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Reamaze vs Freshdesk: Top Differences and Similarities

Reamaze and Freshdesk are great tools to enhance customer support for your business. Both the tools offer a shared inbox for you to integrate multiple support channels on a single dashboard. But a few differences between Reamaze vs Freshdesk will help you make the right decision when choosing between them.

Also, finding the right ecommerce customer service tool that fits your needs will help you:

  • support more customers
  • speed up responses
  • save the time your support team spends on managing queries and tracking orders
  • And offer the best customer experience that you possibly can. 

So let’s get started with finding the customer support apps for Shopify.

Reamaze vs Freshdesk - A Quick Comparison

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Overview - Reamaze and Freshdesk

Before we get into comparing Reamaze and Freshdesk, let’s get a bit of context for both the tools to start.

Reamaze is an incredible help desk software for ecommerce brands. It helps your team to resolve customer queries seamlessly. The live chat feature in Reamaze is well-known in the market. It combines email, social media, mobile, and chat conversations seamlessly so your customers can reach you however they want. You can seamlessly collaborate with teammates using assignments, notes, and shared views. 

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service software that enables businesses of all sizes to deliver great customer support. It converts requests coming in via email, web, phone, chat, and social into tickets, and merges ticket resolution across channels. Freshdesk also lets you automate workflows, provide self-service, manage SLAs, and measure metrics, so you can stay on top of all things customer support.

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Top Differences Between Reamaze and Freshdesk 

Let’s get right into the major differences between both of these shared inbox tools for your Shopify store.

Ecommerce Viability

One of the major differences between Reamaze and Freshdesk is their ecommerce support. 

Reamaze is a great tool for ecommerce businesses who operate their stores on Shopify, Woocommerce, and other major ecommerce platforms. Reamaze allows you to deeply integrate with these platforms and lets you modify, cancel and refund orders on the chat screen. Apart from that, you can also use the data from your ecommerce store directly into your canned responses to create more personalized messages for your customers. 

Freshdesk is a great helpdesk tool but isn’t built specifically for ecommerce stores. It integrates with Shopify through third-party integration. While it allows you to edit, cancel or refund orders, the data from Shopify cannot be directly used in your customer responses as Reamaze does. So this adds additional steps for your agents to pull the relevant data from the database.

Ecommerce viability: Reamaze ✅ | Freshdesk ❌

Automatic Follow-ups

When you’re overloaded with customer queries, you do not want your agents to spend time following up with customers if it can be automated. 

Reamaze does not have automated follow-ups as a feature. Your agents can set reminders or notifications for following up with customers but the follow-up email needs to be sent manually.

Freshdesk has a scheduled email feature that allows your agents to create customized follow-up emails using a feature called “Supervisor” which is a rule-based automation system within the tool. You can set the follow-ups to be automatically made after the last message was sent by the agent but there was no response from the customer. 

Automated Follow-ups: Reamaze ❌ | Freshdesk ✅


If you could automate a major part of your customer support, that can save a lot of time for your agents to spend on answer queries that cannot be automated.

Reamaze offers a variety of rule-based chatbots that perform specific activities like greeting customers, providing order information, pulling FAQs from your knowledge base, and responding to queries with the help of a customized workflow. The only caveat is that your customers have to select from the options when talking to a bot. This may be a limitation depending on your use case, but is a great way to resolve common queries.

Freshdesk on the other hand uses artificial intelligence and merges it with rule-based chatbots to make your responses smarter. Freshdesk pulls and displays data from your knowledge base to respond to customer queries. However, the benefit of using AI is that your chatbot can understand the query without manually adding keywords or rules for the same.

Advanced chatbots: Reamaze ❌ | Freshdesk ✅

Status Updates

So much of your customer support requires notifying users about updates to your system or responding to order-related queries for customers. 

Reamaze offers a “Status Page” where you can share public updates about your systems and other operational updates. You can also display status updates on the live chat if there is a running issue that you’re working on at present. For example, if the orders are delayed due to bad weather, you can display the status update before a user can initiate a live chat. 

Freshdesk does not have such a feature yet. 

System/Status updates: Reamaze ✅ | Freshdesk ❌

Live Chat

Many store owners prefer they have a live chat on their website to either collect leads, quickly answer questions, or simply because it’s an added support channel for customers. 

Reamaze offers a highly customizable, built-in live chat feature that you can add to your websites. All the customizations and automation can be performed from the same Reamaze dashboard. 

