User Generated Content

What is User Generated Content?

When was the last time you saw a really compelling User Generated Content campaign? There are quite a few examples that one can think of. One such campaign is the ‘Share a Coke Campaign’ which is still etched in the minds of people. Coke, one of the most iconic brands the world has ever seen, came up with a campaign where the words ‘Share a Coke with...’ a popular name was written on the bottle wrapper. The coke bottles were named after people; these personalized coke bottles were an instant hit with the public. This was a campaign that brought people together and boosted sales considerably.

User-Generated Content or UGC as the name suggests is defined as any type of online content be it blogs, testimonials, reviews, web pages, social media posts, images, or videos created and published by the people for the people.

Ecommerce businesses are faced with the constant need to match their pace with that of the fast-paced digital world. Here’s the deal, around 55% of customers give importance to UGC and trust content promoted by other users when compared to other marketing tactics used by brands. User-generated content is a trend that has overtaken many other marketing trends and one that is here to stay.

Users or customers of a brand create this content of their own accord. It is the most reliable, honest, and authentic content that you will find online, as it’s from people who have had a first-hand experience with the brand and who go on to vouch for it. The brand by itself has little to do here, customers take on the promotions.

Where does the User Generated Content come from?

It’s mostly Gen X and the millennial who are the main contributors of this content and who take to social media and other online platforms to share their content.

As a marketer how do you get your hands on such content? There are 2 ways to go about it. 

You can find User Generated Content using social media or you can get your customers to submit their content to your brand when campaigns are released or when contests are held. 

Encourage your online store’s customers to create User Generated Content at different points in their customer journey. Soon after they have bought your product, you could motivate them to share a simple tweet or post a story on Instagram. When your product is being delivered to a customer, you can send a note asking them to share their unboxing. 

A few days later, an email can be sent to your customer asking them to share their feedback after they have used your product. Another way to get customers to create UGC is by running contests. You can ask your customers to participate by creating and sharing UGC and stand a chance to win prizes.

Why does UGC matter to ecommerce marketers?

Traditional marketing is all about selling the product, UGC on the other hand unlocks a world of opportunities to marketers making it a perfect marketing tool. Let’s look at some of the benefits of User Generated Content:

1. User Generated Content is authentic, this is so important in today’s digital world.

2. UGC builds trust; customers listen to what other customers have to say.

3. UGC adds the human factor to your brand. Customer-generated content humanizes a brand in a simple yet distinctive way.

4. UGC is cost-effective. When customers create content for you, you save on huge costs that you would have otherwise incurred on product shoots, TV commercials, billboards, or campaigns.

5. UGC communicates the brand value through customer stories like no other form of advertising can.

How to make UGC work for your ecommerce business?

Listed below are some of the best ways you can make UGC work for your e-commerce business:

Ask your customers to post a review or give feedback on their last purchase; send them a follow-up email. This may sound pretty basic but it’s another opportunity to engage with your customers.

Pick the most effective social media platform for your brand. You need not be everywhere, choose the channel that works best for you.

Include UGC in content marketing campaigns. Why? Simply because UGC is content. Adding them to your content marketing campaigns will let you reach larger audiences and improve your brand awareness.

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