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Gorgias vs Kustomer: Top Differences and Similarities

Gorgias and Kustomer are great tools to enhance customer support operations for your business. Both the tools offer a shared inbox for you to integrate multiple support channels on a single dashboard. But the differences between Gorgias vs Kustomer will help you make the right decision when choosing between them.

Also, finding the right ecommerce customer service tool that fits your needs will help you:

  • support more customers
  • speed up responses
  • save the time your support team spends on managing queries and tracking orders
  • And offer the best customer experience that you possibly can. 

So let’s get started with finding the customer support tool for your business.

Gorgias vs Kustomer - A Quick Comparison

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Overview - Gorgias and Kustomer

Let’s begin by understanding the differences between Gorgias and Kustomer. Here’s a quick context for both the tools before we start with our comparison.

Gorgias is a help desk (help center or customer support) for eCommerce stores that allows your customer service team to manage all customer service in one place - be it emails, live chat, phone conversations, or social media.

Kustomer offers a customer-centric instead of a ticket-centric tool in the ecommerce helpdesk space. They offer in-ticket customer data that gives agents a full timeline of orders, interactions, and even their browsing history on your website. Kustomer integrates with email, chat, SMS, voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter forming a complete omnichannel helpdesk.

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Top Differences Between Gorgias and Kustomer

While both the tools offer amazing features that help you with your ecommerce support operations, the differences between Gorgias and Kustomer can help you make an informed decision. 

Deep Shopify Integration

For Shopify businesses, it’s a hassle to move between customer conversations and the Shopify dashboard to work with custom orders. A tool that integrates with Shopify can help streamline these operations very well.

Gorgias is built to make ecommerce customer service easy for you. You can connect sales and support for the ecommerce platform you sell on, like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce to Gorgias. If you are a Shopify store owner, you can easily modify, cancel, duplicate, and refund customer orders from the conversation screen. 

Along with that, any canned response templates that you create on Gorgias can have Shopify data variables like the order number, tracking link, value, and more. The only caveat is that Gorgias has a steep learning curve and can be cumbersome to use.

Kustomer integrates with multiple ecommerce platforms. However, the integration isn’t as deeply built within the tool as compared to Gorgias. You can certainly work with orders, issue refunds, or redo orders on the chat screen. But there is no functionality to use the order data within canned responses or any template messages that you create on Kustomer.

Alternatively, if you want deep Shopify integration, a great user interface, and all major support channels, try DelightChat.

Deep Shopify Integration: Gorgias ✅ | Kustomer ❌

Automated responses

Customer queries are often related to order status, refund policies, general product information, etc. And the answers can be provided by using a tailored and automated response. 

Gorgias lets you create intent-based auto-response sequences so you can respond to customer requests in the most appropriate manner. These auto-responses can also be customized with variables that are pulled from various integrations to create a truly personal experience. 

For example, if a customer requests order tracking information, Gorgias can identify the intent with the help of the keywords in the query and send a response template that you’ve set for “order tracking” intent.  

Kustomer offers workflows that allow you to create custom rules and responses for specific conversations. You can perform keyword identification to create targeted workflows. But with Kustomer, you cannot automatically add order details from Shopify like with Gorgias. 

While it may not be a dealbreaker, it’s something to consider for Shopify users.

Automated Responses: Gorgias ✅ | Kustomer ❌

Mobile App

Support is quickly becoming remote and as such, the ecommerce support tool that you choose needs to be mobile-friendly.

Gorgias offers a dedicated mobile app for customer support teams to respond to customers on the go. Most of the features that are necessary for support personnel are available on the app. 

Kustomer does not have a mobile app at present. So this might be a deal-breaker for some store owners who expect on-the-go support capabilities.

Mobile App: Gorgias ✅ | Kustomer ❌

Support Channels

The more support channels a customer service tool can integrate with, the wider the audience can be. 

Gorgias lets you integrate email, live chat, phone calls, and Facebook messenger and comments.

Kustomer allows users to integrate with email, SMS, voice, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. 

If you need a Shopify-focused support tool that also integrates with Twitter and WhatsApp, DelightChat has all the features you need.

Support Channels: Gorgias ❌ | Kustomer ✅

Live Chat

There are always people who believe that adding live chat to the website is useful, and some who feel it's unnecessary. 

