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Tidio Pricing: Which is the Best Plan for You?

You want your ecommerce store to deliver unparalleled customer support across all your channels.

And you’re looking for the right support software that matches your budget to do just that. 

So you’ve identified Tidio as a potential option. And you’re trying to figure out which pricing plan works best for you.

We’ve got you covered! We’re going to break down each of their plans and cover:

  • How much it costs
  • What features you get
  • Who this plan is for
  • Our key takeaways

However, I must warn you. If you read all the way through, you might discover that this isn’t the ideal tool for you and instead opt for another Tidio alternative that might better suit your needs. 

But for now, let’s dive in!

Quick Look at Tidio’s Four Pricing Plans

If you’re short on time (and really, who isn’t?), here’s a quick look at Tidio’s pricing plans and the features that come with each of them.

Tidio Pricing Plans

So that’s the quick breakdown. Now let’s take a deep dive into Tidio’s four pricing plans.

Breakdown of Pricing Plans

Tidio has four plans. 

Their ‘Free’ plan comes with a live chat, chatbot, and mailing features for micro & small businesses. 

The other three plans are all basically add-ons from the ‘Free’ plan. They are completely independent of each other and sold separately. 

The plans start at a base price but come with additional costs based on your usage of the upgrades within each.  

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‘Free’ Pricing Plan

Tidio 'Free' Pricing Plan

What are the features in Tidio’s ‘Free’ plan, and what do they do?

1. Up to three chat operators

By default, all of Tidio’s plans allow up to three chat operators, including this one. Additional operators can only be added when the ‘Communicator’ plan is purchased for the account.

2. 500 emails/month

With Tidio, you can send automated and scheduled email campaigns to nurture the relationship with your audience. However, in the free plan, you’re limited to 500 emails per month. To send more than 500 emails, you’ll need to purchase the ‘Email Marketing’ plan. 

3. 100 chatbot uses/unique reachable visitors

A single "use" of a chatbot is essentially a single time a chatbot is activated. 

For example, if you have the 'Welcome new visitors' bot, it is activated for every single new visitor who enters your site. You can also have different types of bots, e.g. bots that get activated only on specific pages, or when the visitor returns to the site, or when an operator does not respond within a specific time.

The default limit is 100 uses per month. If you need more uses per month, you'll have to upgrade to the Chatbots plan, which grants you 1,000 uses per month or more.

However, it’s important to note that this limit only applies to chatbots which means that your live chat is not affected in any way. And your visitors can still chat with you as usual. 

When you reach your monthly limit, only your automatic popup messages stop working. This limit resets every 30 days, counting from the day you activated Tidio or purchased an upgrade.

4. Unlimited chats

You and your agents can have an unlimited number of online chats with any visitor. 

5. Desktop & mobile apps

With Tidio’s ‘Free’ plan, you can install a desktop app and even a mobile app to keep in touch with your customers on-the-go. 

6. Visitor info

You can check your customer’s location, add custom properties, tags, contact details and leave notes that your team can refer to while talking to them.  

7. 3rd party app integrations

Tidio comes with several Ecommerce, Email marketing, CRM, and Helpdesk integrations. Here are some of the apps it integrates with:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zendesk
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
8. Javascript API

You can use the Javascript API to manage the advanced behavior of the live chat widget and send custom data and events with short copy/paste Javascript snippets.  

Our Key Takeaway: 

Tidio’s ‘Free’ plan has the most basic features you need to manage your ecommerce customer support. 

With unlimited live chats, your support agents can provide real-time support to your customers. Additionally, with the ‘Visitor info’ feature, you can respond to customers with more context and therefore in a more personalized manner. You’re also set up to easily collaborate with your team using notes and tags. 

The plan also comes with several integrations, so you can connect it with the tools you already use. Plus with both desktop and mobile apps, you can provide support where it’s most convenient, even if it’s while you’re on the go. 

If you’re just starting your ecommerce store, the ‘Free’ plan might be the best option for you. 

However, you will be restricted to only 3 chat operators, 500 emails, and 100 chatbot triggers. These numbers are relatively low and you’ll need to subscribe to additional Tidio plans in order to access more. 

