Helpdesk Software

What is a helpdesk software?

Before talking about helpdesk software, let’s understand what a helpdesk is. A helpdesk is an information center created by companies to help their customers get information on the products/services they are selling. It’s also essential to provide customer support for the products that the company is selling. 

Got that part? Great. Now, to put it simply, helpdesk software makes your job easier to provide customer support. For example, if you’re selling women accessories through your store, and a customer asks your helpdesk (via email, social media, live chat, etc) what’s the price for the purple lipstick, you can easily respond to that query through the helpdesk software. 

How can a helpdesk software help your ecommerce business grow?

Did you know that 73% of customers fall in love with a brand and remain loyal because of friendly customer service reps? Needless to say, ecommerce customer service is crucial to the success & continued growth of your company. 

Your customers might reach out to you for information on a particular product, shipping details, refund requests, etc. And they can do so via any channel, viz. email, Facebook, WhatsApp, live chat, and the likes. 

This is where your helpdesk software comes in handy. It enables you to be in touch with your customers every step of the way - from product discovery to purchase to after-sales service.

What are the must-have features in an ecommerce helpdesk software?

As an ecommerce business owner, you have different needs when it comes to supporting your customers. A regular helpdesk software won’t cut it. So, we’ve come up with a list of 3 features that you should verify before signing up for it. 

1. Omnichannel Inbox

You’re busy with ten different things & you don’t have the time to waddle around tabs to answer customer support questions. You need one inbox where all the support queries from email, social media channels & live chat can be answered seamlessly. 

2. Deep Shopify Integrations

This is almost a no-brainer. If your store is running on Shopify, your helpdesk app must integrate with Shopify to help you perform basic operations like modifying an order or simply checking the order number. Most generic helpdesk software doesn’t equip you with this and you’re left to toggle between tags.

3. Simplified Team Collaboration

Customer support isn’t easy and you need your team to collaborate. The problem occurs when they have to navigate away to a different tab just to ask a teammate to respond to a support request. This can be completely avoided by having team collaboration within your helpdesk software; something that DelightChat provides with a badge of honor. 

To bottom line this, you need to provide stellar customer service at all times to create brand advocates and increase the chances of repeat purchases. To do that flawlessly, you should get yourself and your team a helpdesk software today.

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