based on triggers from these systems, i.e. order updates. Integrations amplify the power of your WhatsApp marketing for the full omnichannel experience.

Bulk WhatsApp Sender (Unofficial Tools)

Let's now go over two unofficial tools that can be used to send bulk WhatsApp messages.

1. WebChat

WebChat is an unofficial tool that is not affiliated with the official WhatsApp. The app allows you to use WhatsApp Web just as if it was a normal app.

2. WhatWeb Plus

WhatWeb Plus is another unofficial tool that integrates with WhatsApp Web and sends online/ offline notifications to your smartphone. It is free to use and easy to set up for up to 2 numbers. It comes with nominal subscription rates for 3 to 20 contact numbers. 

While much has been spoken about these tools, we do not recommend using these unofficial tools for sending WhatsApp messages as there is a risk that your number can get banned. WhatsApp has laid out clear guidelines to keep spamming in check.

The Downside of Using Unofficial Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools

WhatsApp has turned into a vital communication pipeline between many businesses and their customers. While it's tempting to use unofficial bulk messaging tools to reach a wider audience on WhatsApp, there are some serious pitfalls companies should think twice about before going down that route.

The fact is, taking shortcuts with unauthorized WhatsApp tools can end up backfiring in major ways. Before jumping in, businesses should carefully weigh the risks versus rewards.

Legal Implications

For starters, going against WhatsApp's terms of service by using unofficial bulk senders can put your business on shaky legal ground. Violating those strict rules could get your WhatsApp Business account permanently suspended or even prompt legal action from WhatsApp's parent company, Meta. On top of that, bombarding people with unsolicited messages could break anti-spam regulations and saddle your company with expensive lawsuits or fines. Treading into those murky legal waters is extremely risky for any business.

No Green Tick

Green tick on WhatsApp signals to your customers that you are an approved business. It increases trust since your business account is now verified by Meta and adheres to certain rules. However, unofficial bulk WhatsApp marketing software has no way to provide you with the green tick that you'd need. This also increases your chances of getting banned from using WhatsApp as you breach WhatsApp's terms of service.

Risk to Brand Image

In addition, leveraging sketchy third-party tools can inflict tremendous damage to your brand's reputation. More and more consumers recognize and reject spammy tactics and unauthorized messaging. Once word gets out that your company is relying on shady bulk messaging apps behind the scenes, you'll almost certainly turn off potential customers and lose trust within your community. On top of that, many unofficial tools lack proper security, so any data breaches could turn into an absolute PR crisis for your company overnight. Is jeopardizing your brand's hard-earned reputation really worth it?

That's why, we highly recommend that businesses onboard to the official API. Additionally, WhatsApp API pricing has significantly improved and become more accessible over the years.


Which app is best for WhatsApp bulk messaging?

The best bulk messaging app depends on your budget, features needed, and operations scale. Opt for a WhatsApp marketing tool that offers an intuitive interface, analytics, and API integration. One of the popular choices is DelightChat which offers all of these features along .

How can I send bulk marketing messages on WhatsApp?

First choose a software with bulk messaging features. Upload contacts, create your message, and personalize if desired. Schedule for optimal timing. Follow WhatsApp's terms to avoid legal issues.

What is bulk WhatsApp marketing software?

It's a specialized tool enabling businesses to send a large volume of messages to customers via WhatsApp. Features include scheduling, analytics, automation. Designed to maximize WhatsApp marketing.

What software is used for WhatsApp?

WhatsApp offers a Business API for large enterprises needing scalable messaging. Many third-party options like DelightChat, Sendwo, and Zoko also integrate with WhatsApp and provide additional capabilities.

DelightChat: Best WhatsApp Marketing Software to Grow Your Business

Customers today demand superior experiences throughout their journey with your brand. With that in mind, a bulk WhatsApp sender using official API can help you reach out to a large customer base at once and engage them with interactive messages on their favourite communication channel.

DelightChat’s WhatsApp Business platform is loaded with solutions to power your communication strategy.

  • Manage your customer support tickets with a shared WhatsApp inbox
  • Send WhatsApp Broadcasts using official API
  • WhatsApp Green Tick verification for your brand
  • Automated abandoned cart recovery, COD order verification and more via Shopify integration

If you’re on the lookout for a platform that has all the features to help your business scale by the day, then signup today!

Streamline Customer Support & Boost Revenues with DelightChat
Easily manage all your customer interactions - WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Emails, & Live Chat - from one efficient omnichannel inbox.

Increase your sales with powerful WhatsApp Marketing: Promotional Broadcasts, Abandoned Cart Recovery, advanced Customer Segments and more, all through the Official API.

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