Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search is a powerful medium. It is the sole way through which your ecommerce business can be spotted online. SEO is undeniably one of the most incredible strategies that ecommerce businesses rely on to get their brands noticed by the right audience, at the right time. The search industry has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but one thing is pretty clear - SEO is crucial for the success of online marketing ventures.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It includes all the techniques involved in getting pages to feature higher in search results on websites like Google, Bing and the likes. The more the visibility your pages get, the better chances of you garnering the attention and interest of existing and potential customers to your brand.

Search Engines like Google feature paid ads on top of the results page, followed by normal search results or what marketers often refer to as Organic Search Results. The traffic generated through SEO is called Organic Search Traffic. If you’re already rolling out some amazing SEO strategies for your online store, be sure to pay heed to optimize content for mobile as 50% of digital ecommerce revenue comes from mobile. Don't forget to take help of SEO tools.

Why is SEO important for your online store?

SEO is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. It can be easily described as the digital equivalent of advertising your brand or product through outdoor advertising on a busy street often visited by potential customers.

Every day users across the world log on to the internet to search for anything and everything. Most often for products and services they are looking to buy. Search as a medium is therefore inevitable and supports other digital marketing channels. The higher the search results, the better the visibility for your online venture leading to a positive impact on the bottom line of your business. It also helps you achieve the very thing that all marketers are looking for, an edge over the competition.

How does SEO work for your business?

For any given search query, Google and other search engines use algorithms to find out what pages must feature and in what order. These algorithms are quite complex and look at many different components to decide on the SERP rankings. However, there are 3 key metrics that search engines mostly rely on to determine how relevant your website is and what should be its ranking. These are:

1. Links from other websites: This is an important factor that decides the rank of a website. The reason being, a link is viewed as a mark of quality and approval from other websites. Website owners will not risk linking to sites of poor quality. Websites that have links from other sites are preferred in the sight of search engines and tend to rank higher in search results.

2. Engaging Content: Search Engines also study the content of a website to determine if it is relevant to the search query. A major part of SEO involves creating content that is aimed at the keywords that users are most likely to key in on search engines.

3. Structure of the Webpage: The third core metric is the Page structure. Web pages are usually written in HTML. The code structure can influence the way search engines assess a page. Ensure that the web page has keywords in its headline, and URL. These are steps that website owners can take to improve their site’s SEO.

How to improve your ecommerce website’s SEO?

Learning how a search engine works is the initial step in the entire process of improving a website’s search ranking. Here are a few techniques to ensure a higher ranking for your website:

1. Keyword research: Identify the keywords that potential customers would use when they look for something related to your brand. This helps in understanding how the existing content is fairing and if it requires any change and what new content should be added to it.

2. Make your website mobile-friendly: A lot of us use our mobile phones to browse the internet. Hence it’s important for your website to be mobile friendly. If it isn’t you can create a mobile version of your site by simply adding the word mobile in front of your website’s URL.

3. Use guest blogging: Writing original content is a sure-shot way of getting a valuable link back and a chance to drive traffic to your website. Make sure the content is original and not published anywhere else.

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