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Using Customer Support to Build Loyalty and a Competitive Advantage

Customer support can be a huge game-changer for your business; the slightest, subtlest differences can make the difference between having a one-time customer and having a life-long customer. In this blog post, we will uncover the three core types of loyalty customers can have towards a business and how to utilize powerful customer support tools and principles to increase desirable loyalty and gain a decisive competitive advantage 💪. This blog was written in partnership with a powerful All-in-one CRM and Marketing tool.

The 3 Types of Customer Loyalty

In an article by Forbes, Judd Marcello E.V.P. & C.M.O. at conexiom suggests that businesses should transition away from simply viewing the buyer's journey as a one-way river. He instead suggests that businesses should opt to focus on building customer loyalty. He breaks down customer loyalty into three different categories.

  1. Habitual Loyalty (Hand Driven)
  2. Transactional Loyalty (Head-Driven)
  3. Emotional Loyalty (Heart Driven)

Habitual Loyalty (Hand Driven)

As the name implies, habitual loyalty is based on a customer's regular patterns and lifestyle. Frequently, these choices are based on convenience, may not be the most logical/rational, and often have little emotional content. It's choosing the store closest to home, for example, or the brand they have been accustomed to purchasing because it is what is most frequently available. These customers offer the least loyalty to a brand.

Transactional Loyalty (Head-Driven)

Transactional loyalty is more centered around the mind, a rational and logical approach to making decisions. These individuals determine their loyalty based on what benefits are offered and what advantages or disadvantages each company offers. They will emphasize things such as loyalty programs, cashback, and discounts. These customers are often loyal until they find an alternative offering better benefits.

Emotional Loyalty (Heart Driven)

The last type of customer loyalty is emotional/heart-driven, where the most loyal customers are. These customers choose a brand because of alignment with their values and an emotional bond created between them and the brand. This can be seen with brands that have created a strong loyalty base and continuously offer customers a unique and engaging experience. Customers with emotional loyalty will not only stay with a brand for their whole life, but they will often actively promote it to friends and family regularly.

Differentiating your business with Customer Support

It's obvious then to see how critical it is to focus on moving your customers' loyalty towards Emotional and away from habitual loyalty towards emotional loyalty. Let's explore three ways you can use customer service to build emotional loyalty with your customer base and connect to them emotionally, turning them into lifelong customers.

Reflect your brand image and values in your customer service

One of the most crucial ways a brand can connect to customers is by ensuring its brand image and values are conveyed beyond just the main channels. Most companies will work hard to create a brand image and show customers their core values which are integral to the growth of a business. However, this image falls apart when the customer service is not on par with the overall brand image. Too many brands forget that the point of customer interaction is crucial and leaves a lasting imprint. When connecting the brand image and values to the customer service experience, it is critical to focus on the small details.

If you're a brand focused on creating a fun brand experience, then make sure the tone of voice of the customer service experience is playful and upbeat.

If you're a super tech-oriented brand, show off your fantastic A.I. capabilities and make the experience a demonstration that leaves customers in awe.

If you're a cozy local retail brand selling hand-made clothing and fashion items, include a small token for customers in their next purchase after contacting customer support to show them that you are paying attention.

These small but critical details make a massive difference in the long run!

Create a unified omni-channel customer support experience

Another critical area for brands to focus on is the fluidity of the customer support experience; it is essential and integral to ensure that your customer support is seamless across all channels. This is because when customers feel like the whole experience is seamless, they feel like you are paying attention to them and that they matter. When a customer reaches out to you through WhatsApp and receives a follow-up email a day later, they see that your brand is paying attention to them. This is where tools like and Gameball. Co is very powerful; having a centralized location with all your customer data and information and powerful Omni-channel messaging offers you the ability to create a unique customer experience like never before.

Make your customers feel heard.

The last and not the least point is to make sure your customers feel heard. Nothing that will help companies bond to your brand like feeling listened to. Make sure you always offer customers the opportunity to provide feedback after all interactions with your brand, and then make sure you respond and take action on that feedback! Customer feedback is the best and most underutilized means for growth; what better way to understand your customers than to have them tell you exactly what they want and need. Utilize post-purchase surveys and forms, customer service feedback emails, and online reviews to understand where your customers feel you need to grow and to learn what you're doing well so you can keep doing more of it!

Use these powerful tips to turn your customer service interactions into a loyalty powerhouse and get your customers falling in love with your brand! See you in the next one 🤗

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