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5 Best WaliChat Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Do you want to execute your WhatsApp marketing strategy using a tool that helps you simplify the process rather than complicate it? Have you tried Walichat and decided you want something else?

This list of the best WaliChat alternatives will tell you all the major pros & cons you need to know about each tool to make an informed decision. We are going to cover the following 5 alternatives to Walichat —  DelightChat, Wassenger, Quick Reply, Novochat, and Sleekflow.

What is WaliChat?

WaliChat is a multi-agent chat platform built specifically for WhatsApp. Multi-agent chat means that multiple people from your team can respond to customer queries in real-time on the same WhatsApp number. 


Pricing is simplified — you get all features in all the 3 plans that depend on your usage (number of agents, the volume of messages, etc.). Pricing plans are as follows — $39.9/month, $69.9/month and $99.9/month. You can add additional agents without upgrading your plan by paying a $14/month fee per additional agent.

You can get a 7-day free trial without giving your credit card details. 


  • You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time according to requirement and team size. 
  • You can integrate your ​​existing CRM software easily with their  API & Webhooks. 
  • Save the context of chats using internal notes, & labels. 
  • Get advanced analytics to see the volume of messages you are getting, & the workload on agents.


  • App only provides a customer service platform for WhatsApp. You can't build chatbots or create automations. 
  • It's only suitable for small businesses that need customer service on WhatsApp as it doesn't provide extensive features needed for lead generation, conversion, or automation.


DelightChat is an Omnichannel Helpdesk + WhatsApp Marketing Software built for SME brands that enables them to deliver out-of-the-box customer service. It’s designed with a conversation-first approach that enables you to manage your store’s support & painlessly resolve customer queries - all from a single screen. 


  • Omnichannel inbox that helps you manage WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Emails & Live Chat.
  • Complete WhatsApp Marketing suite - Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to your customer lists using Official API.
  • Get Official WhatsApp API access with free Green Tick application.
  • Automated WhatsApp notifications such as Abandoned Cart, Order Confirmation, Delivery Notifications & Cash on Delivery Order Verification.
  • DelightChat enables you to respond to customer queries & collaborate with your team, all from a single screen. No need to toggle between tabs, which leads to a loss in productivity & loss of work hours. 


  • For now, DelightChat only integrates with Shopify that allows it to access your Shopify admin dashboard data. However, it will soon be available for other ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce.

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Wassenger is a Whatsapp-based solution for customer support. It provides WhatsApp API, a multi-agent chat platform, and APIs & webhooks to integrate with your existing CRM. Its features include group messages, scheduled messages, webhooks, a web dashboard, priority messages, and an SMS gateway.


It offers two payment plans — Gateway for $19.9/month in which you don't get the multi-agent features and I/O for $39.9/month where you get advanced features with a multi-agent chat system.

You can get a 7-day free trial with no credit card required. 


  • It supports text, location, and rich media messages (images, audio, videos, documents, or archives)
  • The simple interface allows multiple agents to interact with different chats simultaneously.
  • You can see when your customers receive and read your messages.
  • You can also set up a webhook event notification so your server will know about every message delivery update.
  • It offers REST JSON-based API that is easy to use and integrate with any existing software.


  • Content search functionality is not available. You can only search for a particular user. 
  • It can sometimes be slow in sending and receiving messages. 
  • It can seem slightly complicated and technical for small teams with simple use cases. 
  • It doesn't offer automation features to send abandon cart emails or upsell emails.

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QuickReply is an all-in-one business solution for eCommerce brands to take care of marketing & customer support that happens on website chat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. It also offers a single, shared inbox for managing customer interactions on the Web, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Twitter, etc.


They forever free plan which allows you to keep your account but when you send a message you'll have to pay $ 0.0106/message. Apart from that, they have 3 plans — the Starter plan starts from $35/month, the Standard plan is $80/month and the Plus plan is $199/month. 


  • can be configured to create pre-trained eCommerce bots that can handle many types of questions & send the pre-defined response. You can create Welcome Bot, Product Browsing Bot, Discount Bot, Shipping Charges Bot, Order Tracking Bot, Order Cancellation Bot, COD availability Bot, Repeat Order Bot, and many more. 
  • You can see pre-fetched customer and order data in the chat panel. 
  • It integrates well with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, and other ecommerce apps. 


  • It doesn't provide advanced analytics such as an overview of the most enquired product/review. Analytics beyond a specific time period is not visible. 
  • It's most suitable for ecommerce companies and other use cases might not be a perfect fit for the app.


NovoChat is a marketing solution built for e-commerce businesses. It allows you to connect multiple messaging channels — WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and LINE — in a single app. 

It provides WhatsApp automation, broadcast messages, a multi-channel inbox, and a multi-channel website widget. It can be integrated with Shopify & EasyStore. They plan to launch segmentation features soon. 


There are 4 pricing plans — The Solo plan for $7/month gives you 750 messages per month. The Starter plan for $20 per month gives you 3,000 messages. The Pro plan for $60/month gives you 9000 messages per month and the Business plan for $200/month gives you 40,000 messages per month. The number of features you get also changes with each plan. 

You can get a 7-day free trial. No credit card is required. 


  • You can Create auto-responses, set business hours, and invite multiple agents to your workspace.
  • It gives you advanced campaign and automation metrics to see the impact your messages are making on your revenue. 
  • You can personalize bulk messages by uploading a CSV. file with a custom message for each individual contact.
  • With some providers, you’ll have to register a new WhatsApp Business number. But with NovoChat, you can keep your current WhatsApp Business number. 


  • Customer support can be tricky to access as they don't have their email or phone clearly displayed anywhere.
  • Novochat doesn't have integration with many apps except Shopify and EasySend. This can be limiting if you need to transfer data between apps or need to automate workflows.


SleekFlow is a platform that helps brands manage multiple channels — WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Live Chat, SMS, and Email — from one place. It integrates with 2500+ tools including eCommerce platforms and payment gateways. 


You can use it for free for 100 contacts. Paid pricing starts from $79/month for 2,000 contacts. If you need to contact 10,000 contacts you will have to go for a $299/month plan. 


  • It provides personalization by automatically segmenting, filtering, and labeling clients based on purchase behavior to send targeted campaigns.
  • You can build chatbots to answer common questions & route to human support whenever required. 
  • You can add new contacts and update existing ones from an excel or CSV file, or sync with your CRM tools.
  • You can set up retargeting to contacts who miss receiving or reading your messages.


  • UI/UX can be confusing for a beginner while creating automations & sending bulk messages. 
  • The analytics dashboard can not be customized to see only the data that's relevant to you. 
  • Sometimes, it can be slow in updating your dashboard. The lag doesn't give you a real-time picture of your business. 
  • There is no auto-upgradation of the plan if you reach the limit of people you can message.

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We hope our research helped you find the best WaliChat alternative for your business.

DelightChat: Manage WhatsApp Support + Marketing

Does it feel overwhelming to add one more channel of communication to your business? Well, you don't have to feel that way because of the tools like DelightChat that help manage all support channels & customer queries from one dashboard.

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With DelightChat, you get:

  • Shared inbox to manage WhatsApp, Instagram, FB, Email & Live Chat queries
  • Smart automations, ability to reply quickly using templates, easy team collaboration on support queries
  • Official WhatsApp Business API
  • WhatsApp Marketing features like sending broadcasts to customer lists
  • Marketing automation like abandoned cart, order notifications, upsell & cross-sell, more

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