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How to Increase Website Visibility & Bring More Customers to Your Online Store

Every business owner probably wants only one thing - more customers. It is not surprising because the math here is simple: an influx of buyers - driving sales - profit growth.

What determines the number of customers for a business that receives its customers from the Internet? The frequency and number of visits to the site and whether the online store owner manages to increase website traffic.

Many ways to increase site visitors do not require the involvement of specialists or the total processing of web projects. Some ways to increase visitors could even be called obvious - the owner just needs to look at the problem from the right angle.

For example, you can create a page for your project on social networks and periodically post information about new products or other news (duplicate from the site). You can also schedule your social content in advance by using the social media automation tools.

Also, from your account, you can join professional communities and mention your store there.

Get involved in crowd marketing - collect a list of well-known websites, forums, and other online resources competing in your niche and use their platforms and audience to grow your project. 

What Is Search Engine Visibility?

No Internet resource can go without competent SEO - a set of works aimed at improving the visibility of a website in the SERPs. Its principles are usually based on the algorithms of the most significant search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) since the ultimate goal of SEO is to increase pages’ relevance and bring them to the first positions.

According to a study published in February 2022, Google is the most requested system among users, website owners, and SEO specialists. Over 91% use Google. Other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) are far behind the leader, so most tips for promoting and attracting customers are related to Google optimization. 

Source: ReliableSoft

The principle of operation of any search engine is simple: the user enters a query, for example, “engraved blue fountain pen,” sees 3-4 advertisements. Then the rest of the pages answer their question. To get into the "favorites" on the first page and get a high google ranking, you need to optimize the site for users and make it useful and convenient. To do this, you must constantly work with SEO. This way, you improve the website’s visibility. 

This indicator determines the number of impressions for the selected queries of the subject heading, based on the page’s position in the SERP. The higher the search engine visibility, the more potential customers will see the site for these queries.

Why is Organic Traffic Important?

Users who type in a query in a search engine want to find something. If the company's website helps them with this and provides helpful content or the right product, the business can get new clients, loyal readers, or subscribers. Search engines will appreciate this and place the site higher in the search results.

Organic website traffic is one of the safest ways to attract an audience. It helps bring in customers with almost zero acquisition costs for the company. Not surprisingly, more than half of marketers consider this method of promotion and keyword ranking a leading indicator of SEO success (HubSpot State of Marketing Report).

Organic traffic is a valuable resource because the clicks are targeted. Such users are already interested in the product or service, brand, or content. They are more likely to take targeted action because they trust the search engines that place the site at the top of the search results. SEO experts and specialized marketing companies increase store traffic and online sales by optimizing organic search visibility.

How to Get Your Website Noticed by Google and Customers?

Search engines need to know about your online store. When they see that a site is interesting and people spend a lot of time there, it is considered a helpful and unique resource and, as a result, gets raised in the SERPs. The chances of buying increase. Let’s consider what needs to be done to promote and expand a site in the search results for organic search visibility.

1. Make a List of Pages That Are Stuck On The 2nd Page

Google Page №2 is a good and a bad place simultaneously. It is not the best position because only 1% of all users view the results on the 2nd page. But you can get to the first page with just a few changes.

The second page is your future development. This is where you should focus if you want to get quick wins:

  • The content is already written.
  • Google indexes the articles.
  • Sometimes, they need a bit of on-page SEO to get into the TOP-10.

But how to determine which pages to deal with to display on the 1st page? Use the specialized SE Ranking tool for full-fledged SEO optimization. With its help, you can identify sites from the second page and find keywords from positions 30-10. For example, Google Ranking Checker will allow you to quickly highlight the keywords that need to be worked out and emphasized to increase website traffic to enter the TOP-10.

2. Check Your Website’s Mobile-Friendliness & Loading Speed

According to HubSpot Blog Research, almost 65% of SEO specialists consider mobile optimization one of the most effective investments. An online store should be adapted to various devices and have a fast loading speed since:

  • Such websites are in higher positions compared to non-adapted versions;
  • Mobile users, who are your potential buyers by default, perform more than 50% of Google search queries. For instance, according to the Shopify platform, online sales completed on mobile captured 71% during Black Friday 2021;
  • Advertisers' traffic is based on visits from portable devices;
  • Unoptimized resources frustrate users, and as a result, users leave them 5 times more often without completing the target action.

If you already have a responsive site for different gadgets, find out how long it will take to load the pages. Users are not prepared to wait long. The optimal loading time is 3 seconds; otherwise, you can lose about 50% of potential customers. Run the full audit will authoritative tools like PageSpeed Insights to get detailed data on Core Web Vitals and see your current performance issues.