So if you’re dealing with such low volumes, it might even be worth considering handling customer support without a dedicated tool until you scale your store further. 

‘Chatbots’ Pricing Plan

Tidio 'Chatbot' Pricing Plan

What are the features in Tidio’s ‘Chatbots’ plan, and what do they do?

1. All free features

As mentioned earlier, the three paid Tidio plans are purchased as add-ons from the ‘Free plan’ and include all the features that come with it. 

2. Unlimited chatbots

Tidio’s Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to quickly identify frequently used words and help your customers with simple inquiries.

You can set up short answers to questions, ratings, or surveys, and get actionable customer feedback to help your business grow.

With Tidio’s ‘Chatbot’ plan you can build and activate as many chatbots as you want on your website. Additionally, you can personalize your chatbot messages based on your website visitors' location or their browser language settings. 

3. Chatbot templates

You can use ready-made chatbot templates to welcome new visitors, generate leads. save abandoned carts etc. Here are some of the available bots on Tidio: 

  • Lead generation bot: This website bot will help you generate more leads by collecting your visitors’ emails or phone numbers.
  • Welcome new visitors bot: You can use this chatbot to send a greeting to everyone who is visiting your website for the first time.
  • Visitor leaves page bot: This automated bot will reach out to your visitors before they leave your website.
  • Returning visitor bot: You can set up this chatbot to welcome visitors who return to your website.
  • Abandoned cart discount bot: You can get a bot to offer a discount to undecided shoppers which encourages them to complete their purchase.
  • Order a phone call bot: This chatbot will ask your visitors if they'd like to talk on the phone to get more info about a product/service.
  • Operator not responding bot: This chatbot will send a message to a visitor who hasn't received a reply for some time during a conversation with you. 
4. Visual chatbot editor

With Tidio, you can customize the ready-made chatbots templates, mentioned above, to tailor it to your business needs.

Additionally, you can create your own chatbots from scratch without writing a single line of code with Tidio’s drag and drop builder.  

5. Zapier integration

The integration with Zapier is included in the Chatbot editor. This will help you save time performing repetitive tasks like exporting your contacts from Tidio. 

6. Increased limit of unique reachable visitors

As mentioned earlier, the default limit for chatbot conversations is 100 unique visitors. 

This is the only plan where you can upgrade the limit to reach more unique visitors. The price will be determined based on the limit you select. 

For example, for $18/month you will get 1000 triggers and for $29/month you will get 2500 triggers. And just so you’re clear, a trigger is every time your chatbot is activated. They have plans that go all the way up to 150,000 and even unlimited triggers.

Our Key Takeaway: 

If you’re looking to keep your support team lean while still providing real-time support on your website, this might be the plan for you.

You can create your chatbots from scratch to customize them according to your business needs. Or you can choose from a range of ready-to-use chatbot templates available on Tidio.

Either way, if you implement it effectively, your chatbots should take care of repetitive queries allowing your agents to focus on tasks that need more attention. 

It’s also an efficient way to gather feedback about the shopping experience you’re delivering through ratings and surveys.

A chatbot is a great support tool to have in your arsenal. However, it will only take care of the most basic issues faced by your customer.

Even worse, if implemented incorrectly, you might end up doing more harm than good. You could end up leaving your customers dissatisfied with your support and having them migrate to your competitors. 

Additionally, since conversations won’t be hyper-personalized, the support delivered might be sufficient but far from ideal. This would be a missed opportunity to deliver exceptional support to stand out in an already crowded market. 

‘Communicator’ Pricing Plan

Tidio 'Communicator' Pricing Plan

What are the features in Tidio’s ‘Communicator’ plan, and what do they do?

1. All free features

As mentioned earlier, the three paid Tidio plans are purchased as add-ons from the ‘Free plan’ and include all the features that come with it. 

2. New incoming visitor notifications

You’ll receive a notification every time a new visitor lands on your website. This allows your agents to proactively start a conversation with them right away. 

3. Live typing

You can see what your visitors are typing before they send their messages allowing you to respond faster.

4. Viewed pages

In the ‘Communicator’ plan, you can track your visitors and see what pages they browse. This means you can personalize your communication based on their interests.

