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Does Reamaze support Instagram Direct Messaging?

As Instagram is gaining popularity among Ecommerce brand owners, Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) is becoming a major channel for customer support. 

Instagram released its Messenger API to businesses on June 2, 2021. With this release, omnichannel customer support tools like Zendesk, DelightChat, Reamaze, and many others now integrate Instagram DM support directly into their products.

Let’s answer a few questions revolving around Reamazee and its support for Instagram direct messaging.

Does Reamaze support Instagram Direct Messaging?

Yes, Reamaze offers integration with Instagram DMs along with the existing Instagram comments support. With this integration, businesses can connect with the customers over direct messages right from the Reamaze interface. 

After the integration is complete, you can also reply to comments on posts, however replying privately to post comments through DMs is not yet possible. 

If you want to reply to Instagram comments via DMs, Reamaze would be lacking. You may want a tool like DelightChat (that’s us!) which integrates with Instagram and supports Instagram DMs, comments on posts and ads, and allows you to reply to comments via direct messages, all from a single screen.

Read our guide on how to reply to a message on Instagram to learn more.

How to connect Instagram Direct Messaging to Reamaze?

Before connecting Instagram DMs, you need to ensure that you have allowed access to messages on Instagram. 

  • Open the Instagram app and go to Settings > Privacy > Messages > Allow Access to Messages.
  • Go to your Re:amaze account Settings > Channel Settings > Social Channels > Add Social Channel. Select Connect Instagram Direct Messages from the dropdown menu.
  • Log into your Facebook account using the Admin credentials of your Facebook Page. and select the Instagram Business Account(s) that you would like to connect to Reamaze.
  • Follow through the steps in the pop-up box and once you’re all set, click “Done”

Manage Customer Support on Instagram DMs

Managing Instagram support becomes harder as your company grows.

Customers want you to like and reply to their comments, handle queries on DMs, take “price please” comments further over DMs, and stay engaged with them on a platform they love to use!

DelightChat lets you handle your support from one screen, collaborate with your team, and automate replying to common support queries like “price please” on all your support channels. 

Let’s make it easy for your team, to offer superior customer support everywhere with DelightChat. 

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