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Introducing Live Chat by DelightChat - A Powerful Chat Widget for Ecommerce Stores

The easiest way to stand out is with excellent customer service.

It means empowering your potential customers to answer their questions, wherever they are on your website.

We designed our Live Chat widget to help you do just that. And more.

As a mid-sized online store, one of the most powerful ways you can connect with your customers is by adding a human touch. You do this by:

  • Helping them find information about your store and products
  • Making order information easily accessible
  • And providing a way to instantly talk to someone if they’re in doubt

This helps people trust your store so they can make a purchase effortlessly. 

And today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Live Chat! 

Live Chat allows customers browsing your store to instantly talk to agents and get their critical questions answered before they make a purchase. 

And there’s more.  

It merges with the Self-Service widget. 

Your customers can look up order statuses, answer common questions through the built-in knowledge base, and leave a message or chat with an agent if they have more questions.

With this, your customers are empowered to solve their queries. 

And in turn, it reduces the load on your support team. 

Talk to the humans browsing your store.
Offer instant, personalized support to all customers. Solve queries within seconds with automation, and help customers complete their purchase with confidence.

1. Built In Knowledge Base Support

DelightChat will host your complete knowledge base for you, right on the self service widget. So you do not need separate pages on your website for the same. Customers can open the widget and quickly browse through the most common questions.

This allows your customers to find answers on their own without waiting for an agent to reply.

And they can reach out if they can't find one.

But the main benefit lies in understanding repetitive queries from the customers.

Once you know a certain query repeats multiple times, you can add it as an FAQ, and you immediately reduce the number of times you have to answer those queries

2. Automate Responses To Customers

The Live Chat widget is part of the DelightChat ecosystem. And it all works seamlessly together.

If you identify repeating queries that aren't answered directly with the knowledge base, automation rules come to rescue.

With advanced keyword-based automations, you can assign tickets to specific teams, categorize them, and automatically reply to the queries with the right details instantly. All of this and much more with no human intervention.

3. Allow Finding Orders Inside The Widget

The most common queries for all ecommerce merchants are related to order tracking.

We set out to make it completely self-servicable. You don't have to setup additional plugins to allow customers to login and be able to view their order status.

With the live chat-cum-self service widget, your customers can enter their email and order number and can directly view the order information. Not agents involved.

The widget pulls all information directly from Shopify. All you need is the DelightChat shopify app installed on your store.

Imagine how many queries you reduce with this functionality by default.

4. Customize The Widget To Fit Your Brand

DelightChat’s customizable live chat widget becomes a part of your website. Choose your brand color and enable the widget to make it look seamless.

Want your customers to check FAQs first? Move the FAQ section to the top. 

Getting too many order tracking queries? Add the order tracker first.

Or switch it around and let your customers to talk to agents instantly by adding live chat at the top. 

We’ve added the freedom to optimize the widget for your store.

5. Setup Out Of Office and Business Greetings

You can make your brand even more personable with instant initial responses with automation rules. When a customer first messages you, you can immediately make sure that they receive an acknowledgement. And you can even ask for more information from the customer based on specific keywords before an agent can take over.

But this is possible when your agents are active. What if you're out of business hours?

Simply setup your working hours in DelightChat and create an out of office response. You can create this once and make it live for Live Chat, and all other support channels that you have connected (if you choose to).

Steps To Enable Live Chat On Your Shopify Store

If you already use the self-service widget, you can enable Live Chat from the Self-Service widget settings.

For those who aren’t, live chat can be enabled easily by following the steps below:

  1. Install the DelightChat Shopify app on your Shopify store.
  2. Login to your DelightChat account and go to Settings
  3. Go to Live Chat & Self Service Widget settings
  4. Next, click [Edit] beside the store you want to enable Live Chat for. 
  5. Click on the [Live Chat] tab
  6. Set Live Chat Availability to [On]

If you followed through the above steps, your Live Chat widget will now be available on your Shopify store.

Need help?

We'd love to take you through the entire process of setting up Live Chat and all your support channels. Feel free to schedule a time as per your preference for a personalized 1:1 onboarding session.

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