5. Live visitor list

You get to view a list of all the visitors on your website in real-time.  

6. Additional chat operator seats

As mentioned above, by default, all of Tidio’s plans allow up to three chat operators. This is the only plan where you can add extra seats at $10/seat/month. 

Our Key Takeaway: 

This plan is a good fit for stores with multiple support agents looking to deliver highly personalized customer service. 

With the ‘Live visitor list’, you get to see all the visitors on your website at a certain point in time. You’ll even receive a notification every time a new visitor lands on your store allowing you to give them a warm welcome and take care of their needs.

Moreover, with the ‘Viewed pages’ feature, you’ll know exactly what customers are looking for. This sets you up to use this context to deliver hyper-personalized support.

If you have a team of more than 3 members handling support (and you’re intent on using Tidio), you’ll have no choice but to subscribe to this plan since it’s the only one where you can buy additional seats. 

Keep in mind, you still won’t be able to manage conversations from platforms like Instagram and Whatsapp. So if your store relies on either to communicate with customers, you’re straight out of luck with Tidio.   

‘Email Marketing’ Pricing Plan

Tidio 'Email Marketing' Plan

What are the features in Tidio’s ‘Email Marketing’ plan, and what do they do?

1. All free features

As mentioned earlier, the three paid Tidio plans are purchased as add-ons from the ‘Free plan’ and include all the features that come with it. 

2. Unlimited contacts

You can import and store as many contacts as you need, whether from Shopify or CSV and txt files.

3. No daily sending limits

In this plan, you can send as many emails as you want in a single day. This is especially useful for bulk campaigns where you can choose to spend your entire monthly email quota in one day.  

4. Email templates

Tidio has a collection of over 250 responsive email templates for different categories:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Discounts
  • Newsletters
  • Plug and play automated campaigns
  • Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, etc. 

You can customize the content and design elements of these templates as you like. 

5. Email address validation

The recipients’ email addresses are checked and validated for you. So you don’t need to worry about bounce rates.

6. CAN-SPAM & GDPR compliance

Tidio allows you to send CAN-SPAM and GDPR compliant emails which helps protect your brand and stay out of junk folders.

7. Contact segmentation

The ‘Email Marketing’ plan allows you to segment your contacts during or after the import. This means you can nurture your prospects with personalized emails to increase your CTR, CTOR, and open rates.

8. Automated and scheduled campaigns

You can schedule your emails to be sent on a certain date and time according to your time-zone. 

9. Visual email editor

With the visual email editor, you can easily create your emails from scratch to match your needs. Before sending it, you’ll be able to preview it to see how it will look like in your recipient’s inbox.

10. Increased email sending limit/month

In Tidio, by default, you can send 500 emails per month. However, in this plan, you can upgrade your email limits for an additional fee. The tiers are as follows:

  • 3,000 emails - $10
  • 10,000 emails - $25
  • 20,000 emails - $45
  • 50,000 emails - $89
  • 75,000 emails - $119
  • 100,000 emails - $139
  • 300,000 emails - $299

Our Key Takeaway: 

The ‘Email Marketing’ plan is ideal for stores that rely heavily on, as the name suggests, emails. 

You can create your emails exactly how you want them either from scratch or using one of over 250 available templates. 

You also won’t need to worry about bounce rates, landing in spam folders, or compliance issues with features like ‘Email address validation’.

Having the ability to segment your contacts also allows you to nurture your prospects with personalized emails to increase your click rates and open rates. 

It would be fair to say Tidio offers a wide range of features that would be extremely beneficial in managing customer support. However, it does come with its drawbacks.

The first thing you’ll need to make sure is that all the channels used by your customers are supported on Tidio. 

Secondly, even if they are, to use all the features you need to effectively manage customer support at an ecommerce store, you’ll need to subscribe to all three Tidio plans (besides the ‘Free’ one) simultaneously. 

This means you’ll be spending a minimum of $48/month for just three agents. And this will, most likely, work out to a lot more. Since every plan has upgrades or multiple payment tiers based on your usage. 

Tidio Pricing Plan FAQs

If you’ve gone through the plans, but you’re still unclear about something, here are the most frequently asked questions and queries regarding Tidio’s pricing.

