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Gorgias Pricing: Which is the Best Plan for You?

Your ecommerce store needs to deliver unparalleled customer support across all your channels.

And you’re looking for the perfect tool that matches your budget to do just that. 

So you’ve identified Gorgias as a potential option, and you’re trying to figure out which plan works best for you.

And we’ve got you covered. We’re going to break down each of their plans and cover:

  • What you get
  • What you don’t get
  • How much it costs
  • Who this plan is for
  • Our key takeaways

However, I must warn you. If you read through, you might discover that this isn’t the ideal tool for you and instead opt for another Gorgias alternative that might better suit your needs. 

But for now, let’s dive in!

Quick Comparison Of Gorgias’s Pricing Plans

If you’re starved for time (and you probably are), here’s a quick comparison of Gorgias’s four pricing plans with the features available for each. 

Gorgias Pricing Plans comparison

So, you now know what features are available and what you’ll receive in each plan. But, let’s take a look at what each of these features means for you exactly. 

What are the features in Gorgias and how do they help you? 

Gorgias has 11 main features across their different plans. Understanding what they do can help you narrow down the plan that’s best suited for you. 

1. Unlimited users

Available in all plans

You are not charged per seat but instead, pay a subscription fee based on your monthly ticket volume. So this means you can have as many members of your team as you want using Gorgias. 

2. Shopify integration

Available in all plans

You can change orders like modifying an address or issuing a refund directly from within the app. This means you won’t need to switch between your Shopify account and the Gorgias app frequently.

3. Live chat

Available in all plans

You can talk to your visitors in real-time through live chat to increase your website conversion rate. You can even trigger live chat campaigns based on the URL to engage in conversation automatically. Plus, you can connect as many chat widgets, Facebook pages, and email addresses as you want.

4. Macros and rules

Available in all plans

Macros are nothing but pre-made responses you can use to respond to your customers faster. Additionally, you can set rules to automate repetitive tasks, such as tagging tickets or responding to common questions. It’s important to note that a ticket that receives a response by a rule will also be counted as a billable ticket.

5. Integrations

Available in all plans

Integrations are the different tools you use as an e-commerce store. Here are just some of the integrations available on Gorgias:

  • Instagram
  • Gmail
  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Live Chat
  • WooCommerce
  • Slack
  • Twitter
  • Mailchimp
  • Klaviyo

If you subscribe to the Basic, Pro, or Advanced plan, you’re allowed up to 150 integrations. And for the Enterprise plan, you’re allowed up to 600 integrations. 

Here’s a quick example to understand how integrations are calculated: 

Let’s say you have two Shopify stores integrated with Gorgias. And each store is utilizing:

  • A chat integration
  • A support email address
  • A social media account integration 

Then this would mean you have a total of eight integrations; two Shopify integrations, two chat integrations, two email integrations, and two social media integrations.

6. Onboarding support

Different for each plan

The type of onboarding you receive varies depending on your plan. 

The Basic plan users will have to onboard themselves. This means you don't get any assistance from any of their representatives with setting up your account, but you do get access to all of their guide docs.

Pro users will receive ‘lite onboarding,’ which includes a session with one of their Activation Success Managers who will take you through the basics of Gorgias and best practices to help get you started.

Finally, Advanced and Enterprise users will receive full onboarding. This includes a session with a Dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will help you set up your Gorgias account to best suit your business’s needs.

7. Magento integration

Available in Pro plan and above

Just like with the Shopify integration mentioned above, you’ll enjoy similar benefits if you’re running your ecommerce store on Magento. 

8. Revenue statistics

Available in Pro plan and above

Revenue statistics allow you to measure how much money your support team is generating by helping customers through the purchasing journey using the following metrics:

  • Converted tickets: Tickets that were followed by a sale within five days
  • Conversion rate: Ratio between created and converted tickets
  • Total sales from support: Sum of the amount paid by customers for orders associated with tickets, including refunds and adjustments

You can also track the breakdown of sales metrics per agent and the number of new tickets and converted tickets per day or for a specific time. 

9. Satisfaction survey

Available in Pro plan and above

Customer satisfaction ratings or CSAT surveys are a great way to determine how well your team supports your customers. For every survey, you’ll be able to see the customer information, the agent that handled it, the rating, and the comment left by your customer. 