No one should compromise on mobile optimization. Google considers this in its search rankings. So it is your job to make your web page work great on mobile phones and provide organic search visibility.

3. Create Relevant and Engaging Content Based on Research

The website ranks second in marketing development after social networks. Therefore, pay special attention to the content posted on your page. It must be high quality, verified, and valuable to the target audience. This means texts and other content should be based on studies and keywords to attract buyers and increase website traffic.

Source: HubSpot

Follow the basic rules when filling an online store or any other web resource:

  • Collect and analyze keywords and phrases to get more organic and paid traffic. Thoughtful research will allow you to assess the demand for particular content and compare the selected keywords with the intention of buyers.
  • View metrics for each keyword: Keyword Difficulty, Search Volume, Competition Level, CPC, and Seasonality. Expand your list of keywords with synonyms and search suggestions to make it easy to create helpful content that instantly answers the search query.
  • Develop a robust content strategy based on research: analyze what your customers are asking on Google, create a content plan, and control the quality of texts on your site.
  • Group keywords to create an optimal site structure. Also, decide on the type of content to attract users who visit the resource for informational purposes and potential buyers who provide conversion.
  • It is good to analyze the SERPs to understand what criteria competitors rank against and the dominant Google search intent. In addition to looking at the ratings of other websites, you can also take inspiration from the “People also ask” and “Related searches” sections.
  • Make sure your content matches the specific intent. Use Google scraper to create unique, valuable, and fresh content for high Google rankings. Create unique, valuable, and fresh content for high Google rankings.
  • It is always a good idea to check content for plagiarism before publishing it online. If you publish content without checking its uniqueness, search engines might find plagiarism in it. This phenomenon may lead to lower SERP rankings of your web pages. Hence, check your content for plagiarism and find duplication instances (if any). If you end up finding a few, rewrite the content. You can also use an advanced paraphraser for this purpose. Doing so will help you eliminate plagiarism from your content and give it a fresh look.

4. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are specific phrases that users type when they have a specific intent or use a voice assistant. They are more intuitive and valuable if you know how to use them. If you are a company that sells food, there is a chance that your pages will never be in the first place in the search results for the query "food." There is too much competition for this query, especially for small companies and startups.

Source: SearchEngine Journal

Long-tail keywords (for example, shelf-stable meat products from Europe) allow you to enter the top in a specific niche and bring more customers to the online store. It is a matter of building communication between your business and potential clients who are already interested in buying your product.

5. Implement On-Page SEO

Website optimization is a set of methods and measures that allow you to bring your site to a leading position in the SERPs and get ahead of competitors. Therefore, the main goal of on-page SEO should be to promote the site, display it on the recommended sites, and fast and correct search and recognition of keywords.

Each page should attract a certain type of buyer and focus on a specific topic. Write unique content for each section, include selected and most relevant keywords in the text, and add them to the content, title, and meta description. If you do everything right, your page will be displayed at the top of Google and perceived by robots as the most relevant query of the visitor.

6. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Customer experience is becoming one of the key differentiators of any brand, and companies are fighting to improve its quality. Therefore, providing outstanding customer service will make your online store stand out from others and increase your ranking in the eyes of search engines. After all, this segment plays a crucial role in improving the quality of customer pages on the website, getting positive reviews and recommendations, increasing trust, and driving sales.

Thoughtful customer service is also directly proportional to the page experience - a set of indicators that give an idea of the degree to which the user experience of Internet surfers visiting a given web resource is taken into account. These signals allow you to indicate the level of user satisfaction. 

To optimize the work of the support service, you can use various software products, including DelightChat.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase your website's visibility, attract more organic traffic, and ultimately bring more customers to your online store while using website visitor tracking to monitor your progress and make data-driven improvements


Thanks to proper and thoughtful SEO optimization, you can observe the number of visits to your online store grow. Plus, the above methods will continue to drive traffic as your business grows.

There are both paid and free ways to increase website traffic, and each has its benefits. They are not universal, and most likely, you will have to spend a lot of time on tests and experiments to understand how to build a suitable promotion strategy for your website. But remember, no matter what method you choose, it is always important to analyze what brings the result. This will help weed out inefficient channels for attracting traffic and reduce the cost of business promotion.

Always strive to be the first - improve your site's ranking by paying special attention to collecting the semantic core and grouping keywords based on the SERPs. Use email marketing and popular thematic platforms to automate sales. And be sure to do analytics - join the ranks of those who are not afraid to apply ROI, and stand head and shoulders above your competitors. 

Don't stop there once you've created the list of the best channels that work best. It is equally important to keep an eye on digital marketing trends and search engine and social media algorithms to find new ways to generate targeted website traffic. And don't lose sight of your competitors and their work strategies.

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