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Gorgias vs. Top Differences and Similarities

A whopping 95 percent of consumers say that customer service is vital for brand loyalty. 

Strongly tied to brand loyalty is stellar support and it can help you increase your revenue and build a successful business in the long run. And hence, it becomes imperative that you choose the right tools to help your brand deliver delightful service to your customers.

Now, Gorgias offers a shared inbox for you to integrate multiple support channels on a single dashboard. on the other hand is a simple live chat tool that lets you chat with customers browsing your website. 

Let’s get started with finding the best support tool for your business.

Gorgias vs - A Quick Comparison

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Overview - Gorgias and

Let’s begin by understanding the differences between Gorgias and Here’s a quick context for both the tools before we start with our comparison.

Gorgias is a help desk for Shopify(help center or customer support) for eCommerce stores that allows your customer service team to manage all customer service in one place - be it emails, live chat, phone conversations, or social media. is a free live chat app that lets you monitor and chat with visitors on your website or from a free customizable page. It lets you connect with customers through the mobile app or your website. You can also view detailed analytics and complete chat history.

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Top Differences Between Gorgias and

Gorgias and are both customer support tools designed for ecommerce businesses. Let’s check some of the major differences between these two tools.

Ecommerce Viability

If you run an ecommerce store, choosing a random customer support tool is counterintuitive. You need a tool that is designed with the needs of ecommerce businesses in mind. 

Gorgias is built for ecommerce and integrates deeply with Shopify. This means that you can edit, cancel, return any order without having to leave the Gorgias dashboard. That’s not all – Gorgias comes with a host of integrations with other commonly-used ecommerce apps. This makes it all the more powerful. isn’t built for ecommerce. This is a big disadvantage since ecommerce store owners have a specific set of requirements that can’t be met using this tool. While does integrate with a few of the ecommerce tools, it does so as a live-chat widget and nothing more.

Ecommerce Viability: Gorgias ✅ | ❌

Shared inbox

Customers message you on different support channels and sometimes the same customer messages you multiple times. 

Gorgias is built as a shared inbox for ecommerce companies. You can have your entire team on board and support customers across all the support channels that you have integrated with Gorgias. is built as a live-chat tool that allows your entire team to talk to customers from the same dashboard.

Shared Inbox: Gorgias ✅ | ✅

Support channels

As customers are distributed across multiple channels, sticking to only one channel for your customer support is not the best solution. 

You have to be active and support customer queries on as many of those channels as possible. 

Gorgias lets you connect your email, live chat, Facebook, and Instagram on a single dashboard. Along with that, you can integrate most of the business tools and get them all on the same platform. is a live chat tool and does not offer integration with multiple support channels like Gorgias.

Support Channels: Gorgias ✅ | ❌


Ecommerce businesses work with a lot of business tools. And it makes no sense to use them individually if there’s an option to combine them all. 

Gorgias offers a wide range of integrations with a majority of the tools that you may need for your business. If you have any tool that you need to connect with your support operations, Gorgias makes it easy to do so. does not offer any such integrations being quite a basic tool. But their API is open for development and you can integrate a tool with the help of your dedicated development team. Alternatively, Zapier also works with to integrate with a lot of business tools that you may be using.

Integrations: Gorgias ✅ | ❌


Most queries are repetitive. Irrespective of where the user is messaging from, the queries are generally related to prices, orders, tracking, shipping, refunds, etc. And most of these queries do not need an agent if handled properly.

With Gorgias, you can identify the intent of the query and respond with the most appropriate response. The rules can be set to check whether a customer query is related to the common questions about the refund policy, order tracking, shipment info, pricing, discounts, etc. And based on the intent of the query, a personalized response can be sent to the customer. does not offer auto-response capabilities on the tool. However, you can hire virtual support agents at $1/hour to answer all your customer questions or get a dedicated virtual assistant at $7/hour for your support needs. 

Auto-responders: Gorgias ✅ | ❌

Automated Routing and Macros

Speaking of tagging, wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically tag a ticket, hand it over to the right person, and send the initial message?