Freshdesk does not offer an in-built live chat feature. Instead, it does so by integrating with another product of its own - Freshchat. This may not be an inconvenience to most users but having most of the necessary features built into the app is better when new features are introduced to the app. 

Live Chat: Reamaze ✅ | Freshdesk ❌


Every company relies on a different toolset for its business needs. And it does not make sense to complicate the help desk by adding in-built support for all the tools. 

So, a majority of the companies take the integration route. 

Reamaze integrates with a host of business tools. The integrations with “Reamaze” are much higher than Freshdesk and Freshchat combined. So you may have way more options to work with when using this tool. You can check the integrations for Reamaze here.

Freshdesk does integrate with a variety of business tools and if you use some of the major business tools, you may be absolutely fine with using either of these two. You can check the available integrations for Freshdesk here.

Integrations: Reamaze ✅ | Freshdesk ❌

Multiple Store Support

If you own more than one ecommerce store, switching between the support channels for each of the stores is inefficient. 

Reamaze solves this problem by allowing you to integrate multiple stores and the support channels for each store or website on the same dashboard. 

Freshdesk allows you to add unlimited support channels but does not separately mark them under a specific store name. This may be an inconvenience and cause trouble when you have different teams for each store. 

Multi-store support: Reamaze ✅ | Freshdesk ❌


The price of the tool should fit your budget and requirements. Buying in on an overpriced tool will only eat away at your ROI. 

Reamaze comes with five plans where the lowest one starts at $29/user/month. The fun fact here is that Reamaze also got a Startup plan at flat $59/month that offers all the features from its Basic plan but limits active conversations to 500 per month. 

Freshdesk is priced per agent. While the free tier is perfect if you just want to get started, the paid plans offer automation and a multitude of features that we’ve discussed here. 

If you do not prefer the per-agent pricing, try DelightChat. Our prices are based on the number of unique customer conversations per month. And, if you’re a Shopify user, this might be a great alternative to choose when comparing Reamaze and Freshdesk.

ℹ️ Both Reamaze and Freshdesk charge on a per agent basis. However, you can opt for the free tier on Freshdesk or the Startup plan with Reamaze for unlimited agents with limited functionality. If you prefer a ticket-based pricing, you can go with DelightChat.

Top Similarities Between Reamaze and Freshdesk

Let’s now take a look at the similarities between Reamaze and Freshdesk.


Automation makes work easier for your agents and helps speed up responses for your customers even if an agent isn’t available immediately. 

Both Reamaze and Freshdesk have customizable rule-based automation systems built within the app that allow you to perform various repetitive tasks. These include greeting customers, responding with a knowledge base article, assigning tickets to the right teams, and much more. 

Knowledge base

Having a knowledge base built into your customer support tool can be a great way to empower your customers to serve their queries without an agent. This also builds trust within your company as it makes the customer feel “understood”.

Reamaze and Freshdesk have their variants of internal and external knowledge base systems. You can create FAQs for your customers and agents, or agents only while publishing the knowledge base article. 

Agent Collision Detection

When multiple agents work together on a shared inbox, it becomes important to ensure that you two agents do not accidentally respond to the same query twice. 

Both Reamaze and Freshdesk display if an agent is already working on a query right on the dashboard, and even on the chat screen itself. This reduces the chances of a collision on your chat messages. 

Ticket Handling

The entire concept of a helpdesk is where you convert customer conversations from multiple channels into tickets. But when you’re being overwhelmed with tickets, you need to make sure that the tickets are being handled well. 

Reamaze and Freshdesk have rule-based automation that allows you to create workflows and systems to identify the tickets and assign them to the right team members. You can also create workflows to automatically close tickets, send a closure email, and more. 

Support Channels

The more channels your customer service tool supports, the easier it is to manage them all in one place. 

Reamaze and Freshdesk support most of the support channels that you may want to work with. Both the tools work with Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Emails, and more. 

Apart from that, Reamaze also lets you integrate Facebook ads comments through the business manager. With that, you can respond to customers who comment on any ads that you run using the Facebook Business Manager. 

ℹ️ Reamaze integrates with Facebook Business Manager and lets you reply to comments on your Facebook/Instagram ads.

Conversation Tagging

It is easier to work on an organized dashboard. And tags help you separate the important messages from the less important ones.

Reamaze and Freshdesk allow users to custom-tag conversations so your agents can support customers more effectively. For example, if you tag all the order queries, a single agent can sort all the order queries and answer them quickly. 

