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5 Shopify Apps That Boosts Sales of a New Product

You have an awesome product and you want to make money. Unfortunately having the first doesn’t automatically translate to the second.  Shopify is an awesome platform, but to truly excel on it, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference.

Apps can enhance your store's functionality, streamline operations, and provide valuable insights. But there are 3000+ apps to choose from. How do you know which ones you need to launch successfully?

In this article I’ll go through 5 apps that cover different areas of selling on shopify, outline why they are essential to your store and how they will help you sell more and sell faster.

Buy now or Pay more

Customers need a trigger to buy. When you are launching a product you may not have social proof. No testimonials or reviews to assure your audience that your product is wow. And so they hesitate.

Why not change their trigger? Create urgency by incentivizing the early buyers. ‘Buy now or pay more’ is a smart app that raises your pricing after every few sales. This way your early buyers feel rewarded by taking a chance on you and you get a higher conversion rate without all the social proof.

Not only, will you be able sell faster earlier, but the tool will also help you identify the right price for your product and how much customers are willing to pay for it.  

How it boosts sales of new products: Urgency creates a different trigger for buying. When a product doesn’t have reviews, give them an added incentive to take a chance on you.


New products can be difficult to sell on its own. But what if you offer it up with hero products that are already popular? It gives customers the chance to try a product they probably wouldn’t have purchased as a standalone item.

Bundling helps increase the perceived value of products in your customer's eyes and in doing so provides an ideal launch platform for your new product.

There are many bundling apps on Shopify. So why Bundler? Besides its facevalue 800+ 5 Star Reviews and affordable $6.99 premium plan, Bundler is extremely easy to set up and customize. You can mix and match your bundles, create discounts and also suggest frequently bought items. Bundler also enables makes bundle upsells compatible with subscriptions. It increases your average order value and drives in more sales.

How it boosts sales of new products: Pairing up with winning products increases your order value and gains traction for your new product. Your new product will get the advantage from the popularity of your existing line.


Selling a product to a consumer is one task, and customer retention is a different challenge in itself. By retaining existing customers, stores can decrease the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), building a more sustainable foundation for your business.

Cashback offers, when given as gift cards or store credits, offer a solution to this challenge.

Cashbacks resonate more positively with customers compared to hefty discounts. While discounts may attract bargain-driven shoppers, customers availing cashbacks see the value of your products and are willing to pay upfront.

When customers receive cashback, it incentivizes them to return for subsequent purchases. Additionally, if you are giving cashback over a certain amount, it increases the Average Order Value (AOV) as well.

Such customers are likely to exhibit brand loyalty, not swayed by attractive offers from competitors, hence enhancing customer retention. By maintaining a positive brand image and prioritising value over bargains, you can build a more loyal customer base.

Setting up a cashback campaign with Giftkart is effortless. You can fully automate the campaign, including personalised cashback offers in the form of gift cards, set conditions and rules like product and cart amount-specific cashbacks, and offer cashbacks to customers through Klaviyo or Omnisend, with straightforward redemption methods.

Giftkart can help stores boost conversions and sales by retaining existing customers. You can utilise these cashback campaigns to attract new customers, win back customers who haven't made a purchase in a while, and also recover abandoned carts. Giftkart is a 5-star rated app on Shopify app store and must have for every store’s retention and loyalty strategy.

Trustoo Product & Reviews

I’ve mentioned how you can launch successfully without social proof. However, there is nothing more convincing than seeing others have already loved a product or benefited from it.

Use the above mentioned apps to get early traction and sales, but for every sale you make, get in touch with your client and ask them to leave a review. Those yellow stars add great value and every review adds to the credibility of your product.

Trustoo has an incredibly user-friendly interface, seam less integrations and customization options. It also allows you to import reviews of your product received on AliExpress and Amazon which gives it the perfect launch pad on shopify. Video tutorials within the app make the set up smooth and straightforward, and unlike other review apps requires no coding.

How it boosts sales of new products: Buyers are much more likely to buy seeing happy experiences of others. It provides assurance.

Alert me! Restock Alerts

You’ve created offers, spent $$$ on marketing, clients love what others are saying about your product and are ready to buy – but you are out of product. The last thing you want to do is miss a sale and lose momentum you have built up.

With new products, there is always unpredictability on how well it well do and you may take a cautious approach when ordering your initial batches.

Use Alert me! Restock Alerts! to allow customers to give you a notification when they intend to buy but you are out of stock. The app provides ideal analytics that will give you a great idea of just how many people are interested and during which periods. Use the email feature to automatically let you your customers know when the product is back in stock. Perhaps even use GiftKart to give them an added discount for being patient. It works effortlessly in all themes and templates with a strong customer support team.

How it boosts sales of new products: Identify how much demand you have and know when customers are interested and don’t miss sales.

Make Your Store Irresistible With The Best Product Sales Apps

The app store can be extremely overwhelming and downloading many apps on your store can reduce page speed of your store. So it’s really important that you choose the right apps that give you the best chance to scale fast and boost sales of your new products. You want to set a good foundation and cover your bases. Combine these 5 apps effectively and watch your numbers grow.

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