Gorgias extends its rule-based automation capabilities to other parts of the tool. Once you’ve identified the intent of the query you can perform various activities within the tool like tagging and assigning it to the right person, sending an appropriate response, and much more. being a basic chat widget, does not offer such complex functionality.

Automated routing: Gorgias ✅ | ❌ 

Follow-up Reminders

You may have to follow up with customers at a certain time. A customer may want you to get back to them after a week or a month. 

Gorgias offers quite a decent follow-up reminder functionality that your agents can use to keep track of all your customer follow-up requests. is not built with follow-ups in mind since it’s a live chat tool. Once a customer has closed a chat, it’s all done from the side of things too. 

Reminders: Gorgias ✅ | ❌ 

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base on your website helps your customers quickly find answers they’re looking for without contacting customer service. 

Gorgias does not offer a built-in knowledge base for its tool. You can however integrate with Helpdocs that lets you build a knowledge base for your customers. has an upper hand here. It offers a built-in knowledge base page that you can build for your customers as well as for agents. This process makes it easy to manage the documentation as well as allows customers to get faster resolutions without waiting for an agent to respond. 

Knowledge Base: Gorgias  ❌|  


Between Gorgias and, the features offered by Gorgias are far superior for an ecommerce store. But you may only need a live-chat widget and for that, is a great choice. 

Gorgias starts at $60/month for 350 monthly tickets and unlimited agents. This plan includes the integration with Shopify, live-chat, macros and rules, and much more., on the other hand, is free of cost! The entire product, with all the features, comes at no cost to you irrespective of how you use it. The only caveat is that you have the branding on the chat widget. You can remove it by paying a $19/month fee and all the features remain the same. 

Additionally, also offers live agents and virtual assistants that you can hire for your company. The cost to hire live agents is $1/hour and dedicated virtual assistants charge $7/hour. 

Pricing: Gorgias  ❌|  

Top Similarities Between Gorgias and

Let’s now discuss the similarities that bring Gorgias and into the same category for ecommerce help desk tools. 

Live chat widget

The live chat widget is the tiny chat button that you generally see on the bottom right of the screen on many ecommerce stores. It lets you interact with users who're browsing the website, and even lets your users ask questions directly to an agent.

Both Gorgias and have the live chat widget available for Shopify and many other platforms.

ℹ️ Note: is built as a live-chat widget. If you only need the chat box on your website, will perfectly suit your needs.

Triggered chat events

The first response needs to be timely and preferably, instant. But that’s not always possible. Your agents can be overloaded with queries during buying season and the response to customers will be delayed. 

With Gorgias, you can create event-based triggers for the chat widget. You can open/close the widget based on an on-page event, add a greeting message when the widget is opened by a customer, etc. The chat widget functionality is basic but gets the job done. also offers triggered events. You can make the live-chat pop-up when the user performs a specific action on the website. For example, if a user visits a specific product page, you can create a triggered and personalized message asking a user if they have questions about that product. You can also create triggers for automatically sending a response when an agent hasn’t responded for a few seconds. 

Canned Responses

Most queries are repetitive. Now Gorgias allows you to completely automate a lot of those queries with the use of their intent identification feature. 

But some queries cannot be completely automated. You need an agent to take a look before a response is sent. But the responses remain quite similar. 

Canned responses save time for the agents and give a great experience to the customers since the responses can be made quickly. 

Both Gorgias and offer their versions of canned responses. 

Gorgias however goes a step further and lets you add dynamic placeholders for Shopify data. This is thanks to the deep Shopify integration that it offers. 

For example, you can place an order tracking link, or the name of the product, the price of the product, and other details that are available on Shopify within your canned response. 

Ticket tags

Tagging a conversation helps you prioritize tickets and assign them to the right teams. 

Gorgias allows tagging of tickets and you can create unlimited tags for all the different types of tickets that your team works on. These tags can be assigned to the teams within your company so you know the people accountable for a specific type of ticket. also offers conversation tags that let you separate conversations within the dashboard. You can later pull the reports based on these tags for your

Mobile application

If you’re traveling or not in front of the laptop, you can’t respond to customer queries. And every question is a lost opportunity to make a sale or to delight an existing customer. 