This also speeds up the process for your agents and offers a faster solution for customers.

Mobile Apps

Support is very quickly becoming on the go and having a mobile app is always great. If you’re traveling or not in front of the laptop, you can’t respond to customer queries. And a missed query is a lost sale opportunity. 

With Reamaze and Freshdesk, you do not have to worry about this happening as they have fully functional mobile apps for support. Your agents can respond to customers without needing to be near their computers all the time.

Customer Reviews

Real customer reviews for Freshdesk

The good:

“Freshdesk is straightforward to use and offers many features that can be customized to meet the business requirements. The ability to add multiple collaborators to support large numbers of our customers online in less time is what I love the most about Freshdesk.” - Samata B

“Freshdesk is easy to set up and use. It allows us to keep track of all customer's requests and easily manage them. It has a lot of powerful instruments to help streamline the work of the helpdesk team. It also comes with a mobile app.” - Gavino B

The bad:

“Their price should be lowered, it's quite expensive even though they have a free trial when you first join.” - Cedric C

“This tool is very amazing about ticket handling but overall when I look upon it as a customer engagement tool. It lacks many features that include the collaboration with other social platforms and this is a major issue as I have to switch to other software for responding to my customers’ from my other channels” - Katherine M

Real customer reviews for Reamaze

The good:

“Wow! Tightest integration with Shopify I've seen yet. Over the years, we went from FreshDesk to Zendesk to HelpScout and now this app. Every function and detail is so thoroughly thought through, and support is responsive. We're done looking for the perfect help desk software for our small business; we found it. Thanks!” - Sound Sandbox

“I just started using the app, and it was straightforward to set up. I had a few questions, and customer service was quick and helpful. Overall excellent.” - PEP Cosmetics

The bad:

“There is no real onboarding or help with training on the platform other than a bunch of reading and some short videos.” - Pepper + Vetiver

“The search function leaves a lot to be desired, does not seem to like putting in a partial query, only will find an item when the EXACT term is used.” - Robbie H.


If I just started my ecommerce store, should I go with Reamaze or Freshdesk?

Both Freshdesk and Reamaze are equipped with all the features to help you manage your store’s customer service. However, if the cost is a constraint, you can start with the Freshdesk free plan or pick up the basic plan which can dramatically reduce your costs.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of DelightChat, an ecommerce helpdesk solution built for SME ecommerce & DTC brands. 

Is it difficult to set up Reamaze or Freshdesk for your business?

Being self-serve tools, you would not require any help to get them integrated into your customer support workflow. However, if you do need assistance, the support team can offer you advice. You can also refer to their setup documentation on the websites.

I need a live chat for my site. Which one should I go for?

Although both Reamaze and Freshdesk allow you to add a live chat, we recommend going with Reamaze because its live chat is highly customizable. The personalized, self-serve Help Center allows a customer to return items, reschedule the delivery, or cancel an order without the usual hassle.

How much does Reamaze cost?

Reamaze comes with five plans where the lowest one starts at $29/user/month. The fun fact here is that Reamaze also got a Startup plan that offers all the features from its Basic plan but limits active conversations to 500 per month. 

How much does Freshdesk cost?

Freshdesk costs $19/agent/month for the added automation capabilities. However, if you’re just starting, you can use the free tier until you decide to upgrade.

Considering better & more affordable options?

As Shopify store owners, customer support takes hours of your time. And you don’t want something to add to your busy schedule.

Now, Gorgias and Freshdesk are great choices. But Gorgias is cheaper with a cluttered UI, increasing your effort in organizing conversations. Freshdesk looks great and has many modern features but the Shopify integration isn’t at par with Gorgias. Also, it’s expensive as you scale up your team.

DelightChat solves both the problems and more:

  • The interface is designed to be familiar so you can use DelightChat without any training whatsoever. Once all your support channels are integrated, you’ll feel right at home!
  • Integration is easy. And, we offer a 1:1 concierge setup with any plan that you choose. 
  • Deep integration with Shopify lets you pull order details directly from Shopify. Your agents spend less time finding orders and more time solving the query!
  • DelightChat is extremely affordable compared to any solution out there. Starting at just $100/month for 2000 monthly unique conversations, you get unlimited team members, unlimited stores, and unlimited support channels included in the plan! 

There are a lot more features in place and pricing. Hope this guide helps you make an informed decision. 

Hope this guide helps you make an informed decision. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line here.

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