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7 Best WhatsApp Multiple Agent Platforms in 2024

With over 2 billion people using WhatsApp regularly, businesses have realized WhatsApp’s importance. Be it mom and pop shops, small businesses or conglomerates, they have all jumped on the platform to tap into WhatsApp’s massive user base.

WhatsApp has its own limitations though. For example, you can only connect a total of 5 devices at a time. If your business is of a considerable size, with numerous incoming queries a day, the default WhatsApp is not enough. 

You need a multi-agent WhatsApp.

What is Multi-Agent WhatsApp?

WhatsApp multi-agent or WhatsApp multiple agent is the use of WhatsApp Business API in a way that allows multiple agents to use a single WhatsApp number.

WhatsApp Business by default does not allow this. You can only use one WhatsApp in one phone and up to four linked devices. This is suitable only for small businesses. But unfeasible for medium to large businesses. 

Stick with us till the end and we’ll help you get your hands on multi-agent WhatsApp.

How to use one WhatsApp with multiple agents?

The default WhatsApp Business app has its limitations, and you know it. But if you want to use one WhatsApp with multiple agents (unlimited even), you will need just TWO things.

1. WhatsApp Business API:

With WhatsApp Business API, you have the liberty to integrate your WhatsApp with third-party apps. You can get access to WhatsApp Business API here.

2. Third-party tool:

Getting a third-party tool seems a bit risky. It could be, if you do not choose the right one.

Why a third-party tool? Let us explain. Once you get access to WhatsApp Business API, to use one WhatsApp for multiple agents you need to code it as per your requirements. Unless you are a coder, writing a line of code is not that simple.

A good third-party tool will do all the work and get you started in MINUTES while you sit back and relax!

Top 7 Multi-Agent WhatsApp tools:

The internet is flooded with tools and applications that will set up your WhatsApp for multiple agents. But choosing just any tool without testing will do you no good, and can take you a lot of time.

So we picked out the 7 best multi-agent WhatsApp tools to help you make the right decision.

1. DelightChat

DelightChat WhatsApp Multi-Agent Tool

If you are here for the best WhatsApp multi-agent tool, then DelightChat is your best bet. Here are 6 reasons why:

i) Unlimited users:

WhatsApp allows only up to 5 users to use one WhatsApp number - 1 phone and 4 linked devices. 

With DelightChat, there is no such limitation. A single WhatsApp number can be used by unlimited users at a time. 

Cool? Yes. Feasible? Very! 

ii) Assign tickets:

DelightChat enables you to auto-assign tickets based on keywords. Based on this, you can automatically assign incoming messages to relevant agents.

Saves you time and saves the customer from running from one agent to another.

iii) Track conversations:

Every conversation can be tracked from start to finish using DelightChat.

Whether a query needs a follow-up or has to be archived or resolved, you can do it all with DelightChat. 

iv) Collaborate with teams using notes and comments:

Teamwork is easy with the DelightChat WhatsApp multi-agent tool. Your team can collaborate using a single dashboard by leaving notes and comments. 

It reduces confusion in ticket resolution, saves time and lets your agents focus on important tasks at hand.

v) Automate replies

Everytime you get a common query like ‘Where is my order?’ or ‘I want to buy x product’, your agents do not have to tend to them personally. 

With just 2 clicks, you can automate responses to common queries, FAQs, etc. 

vi) Manage WhatsApp inbox

Imagine scrolling through hundreds or thousands of customer queries in a WhatsApp inbox. Tedious, isn’t it? 

Skip through this tedious task, because DelightChat allows you to manage your WhatsApp inbox with ease. 

With one shared inbox, your agents can respond to customers across channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Shopify, etc and also keep track of tickets, ensure timely resolution and more!

2. Wati

Wati WhatsApp Multi-Agent tool

Wati is another customer support tool, built using WhatsApp API. It is a popular WhatsApp multiple agent tool.

What puts Wati second on our list is their pricing. Before we get into Wati’s pricing, let’s discuss its features. You can send WhatsApp broadcast messages on WhatsApp using the Wati dashboard. It also allows you to build a WhatsApp chat without having to code it yourself. 

Their WhatsApp multiple agent also allows you to send quick replies, assign conversations to agents and leave comments internally using a single dashboard. 

Although it has similar features like DelightChat, Wati’s pricing is higher. They have 2 main plans - Standard and Professional and pricing starts at $38.06/month and $76.11/month. 

Wati also has add-on features that range from $4.99/month and go up to $500/month. A cost that is not suitable for everyone. 