Thankfully, both Gorgias & come with mobile apps for Android & iOS. This will help you respond to your customers on the go. 

Agent collision detection

A problem with shared inboxes is that multiple agents can view the same customer conversation. It’s difficult to know who is already working on a ticket. With Gorgias and, you get agent collision detection on the chat screen. 

If in case an agent is already working on a ticket, Gorgias and both notify the agent about who is working on the same. 

This prevents agents from accidentally replying to the same customer twice. 

Transcripts and chat history

Customers may want to receive the chat history when talking to customer support. Both Gorgias and allow you to send the full conversation history to the email address after the conversation has been closed by the customer. 

Customers reviews for Gorgias and

Real customer reviews for Gorgias

The good:

"My favorite part is having access to all of the Shopify info while responding to Tickets. It's also such a time saver being able to issue refunds in Shopify from Gorgias." - Vionic Shoes Canada

“Gorgias has been such a great value add to our business. It's so easy to manage communication with our customers and respond to them in an organized and timely manner.” - Pladra

The bad:

“If your domain email is not g-suite, you may have email delivery issues for outgoing emails; I know there are ways to work around this, but it's complicated and not documented by Gorgias.” - Zen Art Shop

“Not good for campaigns with different types of Shopify stores. Pricing is too high for a tool that is supposed to manage a good chunk of data” - Personalized Jewel

Real customer reviews for

The good:

Seamless integration. Really easy way to engage with new customers and answer their queries. Love the new knowledge base.” - Gifts Actually

“This app is a must-have as it allows you to talk with people browsing your site you don't want to call or send you an email. The features I like are scheduling features, sending and receiving pictures, shows where the person is from, and if they have ever been there before.” - Off Brand Products

The bad:

“The app is good as far as function goes, but it appeared to slow my site down significantly” - Bearing Box

“The menu interface is a bit clustered and the settings panel is not very user friendly. I say the entire menu interface should be updated into a more user-friendly experience” - My Fifth Avenue


Between Gorgias and, which tool is more suited for small stores?

Choosing between the two depends on your needs. If you do not wish to provide support on social media or emails, you can use for the live-chat widget. But if you need the widget and also want to reply to customers across different support channels, Gorgias will be a better fit. Both options are perfectly suited to small stores alike. Also, if you want an affordable and modern shared inbox tool, you can check out DelightChat

Is it difficult to set up Gorgias or for your business?

Being self-serve tools, you would not require any help to get them integrated into your customer support workflow. However, if you do need assistance, the support team can offer you advice. You can also refer to their setup documentation on the websites.

How much does Gorgias cost?

Gorgias starts at $60/month for 350 tickets + $25 for every additional 100 tickets. The price of additional tickets goes down as you upgrade to higher plans. All plans on Gorgias include unlimited user support. 

How much does cost? is absolutely free to use with their “Powered by” line. You can remove the line by paying $19/month for the same features. Additionally, you can also choose to hire virtual agents for $1/hour or dedicated virtual assistants for $7/hour. 

Considering better & more affordable options?

As Shopify store owners, customer support takes hours of your time. And you don’t want something to add to your busy schedule.

Now, Gorgias and Freshdesk are great choices. But Gorgias is cheaper with a cluttered UI, increasing your effort in organizing conversations. Freshdesk looks great and has many modern features but the Shopify integration isn’t at par with Gorgias. Also, it’s expensive as you scale up your team.

DelightChat solves both the problems and more:

  • The interface is designed to be familiar so you can use DelightChat without any training whatsoever. Once all your support channels are integrated, you’ll feel right at home! 
  • Integration is easy. And, we offer a 1:1 concierge setup with any plan that you choose. 
  • Deep integration with Shopify lets you pull order details directly from Shopify. Your agents spend less time finding orders and more time solving the query!
  • DelightChat is extremely affordable compared to any solution out there. Starting at just $100/month for 2000 monthly unique conversations, you get unlimited team members, unlimited stores, and unlimited support channels included in the plan! 

There are a lot more features in place and pricing. Hope this guide helps you make an informed decision. 

Hope this guide helps you make an informed decision. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line here.

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