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5 Best Engati Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Do you want to create chatbots and live chat on various channels (WhatsApp, Instagram, Website, etc.) but don't want to use code to do that? You might be evaluating Engati and are considering choosing it for your business. But you want to check out other alternatives before making a decision.

This list of the best Enagti alternatives will tell you all the major pros & cons you need to know about each tool to make an informed decision. We are going to cover 5 alternatives to Engati in this article.


Engati is a chatbot and live chat platform. It helps you automate conversations with customers, employees, and leads. You can publish the chatbot across 15 different channels by creating it just once. The 15 different channels include WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram, Kik, Telegram, Line, Viber, Skype, Slack, WeChat, Twitter, Skype for business,  your website, and your mobile app. 


Pricing is available upon request depending on the features you will need. 


  • Training the chatbot according to the context of your brand and the kind of responses you want to feed is easy.
  • FAQ generation is very easy using NLP. Non-coders can also use it without hassle as long as you understand your business logic.


  • Sometimes, you might face technical glitches such as web pages taking too long to reload or hyperlinks missing out for some buttons.
  • In the trial period, you won't get to test all the features. Advanced features are first seen only when you get a paid account. 
  • It can certainly benefit from better documentation, tutorials, and help documents


DelightChat is an Omnichannel Helpdesk + WhatsApp Marketing Software built for SME brands that enables them to deliver out-of-the-box customer service. It’s designed with a conversation-first approach that enables you to manage your store’s support & painlessly resolve customer queries - all from a single screen. 


  • Omnichannel inbox that helps you manage WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Emails & Live Chat.
  • Complete WhatsApp Marketing suite - Send WhatsApp Broadcasts to your customer lists using Official API.
  • Get Official WhatsApp API access with free Green Tick application.
  • Automated WhatsApp notifications such as Abandoned Cart, Order Confirmation, Delivery Notifications & Cash on Delivery Order Verification.
  • DelightChat enables you to respond to customer queries & collaborate with your team, all from a single screen. No need to toggle between tabs, which leads to a loss in productivity & loss of work hours. 


  • For now, DelightChat only integrates with Shopify that allows it to access your Shopify admin dashboard data. However, it will soon be available for other ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce.

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BusinessOnBot is a tool that helps you run end-to-end marketing on WhatsApp via chatbots, automated sequences, & bulk messages. It is a company based in India and backed by Y Combinator.


You can get a custom quote by contacting them & sharing your requirements. 


  • The product focuses on automating the ecommerce process and utilizes AI for FAQs, retargeting, and upselling so that any manual intervention is eliminated. 
  • If you are using WhatsApp for customer service, you can track each agent's resolution time & workload helping you manage your team better. 
  • Apart from the usually automated messages such as abandon cart, and shipping information, it also provides re-ordering notifications. For example, you can set up a notification for your customers to re-order shampoo in 20 days, or a snack box in a month. 


  • The tool is built for ecommerce brands but doesn't have a product catalog feature to display items and buy buttons directly on WhatsApp. 
  • The analytics dashboard can be more visual to give a clear view of data and show if growth has stalled, slowed down, or increased.

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Haptik is an AI-based conversational platform that helps you implement chat bots on websites, mobile apps, and messaging channels. Their features cater to industries like retail and e-commerce, financial services, travel and hospitality, and telecom. It offers a voice-enabled W that works as a shopping assistant answering FAQs, helping with transactions and order tracking. 


Pricing is given through a custom quote based on your requirements. For that, you'll have to get in touch with their sales team or book a demo. 


  • You can setup one-time or recurring bulk campaigns. 
  • You can add a frictionless 3-click UPI payment experience on WhatsApp using Haptik.
  • It provides a chatbot to respond to follow-up queries on WhatsApp. Product recommendations can be sent directly on WhatsApp. 
  • It offers a hybrid of translation & custom native language. You can choose from Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Gujarati, Hinglish & many other languages. 


  • Pricing is not available upfront. It can take time to judge whether it fits your budget or not. The pricing would likely not suit an SMB. 
  • Conversational flows can be rigid and difficult to change to suit a particular use case. 
  • To perform minor tasks like editing or adding/designing flows, copies changes you'll have to get in touch with the customer success team & can't be done on your own.


WATI is a WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider (BSP) and customer support tool owned by

Customers can apply for the WhatsApp Business API through them and use their shared inbox tool for customer support.

It also offers a no-code chatbot builder to automate customer responses and to create conversation flows.

Built for B2C businesses of all sizes, WATI is a great customer support tool if you only need to respond to customers on WhatsApp.


$40/month billed yearly for 5 agents. No free trial.


  • Minimal initial setup: After getting access to the WhatsApp API, the support team handles the complete integration
  • Great support: The support team assists in each step of the onboarding process
  • Team structure management: You can create team structures within WATI with its team and user management features
  • Chatbots and conversation flows: Create chatbots and conversation flows to speed up responses to common questions and offer solutions instantaneously


  • Works only with WhatsApp: If you support customers on any other platform, you’d still need to purchase an additional CRM tool.
  • Default chatbot is basic: It responds based on keywords and cannot continue conversations. For the flow builder, you need to pay an additional $49 monthly fee


Woztell is a tool that you can use to send push notifications on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It also helps you create 24/7 chatbots that you can make live on your website, WhatsApp or Instagram. 


It offers forever free pricing if you have 100 monthly active users. If you have 400 MAUs, go for the Starter plan that starts from $39. The next plan costs $89 and gives you 1000 MAUs.


  • Woztell integrates with 4000 other apps on Zapier and helps you automate your work easily. 
  • All plans offer you a FREE WhatsApp Business API number and unlimited chatbots. 
  • You can work with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Shopify live chat, and Webchat on your free plan. 


  • Woztell's doesn't offer insightful data analytics that can help you make informed decisions. 
  • The channels are limited to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify & Webchat. For email, website, and other channels you might have to use another tool.

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We hope our research helped you find the best Engati alternative for your business.

DelightChat: Manage WhatsApp Support + Marketing

Does it feel overwhelming to add one more channel of communication to your business? Well, you don't have to feel that way because of the tools like DelightChat that help manage all support channels & customer queries from one dashboard.

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With DelightChat, you get:

  • Shared inbox to manage WhatsApp, Instagram, FB, Email & Live Chat queries
  • Smart automations, ability to reply quickly using templates, easy team collaboration on support queries
  • Official WhatsApp Business API
  • WhatsApp Marketing features like sending broadcasts to customer lists
  • Marketing automation like abandoned cart, order notifications, upsell & cross-sell, more

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