3. WhatsApp Multiple Agent Tool is a platform that aims to power the future of business communications. It offers various features including multi-agent WhatsApp.’s WhatsApp multiple agent tool auto-detects inbound messages and routes them to relevant customer support agents or the sales team. also has automated surveys that can help you convert leads. However, once the chat window closes, you can reach out to the lead only by using their Message Templates.’s pricing comes in four different packages - Starter, Pro, Business and Enterprise.

If you are unsure if it is the right tool for you, you can choose the Starter Plan which is free, but has limited features. 

The Pro Plan costs $29/month and comes with fixed features. Their Business and Enterprise plans cost $79+/month and $399+/month. However, the cost goes up depending on the features your business requires.

4. B2Chat

B2Chat WhatsApp Multiple Agent Tool

B2Chat is another multi-agent and multi channel support platform, headquartered in Colombia. What brings B2Chat to this list is their automation, routing, process streamlining and centralization features. 

You can configure and automate inbound conversations like FAQs, ratings, greetings, etc. and respond even when your agents are offline. B2Chat also helps you route the right conversations to the right teams with zero delay. They also have a single dashboard from where you can respond to your customers, wherever they are - be it Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Only one of B2Chat’s pricing plans include WhatsApp communication, priced at $80/month. That’s pricey, especially when it allows only 2 users. If you wish to add more users, it will cost you an additional $20. 

5. Callbell

Callbell WhatsApp Multi-agent Tool

Callbell is another chat solution that helps businesses with WhatsApp multi-agent as well as integration with Facebook messenger, Telegram and more. This multi-agent tool helps you to centralize and automate messaging channels on a single multi-agent solution.

You can also segregate incoming messages and route them to relevant agents. Callbell also provides you with statistics that help you analyze team performance. 

The features are good, but Callbell has some mixed reviews from their customers.

They have two plans - Chat Management priced at $15.39 per user/month and Chat Management Plus priced at $19.79 per user/month. If you want to connect WhatsApp in their Chat Management plan, it costs $38.48+/month. 

Their pricing plan is slightly complex and varies depending on your chosen integrations. 

6. Casengo

Casengo WhatsApp Multiple Agent Tool

Casengo, built in Amsterdam is a customer service software. It makes communication between companies and customers faster and easier. 

Casengo is multilingual and helps you talk to your customers in a language they are comfortable with. Its software and system messages are available in different languages and allows you to add-on based on your requirements. 

They have multi channel support using a single dashboard. Casengo also allows integration to platforms like Magento. Another great feature is their case management. Whether a case is open, pending or resolved, you can view it all on a single dashboard.

Casengo has three pricing plans - Premium, Enterprise and Elite. While the Premium plan costs $26.39 per user/month, the Enterprise plan is priced at $31.88 per user/month. 

Also, the premium plan lacks WhatsApp chat. So paying $31.88 per user/month is not feasible for most businesses. And even if it is affordable, the value offered at that price is much lesser compared to DelightChat. 

7. Omnichat

Omnichannel WhatsApp Multiple Agent Tool

Omnichat, a platform for omnichannel messaging is another tool to consider. 

Omnichat provides different enterprise-level performance reports like Support Customer Service KPI report, Support Broadcast Message report, etc. It also has an intelligent chatbot that helps you tend to customers when your agents are offline and even provides multilingual support.

Your WhatsApp multi-agents can easily collaborate and assign follow ups and internal tagging. Omnichat also saves every customer information and conversation permanently in a cloud server.

You can also add as many WhatsApp multiple agents as you like. There is no limit (except, it costs you extra!). 

Omnichat has one pricing plan for WhatsApp integration i.e. Customer Service Plan. It also includes LINE, Facebook and Instagram messaging. The Customer Service Plan is priced at $1440/year. At this price, Omnichat allows only 2 agents and charges an additional $460 per agent. 

They also offer custom pricing that is suitable to your business on request.

Things to consider while choosing a WhatsApp multi-agent tool

1.  Price

A good WhatsApp multiple agent tool should not burn a hole in your pocket. Choose the one that fits your budget and serves the purpose.

2.  Features

Your decision should not be based only on which plan is the cheapest. Going for the most expensive one also will not promise you the features you need. Choose the one that is both pocket-friendly and loaded with features you need.

3. Limitations

We’ve seen that not all tools offer you unlimited users. Some have additional charges per additional agent. That’s not feasible. Tools like DelightChat give you unlimited users, with no additional charges.

4.  Research (customer service, ratings, response time in case of software issues)

You do not want to be stuck with a tool that has bad customer reviews, poor after sales service. So before you choose the tool, do your research!

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