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Reamaze vs Front: Top Differences and Similarities

Reamaze and Front are great tools to enhance the customer support for your ecommerce business. Both tools offer a shared inbox for you to integrate multiple support channels on a single dashboard. 

Understanding the similarities and differences between Reamaze and Front will help you make the right decision when choosing between them.

Additionally, finding the right ecommerce help desk that fits your needs will help you:

  • support more customers
  • improve response and resolution rates
  • save the time your support team spends on managing queries and tracking orders
  • And offer the best customer experience that you possibly can

So let’s get started with finding the customer support tool for your ecommerce store.


Before we begin to break down the similarities and differences, let me share a brief overview of both the tools to set the context. 

Reamaze is an awesome help desk software for ecommerce brands. It helps your team to resolve customer queries seamlessly. The live chat feature in Reamaze is well known in the market. It combines email, social media, mobile, and chat conversations seamlessly so your customers can reach you however they want.

Front is a customer communication software built to help teams easily interact with their customers while combining emails, apps, and team members into a single view. It’s more of a horizontal tool that can be used for a multitude of purposes, one of which happens to be ecommerce customer support. 

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Top Differences Between Reamaze and Front

Alright, let’s move on to specifics. I’ll walk you through the top areas where Reamaze & Front differ in capabilities and functionality.

Ecommerce Viability 

If you run an ecommerce store, choosing a random customer support tool is counterintuitive. You need a tool that is designed with the needs of ecommerce businesses in mind. 

Reamaze is built for ecommerce and integrates deeply with Shopify. This means that you can edit, cancel, return any order without having to leave the Reamaze dashboard. That’s not all – Reamaze comes with a host of integrations with other commonly-used ecommerce apps. This makes it all the more powerful.

Front, although a leading customer service software, isn’t specifically designed for ecommerce businesses. It syncs customer data and allows you to track users' actions in the store. However, you will not be able to modify orders directly from the app. 

Ecommerce viability: Reamaze ✅ | Front ❌

Supporting Platforms 

Although Shopify is pretty much what everyone talks about when it comes to starting an ecommerce store, other platforms also cater to this market. The most popular ones are WooCommerce, BigCommerce & Magento. 

Reamaze vs Front: Comparison of Supported Platforms

As per the above table, Reamaze supports Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Squarespace but doesn’t support Magento or Pagato. 

On the other hand, Front supports Shopify and Pagato. However, it doesn’t have integrations with  Magento, WooCommerce or BigCommerce.  

Supporting Platforms: Reamaze ✅ | Front ❌

Shopify Integration

Suppose a customer asks to change the details of a particular order. In that case, you’d have to go to your Shopify (or whatever platform you’re using) dashboard, edit the order there, and then reply to the customer with the new order ID with a confirmation message. It’s hectic and inconvenient. 

With Reamaze, you can view customer information on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Besides that, you can track an order (through integrations), modify it (cancel, refund, place a new order) and do all sorts of things with the deep Shopify integration.

Unfortunately, Front doesn’t work that well. Its integration with Shopify is very surface-level – you can view customer details and user actions but you can’t modify orders from the dashboard. 

Shopify Integration: Reamaze ✅ | Front ❌

Self-service support

Reamaze comes with a number of pre-built bots that can:

  • detect short customer messages and ask for more information before escalating to your team
  • help customers find their latest order status without involving an agent

You can also create custom bots to help customers find products, qualify leads and schedule calls etc. based on your requirements. 

Additionally, it comes with an embeddable and customizable FAQ center which empowers your customers to help themselves. 

While Front does come with automatic workflows, their self-service support layer is nowhere near as robust. 

Self-service support: Reamaze ✅ | Front ❌

Knowledge Base 

With Reamaze, you can set up one central place for your customers to reliably find answers, tips, and other important info when they need it. Moreover, you can use their editor to add images, videos, and other rich content to your articles. 

This gives your customers the ability to search for any relevant content using keywords, phrases, or even root words and resolve queries without talking to your agents. 

