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How to integrate WhatsApp Business API with your Shopify store?

The WhatsApp Business API has made it possible for businesses to scale their customer support. The API integrates with existing support tools and helps get your entire team to handle customers from a shared WhatsApp business account. 

But how does the integration work? What are the steps to connect the WhatsApp API to your Shopify store?

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly:

  • What the WhatsApp business API is
  • What are the different tools available to integrate the API with your store
  • The steps to integrate the WhatsApp API using a shared inbox tool for your Shopify store.
  • How to setup a welcome message on WhatsApp
  • A few welcome message templates

Without any further ado, let’s dive right into it.

What is the WhatsApp Business API?

After the WhatsApp Business app was released, smaller ecommerce businesses started supporting customers over WhatsApp. But larger businesses were unable to use the app due to restrictions on the maximum number of active users at a time.

Considering this, Facebook released the WhatsApp Business API for businesses.

The WhatsApp API lets you integrate your WhatsApp Business account with an existing customer support tool.

So, support teams can respond to customers from a single WhatsApp number and a single dashboard. Let’s look at some of the features of this API and the awesome benefits that it offers to businesses.

Power features of the WhatsApp API

One of the most crucial features of WhatsApp API is extensibility. Because you’re no longer limited to the app, you can extend the functionality of WhatsApp by building tools around the API.

 Here are some of the most powerful features that the WhatsApp API offers:

  • Automatic messaging:  You can create message templates to automatically update customers with their order details, shipping information, appointment reminders, payment updates, and more
  • Chatbots:  You can avoid answering common questions by creating chatbots that automatically respond based on answers from a database
  • Integrations:  With the WhatsApp API, you can integrate your WhatsApp Business account and respond to messages directly from your CRM or customer support tool. 
  • Lift limitations:  You are no longer limited by the restrictions of the WhatsApp business app once you integrate with an all-in-one support inbox like DelightChat. 

What are the benefits of using the WhatsApp Business API? Let’s take a look at 4 of the main benefits that you get soon after integrating the API.

4 ways ecommerce businesses can benefit from WhatsApp Business API

When your support team grows bigger, you cannot use the WhatsApp Business account because the app limits you to a maximum of 2 users - one on the mobile app and one on the WhatsApp web. 

But by integrating the Business API with an omnichannel customer support tool like DelightChat:

  1. Your entire support team can answer customer requests on WhatsApp and other support channels simultaneously without ever having to switch tabs.
  2. You can convert WhatsApp conversations into support tickets. These tickets can then be assigned to agents for better tracking, accountability, and faster resolution.
  3. A shared inbox lets you keep track of all the customer conversations and ensure that your team delivers the highest level of customer experience.
  4. You no longer have to share account passwords with your team members as they have their credentials to the support dashboard. 

Now, how do you integrate WhatsApp API with your Shopify store? Do you need a Shopify front end developer or are there easier methods to do so?

Read on to find out.

How to easily integrate the WhatsApp API with your Shopify store?

Depending on your needs, you can either choose the simple WhatsApp chat button or combine your support channels with an all-in-one customer support software.

We recommend DelightChat, and for good reason too.

DelightChat - WhatsApp Shared Inbox & Marketing solution

Most growing Shopify stores are active on multiple support channels including email, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. And keeping track of customer messages on all these channels is a pain. 

With DelightChat, you can see customer messages from all your support channels and respond to them from a single dashboard, without switching back and forth between the oh-so-many tabs ever again.

If you have a support team, you can also create individual accounts so you no longer have to share your passwords again. 

And since the customer responses are now attributed to the agent account, it makes your team members accountable and helps you speed up resolutions.

Not only that, DelightChat offers a complete WhatsApp Marketing stack that lets you:

  • send broadcasts to customer lists
  • automate abandoned cart recovery, order notifications
  • cash on delivery order verification via WhatsApp

and more use cases that keep getting added with every update!

Now, let's get down to the brass tacks. Here's how you can integrate WhatsApp API with DelightChat on your Shopify store.

How do you integrate WhatsApp API on your Shopify store?

There are a few additional steps that will let you say goodbye to switching tabs hundreds of times a day.

Let’s see the steps to a successful integration between WhatsApp API and DelightChat.

Get access to WhatsApp API from DelightChat

Before connecting a WhatsApp Business account with DelightChat, you need to have access to the WhatsApp API

You can also request access to the API directly via DelightChat. Choose us because:

  1. You get API access quickly (generally in 24-48 hours)
  2. We make integration with other tools easier
  3. We've already built tons of features on top of the API to make it possible to use the API without any lot of technical knowledge. 

For example, DelightChat offers automated cart recovery, order confirmation and delivery notifications that work automatically with your Shopify store. With API access directly from WhatsApp or without using a solution like ours, you’d need to hire a developer and build these features from scratch. 

WhatsApp API Message Templates: What are they?

WhatsApp message templates are specific message formats that businesses use to send out notifications or customer care messages to people who have opted into notifications. 

Messages can include appointment reminders, delivery information, issue resolution, or payment updates

Having trouble understanding it? Here’s an example!

Suppose you have a database of all your users and the shipping reference numbers. 

You want to create a message that’s sent as soon as the number is available.

Now, you could do this manually but that’s a bit tedious…. and also very ol’ school

With WhatsApp Business API templates, you simply create a message as below:

Hi {{1}},

Your order has been successfully shipped and will be delivered within the next 5-7 days. 

Here’s your order tracking number: {{2}}

We hope you’ll love the order! 


Customer support team

That’s it!

The placeholders {{1}} and {{2}} will be filled with the details automatically after the setup is complete.

You can easily create new WhatsApp message templates using DelightChat. We've made the process incredibly easy for anybody to get started.

How to send your first message using the WhatsApp API on your Shopify store?

All set to send your first message? Before you read further, ensure you have completed the following:

  1. Gained access to WhatsApp API
  2. Integrated with a shared inbox app like DelightChat
  3. Connected the shared inbox with your Shopify website

1- You can choose to Compose a new WhatsApp message to a customer's phone number.

2- Alternatively, you could create a promotional WhatsApp Broadcast and send it to your customers list.

3- And finally, if you receive an inbound message, you can respond to your customers directly from the shared inbox app.

Let’s suppose your customer messages you on your WhatsApp Business account number. The shared inbox displays the customer messages and makes it easy for any of your team members to respond.

And there goes your first WhatsApp API message right from your Shopify business number.

Whew, you did it! I’m sure it wasn’t an easy task. But now, you’ve saved countless hours and made customer support less stressful for yourself and your support team.

Manage WhatsApp easily with DelightChat

Now that you have your WhatsApp business account added, start by connecting the rest of your support channels on DelightChat.

DelightChat supports emails, Facebook messages and comments, Instagram, and Twitter along with WhatsApp, all from a single dashboard – a true omnichannel experience without ever switching a browser tab.

Benefits of using DelightChat:

  • Merge all your support channels in one
  • Enable team member collaboration from the same tool
  • Track customer conversations with tags and notes
  • Spend less time switching between browser tabs for checking on support channels
  • Reach inbox zero faster

We also offer a full WhatsApp Marketing suite, through which you can send Broadcasts to your customer lists using Official API and grow your revenues.

Shopify brands are using our platform to manage support & grow their revenues through WhatsAp Marketing. to shared inboxes for saving time in managing customer conversations and improving support team performance. 

If you’re a Shopify business looking for a WhatsApp customer support & marketing tool built to fit your needs, try DelightChat free for 14 days.

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