Click Through Rate

What is the Click Through Rate?

The ecommerce market is booming. Today, there are nearly 24 million ecommerce websites globally, with many more added to that list every day. In this highly competitive market, the stakes are high!

So how will your business keep up with the times and stay relevant? With the rising popularity of the internet, many companies are keeping a close eye on the success of their online marketing activities. 

The best thing about digital marketing is that you can easily measure if the methods you have used yield the desired results. 

Some of these methods include email marketing, social media, and pay-per-click advertising (PPC), which show quantitative results. You can get your hands on many statistics, which will help you understand your campaigns better.

Click Through Rate or CTR as most marketers call it, is one of the most critical metrics that can help you measure your online marketing campaigns’ success. It measures the number of times an ad or a website’s link was clicked versus the number of times it was viewed - in other words, impressions. 

It indicates the percentage of people who viewed a web page or an ad and then clicked the link that is featured on that page or ad. CTR is a powerful tool that is widely used to measure the success of when you’re running ads, CTAs on landing pages, or hyperlinks in emails and blog posts. 

Get this - when it comes to ecommerce, a good CTR for search is 2.69% and 0.51% for display ads.  The CTR simply tells you how successful your ad is in drawing the user’s attention to it. 

How to calculate the Click Through Rate?

CTR can be calculated by dividing the total number of clicks between an ad or a link by the total number of impressions that the web page has received. Multiply the result obtained with 100 in order to get a percentage.

Here’s the formula you need to follow:

Click Through Rate = Total Measured Clicks ÷ Total Ad Impressions x 100.

Why is Click Through Rate important to ecommerce business owners?

For ecommerce business owners, CTR is an important metric that quantifies the success of online advertising campaigns. It gauges the response of users to the marketing activities that an online business undertakes. 

If your CTR is low, it could mean that you are not targeting the right audience or that you are spending money on ineffective keywords. It also helps indicate which marketing channels are more successful than the other for your online business.

In simple words, your click through rate is a telltale sign that showcases the strength or weakness and the quality of your subject lines, body copy, titles, and descriptions. The higher the CTR, the more conversions, and ultimately more sales for your online venture.

How to increase your online store’s Click Through Rate?

How do you get your customers interested in and click on your ecommerce website’s URL?

Here are a few tips to consider while trying to improve your CTR:

1. Use titles that are creative and attractive: Titles are usually the first thing that your customers notice. It should connect with them in seconds. Keep it real and original - that’s key to making a lasting impression.

2. Have URLs that are smart and easy to read- Your customers read the URL and play a key role in enhancing ecommerce conversions. You can customize your URL by using SEO tools. Keep the URL short, not exceeding five words; that way, it’s easy to read. For example, if you have a page promoting “Navy blue dresses,” you could say “best-navy-blue-dresses,” it’s as simple as that.

3. Captivating meta descriptions: Meta descriptions tell customers what to expect; it appears just below the search results’ title. It should highlight the USPs of your ecommerce store and let the user know what they would gain from clicking the link.

4. Add a compelling CTA: Include a Call to Action or CTA right after the meta description. Keep it inviting, short and crisp, for example, “Contact Us,” “Call Us Today,” or “ Email Us.” CTAs should compel the user to take immediate action.

5. Use powerful keywords in your headline: Use one or two powerful keywords in your headline, such as “Exclusive” or “Lifetime,” words that will draw your customers’ attention and appeal to their needs and emotions immediately.

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