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Does Gorgias support Instagram Messaging?

Instagram released its Messenger API to businesses on June 2, 2021. With this release, omnichannel customer support tools like Zendesk, DelightChat, Reamaze, and many others now integrate Instagram DM support directly into their products.

Let’s answer a few questions revolving around Gorgias and its support for Instagram direct messaging.

Does Gorgias support Instagram Messaging?

Currently, Gorgias only supports Instagram comments on posts and ads. They haven’t integrated Instagram DMs yet. If your business relies on Instagram to generate leads and promote your business, this would not be the right option. 

You may want a tool like DelightChat (that’s us!) which integrates with Instagram and supports Instagram DMs, comments on posts and ads, and allows you to reply to comments via direct messages, all from a single screen.

Looking for the perfect help desk solution that supports Instagram DMs?

DelightChat is tailored for Shopify stores. Talk to customers on Instagram, Facebook, Emails, and more, and access customer details from Shopify, right on the chat screen.

How do I add Instagram to Gorgias?

You can connect your Instagram Business account and reply to comments using Gorgias. Here are the steps to integrate Instagram:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Facebook, Messenger & Instagram
  2. Hit the [Login with Facebook] button in the top right corner. Note: Make sure that you are logged in with the correct Facebook account.
  3. This should be your Facebook private account, under which you have Admin, Editor, or Moderator access to the pages. But only the page information will be pulled.
  4. Authorize the Gorgias app on Facebook
  5. Select the page you want to add
  6. Choose your import settings
  7. Click [Add page]
  8. Next, choose the support channels that you want Gorgias to handle and [Save changes]

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Managing Instagram support becomes harder as your company grows.

Customers want you to like and reply to their comments, handle queries on DMs, take “price please” comments further over DMs, and stay engaged with them on a platform they love to use!

DelightChat lets you handle your support from one screen, collaborate with your team, and automate replying to common support queries like “price please” on all your support channels. 

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Save 10+ hours every week by automating your Instagram customer support

DelightChat lets you handle your support from one screen, collaborate with your team, and automate common support queries like “price please” on Instagram and other support channels. Deliver delightful support with a help desk tool built for Shopify stores.

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