Front doesn’t have this feature, but you can integrate it with Helpdocs, a knowledge base software.

Knowledge Base: Reamaze ✅ | Front ❌

Support Channels

Customers might reach out to you from any channel they prefer, and you need to reply within that channel.

Reamaze vs Front: Comparison of Support Channels

With Reamaze, you can manage support on live chat, email, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. 

Whereas on Front, you can manage support on live chat, email, Facebook & Twitter but not on Instagram.  

Support Channels: Reamaze ✅ | Front ❌


Reamaze comes with five pricing plans; the lowest one starts at $29/agent/month. Their ‘Plus’ plan encompasses all the features and starts at $69/agent/month. 

Reamaze pricing plans

Front's lowest plan starts at $19/agent/month (minimum 2 agents) whereas their Enterprise plan which encompasses all their features starts at $99/agent/month (minimum 10 agents). 

Front pricing plans

While there are pros to the per agent pricing model, we believe that having your entire team using and collaborating on your helpdesk can significantly enhance the quality of the support you provide. 

So, if you’re looking for support software where you can include your whole team at a flat fee, check out DelightChat’s pricing plans

Top Similarities Between Reamaze and Front

Just knowing the differences isn’t enough to make an informed decision, is it? So, let’s look at some of the features that are common to both Reamaze & Front. 

Shared Inbox

The main purpose of a support tool is to allow the entire support team to log in and respond to customer conversations across channels simultaneously. You can do that with both Reamaze and Front. Both the tools also work well to make internal communication possible with the help of Slack integration. 

However, we've noticed that even though all the support channels were integrated into one, teams had to get back to their collaboration tools to ask for help or share ticket information. 

DelightChat has built-in internal communication to solve this problem so your team can tag and talk to team members without ever having to leave the customer conversation screen! 


More often than not, support reps end up answering the same questions every day. Questions like, “Where’s my order?” “What’s the delivery time?”etc. are surprisingly common. And macros can help answer these recurring questions. 

Macros are premade responses you can create to resolve your customer queries faster. 

Fortunately, both Reamaze & Front support macros to help your customers save time and increase productivity. You can also insert a macro to a rule (say, if they ask to cancel an order); that helps you save time even more. 


Both Reamaze and Front let you automate your team’s workflows for optimum efficiency and to ensure your customers get the best experience possible. 

You can do this by setting rules to do things like automatically assign, close & tag conversations, mark conversations as priority, etc. 

Internal collaboration 

Collaboration is an integral part of effective support. And features like ticket assignment, private notes, mentions, and tags help you do just that. 

In addition to all of the above, you can create separate inboxes for different teams and set user roles & permissions on both Reamaze and Front.


You want to be able to seamlessly integrate the existing tools you use with the ecommerce helpdesk solution you choose. And that's possible on both Reamaze and Front. 

Reamaze has around 45 integrations. While Front has about 75. But numbers alone don't paint the whole story. Since Reamaze is more geared towards e-commerce, most of its integrations are likely to be relevant to your business. 

You can find the entire list of integrations for Reamaze here. And for Front, the integrations can be found here.

Multi-store Connections

If you run more than one ecommerce business, it’s quite challenging to manage support for all of them. On top of that, if you have to log in & log out multiple times just to respond to a support query, it’s a clear inconvenience. 

Well, you don’t have to worry about it with either Reamaze or Front as they support multi-store connections. It means that no matter how many Shopify stores you have, you can manage support for all of them from a single place. 


When it comes to Reporting, both Reamaze & Front excel at it. Both tools let you check response times, resolution times, customer satisfaction scores, reports on macros, and the lot. You can find more information here:

Mobile application

If you’re traveling or not in front of the laptop, you can’t respond to customer queries. And every question is a lost opportunity to make a sale or to delight an existing customer. 

Thankfully, both Reamaze & Front come with mobile apps for Android & iOS. This will help you respond to your customers on the go. 