In either case, it is a good idea to have an optional chat feature on the tool.

Gorgias offers its integrated live chat widget that you can add to your website. The live chat widget is also connected to the dashboard to the other support channels and you can trigger rule-based automation to respond to customer messages too. 

Kustomer does not offer a live chat widget as they believe that it is an unnecessary addition. It may be a good choice if you are sure that you do not want a live chat on your website.

Live Chat: Gorgias ✅ | Kustomer ❌


As you scale your ecommerce business, you begin using more and more tools to streamline the operations. An additional tool in your arsenal could either increase your workload or make it even easier to work collaboratively. 

Gorgias integrates with most of the major business tools out there like Slack, Gmail, Zapier, Helpdocs, Manychat, and more. From all the reviews that I’ve done, Gorgias supports a lot more integrations compared to most other ecommerce support tools out there.

Kustomer has fewer integrations with business tools. While you can always create your integrations using the Kustomer API, you need developer help to work on the project. 

Integrations: Gorgias ✅ | Kustomer ❌

Knowledge Base

You need to let customers self-serve themselves with FAQs and knowledge base articles. The option to create an FAQ page on your website and share the links to customers always exists, it’s not convenient when users ping you on live chat. 

Gorgias does not offer a built-in knowledge base that you can use for your customers or your team members to learn from. You can however integrate with Helpdocs, an external knowledge base, which comes at an additional cost.

Kustomer allows you to create an internal and public knowledge base for your team members and customers. You can set the permissions for knowledge base articles to be either private or public based on the needs.

Knowledge base: Gorgias ❌ | Kustomer ✅

Automatic Spam Detection

A lot of messages that come in are out-of-office responses or simply spam. But it adds to the agent’s workload to look through the messages and find out if it’s spam or not.

With Gorgias, you can create business logic to identify spam and out-of-office replies and close the tickets or drop them in a separate category. But it may not work all the time if you haven’t accounted for the different keywords and cases with spam messages. 

Kustomer offers built-in spam and out-of-office message detection system that automatically identifies these messages with high accuracy and closes the tickets. No manual intervention is required. Your agents no longer have to work through the different tickets to find out which ones need a reply and which ones don’t.

Automated Spam Detection: Gorgias ❌ | Kustomer ✅


Gorgias starts at $60/month for 350 monthly tickets and unlimited agents. This plan includes the integration with Shopify, live-chat, macros and rules, and much more. 

Kustomer is priced on a per-agent basis. Starting at $89/agent/month, the pricing makes it operationally expensive to scale support teams if you do not initially plan to spend a lot of money.

Pricing: Gorgias ✅ | Kustomer ❌

Top Similarities Between Gorgias and Kustomer

Now let's take a look at what makes Gorgias and Kustomer similar to each other. This will help you understand where both of these tools merge in terms of features and functionality.

Shared Inbox

You need a shared inbox that can allow all your team members to have their login credentials and respond to customers on all channels. This arrangement avoids the need to share social media account passwords and also makes team members accountable for their responses as each response is attributed to their usernames.

Both Gorgias and Kustomer offer a robust shared inbox experience for ecommerce businesses. Which shared inbox you choose will be a personal preference for the UI and the features that are offered. But if all you need is a shared inbox tool for your support channels, you can go with either of them.

Customer History View

A customer may message you on live chat and then go over email. And if your support teams for both channels are different, agents may end up responding to the customer with conflicting information. 

To avoid this, it’s necessary to have customer history from all channels visible in a single place. 

Gorgias and Kustomer can identify messages from the same customer and show them in a single thread. If a conversation wasn’t identified due to missing details, you can merge the conversations. 

Also, both tools display detailed information about the historical purchase behavior, chat history, and more. Kustomer goes a step further and displays browsing history on your website too.

Conversation Tags

Tagging conversations helps categorize them making it easier for agents to respond quickly. Both Gorgias and Kustomer being shared inbox tools for ecommerce support, allow you to create custom tags to add to different customer messages. 

The tagged conversations can then be viewed separately under an inbox section of their own so your agents can quickly respond to all similar queries with a template message.

Automated Ticket Routing

Larger teams have even divided workflows. A customer conversation that comes to a team inbox needs to be handled by the right person for a faster resolution. 

