Color Choice

What is Color Choice?

Can you imagine a world where brands are not differentiated by brand colors? A world without Coke’s red and white branding or the bright yellow branding that is synonymous with McDonald’s?

Without brand colors, the world would be as dull as a black and white television (no offence old friend).

As per reports, 66% of people decide to make a purchase if they see a color that they like in a product’s design. Color defines the brand world. It evokes emotions in the consumers. This is why the choice of brand color is as important an aspect as any when it comes to creating a brand for your ecommerce business. 

The psychology of colors

Color or a combination of colors can make a brand statement and elicit a variety of responses from people. There are two broad categories of colors:

  • Warm colors 
  • Cool colors

Whole warm colors are associated with energy. Cool colors depict calmness, trust, and security. The color red for instance is said to increase your heart rate, makes your breath faster and is associated with excitement and passion. Think Ferrari. Does it grab your attention? If yes, it is meant to do so.

Purple on the other hand is mysterious yet sophisticated. It is also traditionally associated with royalty and all things plush. No wonder a lot of brands selling higher-end or niche products choose purple as their brand color.

Next, coming to one of the most commonly used brand colors - blue. Now it is the color of the sky and the sea, both equally calming entities of nature. Naturally, it puts you at ease. This is why blue is associated with trust, security, dependability and confidence. Similarly, each color holds its own. Yellow makes you happy, white makes you feel clean, green makes you think healthy and so on.

As a marketer, it is essential to analyse how the psychology of colors can tell the brand story to the target audience. Needless to say, the right use of colors, creates a positive impact on your ecommerce business.

How to choose your brand color?

When you choose a color for your brand, choose well. Remember it will represent your brand everywhere and help consumers easily identify it with one quick glimpse or from a distance, be it in a web banner, or a hoarding that is at a distance. 90% of the brands choose to go with 2 colors. Others make just one color the dominant one for their brand. Here are some pearls of wisdom that will help you make sure your brand identity is rock-solid:

  • Find a color that breaks the clutter: The more you can stand out among a sea of brands, the more noticeable it will be. Make sure the color combination you choose is unique and ownable and most importantly, distinct from that of your competition.
  • Try and evoke a feeling in your customers through your brand color: Do in-depth research to understand the meaning of each color and the impact it can have on your brand for years to come. Then choose the colors that represent the emotion or state of mind that you want to be inculcated in the mind of the customer whenever they think of your brand. 
  •  Let color define your brand personality: Think of who your brand would be if your brand were a person. Would he/she be playful or serious, calm or bursting with energy, cool as a cucumber or prim and proper? Your brand color, along with the logo and tone of voice should bring out the personality.                 
  • Trust your graphic designer: Once you have briefed a designer or a brand expert, allow him or her to determine what is right for your brand. Have brainstorming sessions if need be and be open to suggestions. If you let the experts do their work, you will bring out the best in them and in turn give you the best results.  

How important is color when it comes to an ecommerce brand?

Color can be used to lure certain types of customers towards your ecommerce brand. For instance, a deep red or orange color can attract impulse shoppers. Black or royal blue dominating your website can easily appeal to a luxury buyer.

When it comes to budget shopping online, navy blue does a fine job attracting customers and instilling trust at the same time. Consider customer behavior while settling on the brand color, it can very well determine the success of your ecommerce venture.

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