By knowing how many surveys have been sent, response rates, and average scores, you will be able to measure the quality of support your agents are providing over a given time. 

10. Dedicated support specialist

Available in Advanced and Enterprise plans

Users across all plans can contact Gorgias’s support team with queries. 

If you’re a  Basic or Pro customer, you’ll be provided with information to book office hours calls (held bi-weekly)  for a one-on-one consultation call with a Success Manager once you complete your onboarding. However, these calls will not cover technical issues that need engineering support.

Advanced and Enterprise users, on the other hand, can enjoy dedicated support. This means you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will work with you to ensure you are getting the best out of your Gorgias account and who’ll also be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

11. Custom services

Available in Enterprise plan only

Custom services include other integrations you may need or custom tweaks to your account, which their developers would look into for you.

Great! So these are all the features offered by Gorgias across their plans. 

Besides the specific features you’re looking for, the plan you select depends mostly on how many tickets you receive in a month. So before we take a deep dive into each of their plans, let’s talk a bit more about tickets and how to calculate your monthly ticket volume. 

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Questions you might have about tickets

What are support tickets?

A ticket is an interaction between a customer and your support team. This can be conversations across channels like live chat, email, social media, etc. It’s important to note that multiple replies on the same thread will all be considered as a single ticket.

How many tickets will I receive in a month?

Your monthly ticket volume depends on the type of products you're selling and the industry you’re in. However, as a general guideline, most ecommerce stores can expect the number of tickets received to be between 2% to 10% of total orders.

How many tickets can a single agent handle?

Much like the last answer, the number of tickets a single support rep can handle depends on their level of experience and the support queries’ complexity. However, by choosing the right ecommerce customer service software, you’re empowering your agents to manage support from across channels seamlessly and be as efficient as possible. 

Do I pay for every ticket I receive?

Now that you’re crystal clear on what tickets are and how many of them you receive in a month, you’re probably wondering if you need to pay for every ticket you receive. The answer is no. You only need to pay for the tickets that contain a response from Gorgias

Lovely! We’ve got that out of the way as well. We assume that you’re already in a pretty good position to figure out the Gorgias pricing plan that’s best suited for you. But if you want to dive into the nitty-gritty of each plan and what they entail, keep on reading.

‘Basic’ Pricing Plan 

Gorgias Basic Pricing Plan and features

Our key takeaways: The Basic plan lives up to its name and equips you with the most basic features to handle your support. So if you’ve just built your ecommerce store and your order volume doesn’t exceed 3000, this would be the plan for you. 

Having a dedicated customer support tool can certainly help you save a ton of time and money. However, if your ticket volume is extremely low (like this particular plan supports), you should strongly consider:

  1. Handling customer support without a dedicated tool until you scale further
  2. Finding a cheaper Gorgias alternative

That being said, if you’re still considering the Basic plan, here are some other things you’ll want to think about before you take the plunge. 

Firstly, while Gorgias is an excellent ecommerce support tool, it’s not the most intuitive. This means there’s a steep learning curve actually to figure out how everything works. So you’ll need to be prepared to onboard yourself without any assistance whatsoever besides their help docs. 

Secondly, since this plan doesn’t support Revenue statistics or CSAT surveys, you won’t be provided with the metrics to measure your support effort effectiveness and ROI. 

Lastly, if you’ve built your ecommerce store on Magento as opposed to Shopify, you’re straight out of luck with the Basic plan. 

‘Pro’ Pricing Plan

Gorgias Pro Pricing Plan and features

Our key takeaways: Gorgias’s Basic plan is a bit of a hard-sell. If you’re just starting out, the features provided are fine, but the price is too prohibitive. And if you’re a bit more established, you’ll find the plan doesn’t support the ticket volume and features you need.

The Pro plan certainly takes care of one of these issues. In terms of features, this one has pretty much everything you’d want out of your ecommerce helpdesk software

The ability to send CSAT surveys helps you understand how well your support agents are performing and how happy your customers are with the service they’ve received. 

Moreover, you can also see the impact of your support efforts on your bottom line through metrics like converted tickets, conversion ratio, and sales from support.

Both of the above are extremely useful to understand how your agents are performing as individuals as well as collectively. 