Gorgias and Kustomer make it happen by automatically routing the tagged tickets to the right team members. Both the tools allow you to route the tickets either based on specific business rules in the case of Gorgias or intelligently assigned to an agent in the case of Kustomer. 

Internal Notes

Why go to another tool to communicate with the team? Both Gorgias and Kustomer offer internal notes as a feature within the apps. 

You can leave notes by mentioning teams or individual team members using the @ symbol and adding a note. With this feature, you save time-sharing screenshots with other agents when asking for help!

And the agent who reads the note will also have the context of the conversation. 

Canned Responses

Both Gorgias and Kustomer have canned responses in their tools. With Gorgias, these are called message templates that you can create with multiple variables that pull data from across the platform. This can include order data from Shopify, customer name, order tracking information, prices, and more. 

Kustomer calls canned responses as “Shortcuts” which offer similar functionality to Gorgias. The only difference is that you cannot pull Shopify order data into your canned response with Kustomer.

Statistics and Reporting

You need to get reports on your team performance and more importantly, how individual team members perform.

Gorgias and Kustomer offer robust reporting for looking at the day-to-day statistics, creating team member-wise reports, and more. 

Kustomer goes a step further with its SLA-based reporting which is more suited to enterprises. Gorgias is built for Shopify store owners which are generally smaller teams and their customer base does not necessarily need SLA-based reporting features. 

Customers reviews for Gorgias and Kustomer

Real customer reviews for Gorgias

The good:

"My favorite part is having access to all of the Shopify info while responding to Tickets. It's also such a time saver being able to issue refunds in Shopify from Gorgias." - Vionic Shoes Canada

“Gorgias has been such a great value add to our business. It's so easy to manage communication with our customers and respond to them in an organized and timely manner.” - Pladra

The bad:

“If your domain email is not g-suite, you may have email delivery issues for outgoing emails; I know there are ways to work around this, but it's complicated and not documented by Gorgias.” - Zen Art Shop

“Not good for campaigns with different types of Shopify stores. Pricing is too high for a tool that is supposed to manage a good chunk of data” - Personalized Jewel


Between Gorgias and Kustomer, which tool is more suited for small stores?

Both Gorgias and Kustomer are great shared inbox tools for most businesses. But, if you run a Shopify store, Gorgias is a better fit as it is made with Shopify in mind. Kustomer is a great alternative if you run a store on other ecommerce platforms. Also, if you want an affordable and modern shared inbox tool that works amazingly well with Shopify, you can check out DelightChat

Is it difficult to set up Gorgias or Kustomer for your business?

Setting up Gorgias and Kustomer is easy. Once you sign up for either of the tools, you can invite your team members and integrate the required support channels and business tools. After that is done, you’re ready to start using the platform. 

How much does Gorgias cost?

Gorgias starts at $60/month for 350 tickets + $25 for every additional 100 tickets. The price of additional tickets goes down as you upgrade to higher plans. All plans on Gorgias include unlimited user support. 

How much does Kustomer cost?

Kustomer is priced on a per-agent basis. Starting at $89/agent/month and $139/agent/month, Kustomer offers most of its features in these plans. You can opt for addons which are at an additional cost.

Considering a better and more affordable option?

As Shopify store owners, customer support takes hours of your time. And you don’t want something to add to your busy schedule.

Now, Gorgias and Freshdesk are great choices. But Gorgias is cheaper with a cluttered UI, increasing your effort in organizing conversations. Freshdesk looks great and has many modern features but the Shopify integration isn’t at par with Gorgias. Also, it’s expensive as you scale up your team.

DelightChat solves both the problems and more:

  • The interface is designed to be familiar so you can use DelightChat without any training whatsoever. Once all your support channels are integrated, you’ll feel right at home! 
  • Integration is easy. And, we offer a 1:1 concierge setup with any plan that you choose. 
  • Deep integration with Shopify lets you pull order details directly from Shopify. Your agents spend less time finding orders and more time solving the query!
  • DelightChat is extremely affordable compared to any solution out there. Starting at just $100/month for 2000 monthly unique conversations, you get unlimited team members, unlimited stores, and unlimited support channels included in the plan! 

There are a lot more features in place and pricing. Hope this guide helps you make an informed decision. 

Hope this guide helps you make an informed decision. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line here.

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