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Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp Business API Pricing in 2023

Are you interested to know what the cost of WhatsApp Business API is? This is where you can learn everything about it and more.

It’s not easy to calculate the pricing of WhatsApp API. However, it is crucial for businesses to be well versed with the subject so that they can minimise overspending.

In this post, you’ll get an overview as well as detailed breakdown of the WhatsApp Business API pricing model, additional costs you will incur. We will also dive into the specific WhatsApp API pricing in 3 countries - Singapore, Indonesia and UAE.

While WhatsApp Business App comes at zero cost, WhatsApp API does not exactly function in the same way. Learn more about the differences between WhatsApp Business and API.

To get a good grasp of the WhatsApp Business API pricing model for managing customer support and doing WhatsApp marketing, you must know what are the associated costs that can crop up while using WhatsApp API.

How to get WhatsApp Business API

For starters, did you know that WhatsApp does not give you, the end-user direct access to their API? That’s right, you will have to go through a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider to get a WhatsApp API account.

These Business Solution Providers are charged by WhatsApp Business and they, in turn, charge you for the service, inclusive of an additional fee of their own.

It is not unlikely that solution providers charge a fee for setting up, along with some additional cost per message. This is a pretty common practice among many solution providers. Some providers like DelightChat helps you get access to WhatsApp API at no additional cost.

To sum it up, both WhatsApp and your Business Solution Provider will charge you for using WhatsApp API. Keep reading to know how exactly this works.

Breakdown of WhatsApp Business API Pricing

The pricing of the WhatsApp Business platform has been evolving over time. Till the beginning of the year, WhatsApp Business API charged for each notification. But since February 2022 WhatsApp Business API price has been based on conversations.

So now, you are no longer charged for individual notifications but entire conversations. 

Let's delve deeper into how this model of pricing works. So, you are charged once for a 24-hour conversation with your customer. This means you can exchange several messages with your users within the 24-hour window.

Conversations with customers differ from business to business. Let's take a look at how the nature of your business can impact your customer conversations and in turn the pricing.

Conversation-based Pricing for Sales Teams

Sales are all about getting in touch and following up with clients. So, conversations begin at the moment when the sales teams have a lead. As a result, most sales conversations are business initiated. That said, support executives can avoid engaging in irrelevant conversations and avoid additional charges by WhatsApp. 

A conversation-based pricing model is best suited for businesses with low sales volume but high-profit margin per sale. This is because these companies have conversations with fewer clients on a monthly basis.

However, we recommend the monthly plan for high sales volume, low margin businesses that engage in many conversations per month.

Conversation-based Pricing for Support Teams

Support teams have to give quick responses to customer queries. In this case, they don’t need to start a conversation. So they can make the most of WhatsApp API Pricing based on 24-hour messaging sessions. They can easily ensure that customer queries and issues are resolved during the 24-hour window.

WhatsApp charges for only one user-initiated message within 24 hours when they reply.

However, sometimes resolving an issue may exceed the 24-hour window. In this case, there will be an additional charge for business-initiated conversations.

Certain software like DelightChat, which is a shared team inbox for WhatsApp, makes it easy to reach out to customers even after the 24-hour period by using an approved WhatsApp message template.

Conversation-based Pricing for Marketing Teams

Marketing teams do not focus on sending replies to their contacts. They aim to send compelling promotional messages to their customers. This means every message sent by the marketing team is in fact a business-initiated conversation. 

Needless to say, this might turn out to be an expensive affair. That said there is no additional cost for the messages that follow the first business-initiated message.

However, it is important to note that WhatsApp can block business profiles who resort to spamming.

Region-based WhatsApp API Pricing

WhatsApp Business API pricing varies from region to region. Here are the latest pricing details as per major business nations.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing in Singapore

WhatsApp Business API is widely used in the island nation for business propagation. As of February 2022, a business-initiated conversation costs $0.0745 per message. As for user-initiated conversation, the price is $0.0224.

It's important to note that WhatsApp has made the first 1000 conversations per WhatsApp Business Account free every month.

Conversations that start from Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp are also free of cost. 

WhatsApp Business API Pricing in UAE

Businesses based out of UAE have been increasingly using WhatsApp Business API to grow and better communicate with their customers. 

The latest price for a business-initiated conversation in UAE is $0.0316 per message. Meanwhile, a user-initiated conversation comes for $0.019 per message.

Just like in Singapore, WhatsApp has made the first 1000 conversations per WhatsApp Business Account free every month in UAE too. The same goes for conversations that start from Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing in Indonesia

Indonesia’s rising economy is powered by its thriving businesses. And many of them use WhatsApp Business API for better reach and effective customer service.

In Indonesia, a business-initiated conversation costs $0.0316 per message. A user-initiated conversation is charged $0.019 per message.

The first 1000 conversations per WhatsApp Business Account is free every month in Indonesia too. When it comes to conversations that start from Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp, here too it is free.

Looking for WhatsApp Business API pricing in India? We've written a separate guide for Indian brands looking to tap into the power of the API.

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