The major stumbling block with the Pro plan is that you’re restricted to 2000 tickets a month. It can be challenging to justify a cost of $300 per month at such a volume

‘Advanced’ Pricing Plan

Gorgias Advanced Pricing Plan and features

Our key takeaways: When we compare Gorgias’s Advanced plan to their Pro one, there’s not much to choose from. At this point, it really just comes down to the monthly ticket volume you receive. 

However, the additional $450 a month (from the Pro plan) doesn’t only allow you to manage 4000 tickets more; there is another big perk. As mentioned above, Gorgias isn’t the easiest tool to figure out right off the get-go. Full onboarding with a Dedicated Customer Success Manager can go a long way in getting to grips with Gorgias. 

Additionally, while Pro users will need to rely on going through the Support team or waiting for bi-weekly Office hours, Advanced users will be assigned a Customer Success Manager for their support needs. 

So if prompt support to your queries is a deal-breaker for you, the Advanced plan might be the best option to go for. 

‘Enterprise’ Pricing Plan

Gorgias Enterprise Pricing Plan and features

Our key takeaways: Finally, we’re at the big-daddy of Gorgias’s pricing plans, the Enterprise one.

If you’re a well-established ecommerce brand receiving over ~10,000 monthly tickets, Gorgias’s Enterprise plan can be a perfect option. 

The price and the monthly ticket volume are both customized for you. The exact numbers will be ascertained and provided to you post a demo call with one of their Account Executives. 

The Enterprise plan is ideal if you want a lot of control over your customer support tool and a fair amount of customization. Their developers will look into and help you with customized integrations and tweaks to your account. 

Gorgias pricing plan FAQs

If you’ve gone through the plans but you’re still unclear about something, I’m not going to keep you guessing. Here are the most frequently asked questions and queries with regards to Gorgias’s pricing.

Can my entire team use Gorgias? 

Gorgias charges based on your ticket volume and not on the number of seats. So your whole team can use the app at no additional cost.

Is there a free plan on Gorgias?

Gorgias’s cheapest plan, ‘Basic,’ starts at $60/month for 350 monthly tickets. Although, they do provide a free trial. You can check out the product for 14 days and take a call whether it’s the right fit or not. 

Do I need to pay extra for live chat?

No, you don’t need to pay extra for live chat. All channels, including live chat, are included. You can connect as many chat widgets, Facebook pages, and email addresses as you want.

Will I be charged for every reply sent?

No. Every response sent will be calculated as one billable ticket. So this means you can send an unlimited amount of replies on a particular thread at no extra cost. 

Will I be billed for the automated responses I send?

Every response sent through Gorgias will be counted as a billable ticket. This includes answers sent by your agents or automated responses you’ve set up.

What level of support will I receive?

The kind of support you receive depends on the plan you’ve selected. Basic and Pro users will have their support handled through email, live chat, and bi-weekly office hours. Advanced and Enterprise users will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. 

What happens if I exceed my ticket volume?

If you exceed the monthly ticket volume for your plan, there will be additional charges as follows:

Gorgias extra ticket volume charges

Is there a discount for a long term subscription? 

Yes, Gorgias offers two months off if billed annually at the following rates: 

Gorgias annual subscription pricing and savings

How is the pricing for the enterprise plan decided? 

The price and the monthly ticket volume for the Enterprise plan are both customized for you. The exact numbers will be ascertained and provided to you post a demo call with one of their Account Executives. 

Do you still have unanswered questions about Gorgias’s pricing? Drop us a tweet, and we’ll hit you back within 24 hours. 

Are there alternatives to Gorgias? 

So, there you have it. 

You’re now equipped with all the information you need to decide which Gorgias pricing plan you should go for. 

However, you might be thinking that none of their plans fit your exact needs and budget. 

But fret not. As I said at the beginning, Gorgias isn’t the only ecommerce support solution out there for you. There are a ton of great Gorgias alternatives for ecommerce stores of all shapes and sizes. 

Of course, my personal favorite is our very own tool, DelightChat (surprise, surprise!). We’re built (and priced) for small and medium-sized DTC brands and have everything you need like an omnichannel helpdesk, team collaboration, deep integrations with Shopify, and the works. 

And don’t just take my word for it. See how DelightChat stacks up against the competition. Specifically, 14 other excellent ecommerce support tools out there. 

So, that’s it! Now go crush your ecommerce support goals!

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