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Does Intercom support Instagram Messaging?

As Instagram is gaining popularity among Ecommerce brand owners, Instagram Direct Messages (DMs) is becoming a major channel for customer support. 

Instagram released its Messenger API to businesses on June 2, 2021. With this release, omnichannel customer support tools like Intercom, DelightChat, and many others now integrate Instagram DM support directly into their products.

Let’s answer a few questions revolving around Intercom and its support for Instagram direct messaging.

Does Intercom support Instagram Messaging?

Currently, Intercom does not support integration with Instagram. If your business relies on Instagram to promote your business, this would not be the right help desk solution for your Shopify store. 

You need a tool like DelightChat (that’s us!) which integrates with Instagram and supports Instagram DMs, comments on posts, allows you to reply to Instagram comments via direct messages, and much more - all from a single screen.

How to connect Instagram and Intercom?

Since there is no official way to connect Instagram and Intercom, multiple automation tools offer a solution of their own.

You can get your Instagram account data to show up on Intercom using Zapier,, Integromat, and many other automation tools on the market. 

Manage Customer Support on Instagram DMs

Managing Instagram support becomes harder as your company grows.

Customers want you to like and reply to their comments, handle queries on DMs, take “price please” comments further over DMs, and stay engaged with them on a platform they love to use!

DelightChat lets you handle your support from one screen, collaborate with your team, and automate replying to common support queries like “price please” on all your support channels. 

Let’s make it easy for your team, to offer superior customer support everywhere with DelightChat. 

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Manage Instagram DMs in a Shared Inbox
DelightChat is an omnichannel support inbox lets you talk to your customers on their preferred channel whether that is Instagram, FB, WhatsApp, Email or Live Chat. Your team won't have to keep switching between multiple tabs. Nor will they miss replying to a single customer query.

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