1. Does Tidio have a free plan?

Yes. Tidio has a free plan that comes with a live chat, chatbot, and mailing features suitable for micro-businesses. However, if you want to unlock advanced live chat features, add more chat operators, engage more unique visitors with your chatbots, or send more emails to your prospects, you will need to upgrade to the ‘Communicator’, ‘Chatbots’, or ‘Email Marketing’ plans.

2. Does the free plan allow using chatbots?

Yes. As a free plan subscriber, you are allowed to add chatbot templates to your account and use their chatbot builder to build as many chatbots as you want. Keep in mind that although your chatbots can have an unlimited number of chats, they are limited to talking only to 100 unique visitors per month.

3. Does Tidio offer a free trial?

Tidio offers a 'Free' plan, which is free forever.

Additionally, each new user gets a free 7-day trial of the paid plan, so you’ll have a chance to test out all the premium features they offer.

4. What happens after my free trial with Tidio?

When your 7-day trial expires, you will lose access to all the paid features, and your chatbots will be limited to chatting with 100 unique visitors. You can either upgrade your account to a paid plan (‘Communicator’, ‘Chatbots’, ‘Email Marketing’) or downgrade it to the Free plan and keep all the free features.

5. Do I need to install anything to use Tidio?

To use Tidio chat, you’ll need to install it on your website either through a plugin or a JavaScript option. Additionally, you can install their apps on your desktop (Microsoft and Mac OS) and mobile (iOS and Android devices). 

6. How many operators can I add to Tidio?

By default, you can add up to three operators regardless of which plan you subscribed to. To add more operators to your Tidio project, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to the ‘Communicator’, and choose the number of extra seats you would like to add. You’ll be charged $10 per additional seat per month. 

7. Can I mix and match features from different plans?

Tidio’s plans are independent and sold separately. So you can choose to subscribe to the plan(s) which has the features you’re looking for. 

8. Can I change my subscription anytime I want?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you want, regardless of whether you have an active paid subscription or you are on the ‘Free’ plan.

9. Can I subscribe to more than one plan?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, their plans are independent and sold separately. So you can subscribe to one paid plan, two, or all three. Similarly, you can upgrade or downgrade any of them any time you want.

10. When will my chatbot limit refresh?

The chatbot limit refreshes every 30 days. 

So if you are on the paid plan, the limit will refresh after 30 days, starting from the moment you have made your payment. And if you are on the Free plan, the limit will refresh after 30 days, starting from the moment you have created your account.

11. Can I add Tidio live chat to more than one website?

Yes, you can add Tidio to multiple sites. 

However, you should note that the live chat widget will share all the appearance and behavior settings across all your websites. This means it will have the same color scheme, it will go online/offline according to the same DND hours, it will display the same offline messages, etc.

12. What integrations does Tidio support?

Tidio comes with a number of Ecommerce, Email marketing, CRM, and Helpdesk integrations. Here are some of these apps:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Zendesk
  • Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive

13. Does Tidio have an annual subscription plan? 

Yes. Tidio offers annual subscription plans that come with two months free. Their prices are as follows:

  • Chatbots: Starts at $180/year
  • Communicator: Starts at $180/year
  • Email Marketing: Starts at $100/year

Are there better alternatives to Tidio? 

So, there you have it. 

You’re now equipped with all the information you need to decide which Tidio pricing plan you should go for. 

And while it's a good live chat solution, there are other great live chat options for your Shopify store as well!

You might also think that none of their plans fit your exact needs and budget, especially considering that you probably will need to subscribe to multiple plans to get all the features you need. 

But fret not. As I said initially, Tidio isn’t the only ecommerce support solution out there for you. There are a ton of great Tidio alternatives for ecommerce stores of all shapes and sizes. 

Of course, my personal favorite is our very own tool, DelightChat (surprise, surprise!). We’re built (and priced) for small and medium-sized DTC brands and have everything you need like an omnichannel helpdesk, team collaboration, deep integrations with Shopify, and the works. 

Still not convinced? See how DelightChat stacks up against the competition. Specifically, 14 other excellent ecommerce support tools out there. 

So, that’s it! Now go ahead & dole out the best customer experience possible. 

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