Customer Reviews

Real Customer Reviews: Reamaze

The good ones

"This is an awesome app for small businesses. You can build custom chatbots, set workflows, and the FAQ site is clutch." 

"Wow! Tightest integration with Shopify I've seen yet. Over the years we went from FreshDesk to Zendesk to HelpScout and now this app. Every function and detail is so thoroughly thought through and support is responsive. We're done looking for the perfect help desk software for our small business, found it." 

The bad ones

“We've been working with Re:Amaze for a few weeks now and the onboarding experience has been quite frustrating. There are a lot of limitations that are not made known on their pitch which was basically a sped through, "everything is possible" pitch.” 

"The backend interface for the live chat is awful. Ultimately we decided to leave because the chat function wasn't meeting our needs.

Real Customer Reviews: Front 

The good ones

"I love being able to comment to teammates and to create a client-specific e-mail for our clients to respond to in order for collaboration to be smoother and for communication to be shared."

"I really like the ability to set timers for emails to reappear in my inbox, and having the ability to assign and @mention team members are also helpful features that use daily."

The bad ones

"The thing I struggled the most to adapt to was the Tags functionality. It is not something we use daily but had a slight learning curve for me and my team."

“Somewhat messy overall feeling. Sometimes conversations can be hard to follow. This applies especially to users who don’t use it all the time. Especially older folk tend to have problems but even younger and not-so-technical users can be heard saying ”I don’t understand anything about this”. After a certain amount of time the huge majority will get used to it, but be prepared to give users proper education when you start using Front. It is very important to learn to keep things clean all the time and archive emails which are handled, or snooze them which cannot be handled yet.”

Common FAQs

1. If I just started my ecommerce store, should I go with Reamaze or Front?

Both Reamaze & Front are equipped with most of the features to help you manage your store’s customer service. However, since Reamaze is more geared towards ecommerce you may find it to be better suited to your needs.

You could also consider taking advantage of DelightChat, an ecommerce helpdesk solution built for SME ecommerce & DTC brands. 

2. I need a live chat for my site. Which one should I go for?

Both Reamaze & Front allow you to add a live chat. So you should consider going with the one which ticks more of your boxes in terms of overall feature set and price. 

3. Can I set up Reamaze and Front by myself without any help?

Yes, both Reamaze & Front have got extensive documentation for the complicated stuff (if any). Some plans also come with a dedicated account manager who’ll help set it up for you. Plus, there are enough tutorials on YouTube that help you set up either of the software for your ecommerce store. 

4.How much does Reamaze cost?

Reamaze starts at $29/agent/month up to $59/agent/month for their plan with all the features. You may want to check out a complete breakdown of all Reamaze pricing plans to help you choose the best one. 

5.How much does Front cost?

Front’s pricing starts at $19/agent/month (minimum 2 agents) for their cheapest plan and goes up to over $99/agent/month (minimum 10 agents) for their most robust offering. 

Don’t like either of them? 

Reamaze and Front aren’t the only great support tools for your ecommerce store.

While Reamaze is a great tool with a lot of powerful features, there have been reviews stating difficulties with their collaboration features. 

On the other hand, Front is a great tool with a very clean and easy to use interface. However, since it’s not built for ecommerce, the lack of deep Shopify integration could be a deal-breaker. 

Lastly, they’re both not the easiest to figure out to start with and their per agent pricing plans may not work well for your team. 

If those words resonate with you, perhaps you can take DelightChat for a spin. 

Here are a few reasons why DelightChat stands out from the competition:

  1. It is super easy-to-use (like Gmail or Messenger, only more powerful).
  2. It comes equipped with all the powerful features an ecommerce brand can expect. 
  3. It is fairly cheap so that it doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Our mission is to empower SME ecommerce & DTC brands with powerful software without breaking the bank. If you are such a brand, DelightChat might be the right customer support software for you.

And in case you want to learn how DelightChat is different from Reamaze & Front, you can refer to the comparison pages here & here

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