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13 Solutions to Facebook Business Manager Verification Failed

If you are applying to access WhatsApp Business API (or WhatsApp API), then you need to verify your Facebook Business Manager account. The Facebook Business Manager is a platform that enables you to monitor, control, and manage your business assets on Meta’s products including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in one place. If you have applied previously and your Facebook Business Manager verification failed, read further to find out why and what you can do to solve the same. 

In case you haven’t applied for verification, check out our step-by-step guide on how to verify your Facebook Business Manager account.

The process for Facebook Business Manager verification is simple. You submit the documents that prove the legal existence of your business, and Meta evaluates your application and approves it if the submitted information is in order.

However, your application may get rejected for various reasons. For many businesses, determining why their Facebook Business Manager verification failed could be a challenging task.

To help you figure the reason why your Facebook Business Manager verification is not working, we have listed 13 prominent reasons.

Submitted photo ID does not meet Facebook’s requirements

You are required to upload a government-issued photo ID in accordance with Meta’s guidelines. However, your application may be rejected if the document does not meet Facebook’s guidelines.

To minimize the chances of this happening, simply ensure the following –

  • Ensure that all corners of the ID are visible in the uploaded file
  • Avoid uploading photographs of the ID placed or photographed on an angular plane; flat surfaces are best for this
  • Avoid white or colored backgrounds when photographing your scanning the ID; dark backgrounds are advisable
  • Avoid digitally modifying the picture of your ID in any manner whatsoever

ID submitted for verification too many times

Your application for verification may also be rejected if you have submitted your photo ID for verification too many times. There is no concrete figure as to how many times you can do this, but perhaps if the number of attempts exceeds three, then it may likely be rejected.

To solve this, simply have another admin of your Facebook Business Manager account submit their photo ID towards verification of the account. While Meta’s approval is still not guaranteed, the chances are nonetheless higher.

#3 Unaccepted documents in submitted application

When applying for Facebook Business Manager verification, you must provide Facebook with only certain documents as not all of them are accepted.

Refer to the table below to know which documents are accepted for (1) verifying the legal name of your business, and (2) verifying the legal address of your business:

In most cases, your Facebook Business Manager verification application is likely to fail due to this reason – that is, submitting documents that are not accepted by Meta.

If you are not certain about what documents to submit, DelightChat recommends the following:

Inadequate information in application

Optimally, your Facebook Business Manager verification application should at least have two documents each for (1) verification of business legal name, and (2) verification of business address

In the past cases where the Facebook Business Manager verification failed, inadequate detail was a prominent reason. Additionally, the submitted application may also be rejected if it is missing an important element, such as a signature or stamp of the issuing authority.

It is not enough that you submit the correct documents; you must also ensure that they are duly stamped or expressly approved by the respective authorities, or your Facebook Business Manager verification application may be rejected.

Meta could also refuse your Facebook Business Manager account application in case your submitted documents do not include the legal name and/or legal address of your business. 

Submitted files are in unsupported formats

We recommend that you upload your documents in .PDF and images in .PNG or .JPEG formats. Your application for verification may fail if the submitted documents are in other, unsupported file formats.

Application documents in an unsupported language

Your submitted documents must be in one of the languages listed below:

  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Polish
  • Bengali
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Greek
  • Malaysian
  • Turkish
  • Hebrew
  • Mandarin
  • Vietnamese

Your application may be rejected if your submitted documents are in a language other than any of the ones listed above. So, to prevent this, have your information translated into one of those languages and upload the said files during the filing of your Facebook Business Manager verification request.

Unclear, illegible, or unreadable documents

Your Facebook Business Manager application may also be rejected if the submitted documents are unclear or the details within are illegible (such as any signatures or handwritten information being covered by ink smears or fudges). 

To prevent this, ensure that all the submitted files, especially scanned information, is of adequate resolution. If you are submitting photographs of documents, ensure that they are shot in well-lit environments without any flashy elements or any distractions.

Corrupted or unopenable files

In some cases, your application may contain files that do not open due to being corrupted. Such applications are usually instantly rejected; therefore, prior to uploading any file in your application, ensure that you can open them on your own computer first.

Expired documents

If your submitted documents have an expiry date, then ensure that it has not passed at the time of your application for your Facebook Business Manager account verification. Expired documents are instantly rejected without further consideration.

Inconsistencies in submitted documents

Your submitted documents have details different from your application’s input details in the Facebook Business Manager account verification application. Even minor errors such as grammatical differences could potentially lead to your verification application being rejected.

Hence, when uploading documents, ensure that the details including your legal business name and legal business address are identical to what you have mentioned in your Facebook Business Manager account settings.

1. In case of inconsistencies, login to Security Center from Facebook Business Manager.

2. Under ‘Business Settings’, go to ‘Business Info’ as shown below and click on ‘Edit’ to edit your business details.

3. You will see a new box prompt pop-up; simply fill the details exactly as per your submitted documents and click ‘Done’.

Failure to comply with follow-up verification

Sometimes, Facebook may request additional documents to be submitted to help them with the application verification process.

If this is needed for your Facebook Business Manager verification, you shall receive a request from Facebook as a support ticket; if you fail to provide the additional documents requested within a reasonable timeframe (within 7 days or 1 week from the date of the ticket being raised), your application may be rejected.

Using a personal email address

Your business email address should be different from your personal email address. Ideally, it should belong to the same domain as your website to speed up the verification process. Facebook says it themselves (as shown below).

For instance, if the business website URL is, then ideally the business email address should also end in, such as

So, if you input an email address that belongs to a domain different from your website, Facebook may run into difficulties trying to verify the ownership of the business and may reject your application as such.

Business website domain unverified

You may have submitted your business website address in your application, but Facebook may be unsuccessful in confirming its ownership. To avoid such confusion, ensure that your business legal name is listed or mentioned on your website’s footer (example shown below).

This tells Facebook that you own the website and thus helps them verify and process your application faster.

Still stuck? DelightChat can help!

If your Facebook Business Manager verification failed in spite of you being careful to avoid the reasons mentioned in this article, contact DelightChat today and let us handle your application.

DelightChat is a verified WhatsApp Business Partner and can help your business with the approval of Facebook Business Manager account verification. This is a must if your business wants to access WhatsApp Business API (or WhatsApp API).

We not only help businesses onboard to WhatsApp API, but also help them get their FB business manager verified in case there are any issues.

So, if you are facing any challenges or your Facebook Business Manager verification failed, signup with DelightChat and get in touch with us today.

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