Customer service app made just for Shopify stores.

DelightChat helps you manage customer conversations for your Shopify store from a single screen. Easy setup and powerful features, all without breaking the bank.

The wrong customer support app does more harm than good.

Your life is busy while running your Shopify store. You’re trying to help your customers make the best purchase decisions, handle their order-related issues while providing the best customer experience possible.
You don't want to be

...trying to manage customer service manually.

  • Jumping back & forth between multiple browser tabs to check emails, and social media messages.
  • Having multiple members of your team (mistakenly) handle the same query. Oops!
  • Losing customers because you aren’t able to track 100s of conversations and respond to them in time.

...choosing the wrong customer support app.

  • Communicating without context and personalization due to the lack of deep Shopify integration.
  • Navigating through UX so complex, you’ll need someone to train you to use it.
  • Deciding between pricing that will empty your bank balance or make your whole team share a seat.

It’s like you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

You can either pay a fortune for a half-decent support tool that gets the job done. Kind of.

Or you try to manage without any dedicated help desk software and end up with customer support consuming your day.

But that's about to change!

Say 👋 to DelightChat, the customer service app built for ecommerce & DTC brands running on Shopify.

Setup and start using in minutes.

  • Have you used software that seems like it was made for people from another planet? The ones with complex UI that are impossible to navigate.
  • Precisely why we’ve designed a self-serve tool that you can set up and figure out in minutes. You won’t need to talk to a sales rep, dig the web for explainer videos or sit through never-ending demos. Our clean and intuitive interface (think Gmail) will make you feel like you’ve been using it forever right from day zero.

Deep integration with Shopify and all your apps.

  • You don’t want to be wasting time jumping back and forth between the Shopify dashboard and other apps trying to find information. Or, constantly wonder why your latest updates don’t show up on your customer support dashboard.
  • With DelightChat, you’ll never have to go through this. With deep Shopify integration, you can find all your information up-to-date and in one place. We’ve taken the guesswork out of support so that you can handle your customers and make modifications to orders on Shopify with just one click.

All the features you need without breaking the bank.

  • You start using support software which isn’t half bad. But when you try to do more (essential things) with it? BAM! You’re hit with an ‘Upgrade to a higher plan’, all for the cost of a little island.
  • Enter: DelightChat. A tool made (and priced) for SME ecommerce brands running on Shopify. You’ll be equipped with the most essential features you need like omnichannel helpdesk, team collaboration, and deep integrations with Shopify across all our plans. 

Equipped with all the features to help your Shopify store grow exponentially.

Manage all your support channels from one screen
Respond to all your customer queries on Live Chat, Email, Instagram, and Facebook using DelightChat.
Collaborate with your team in real-time
Avoid duplicate replies, assign tickets, create custom tags, and easily filter conversations to delight your customers with unparalleled customer service, all from one screen.
Get access for your whole team
Add all your team members, manage all your orders, and add all your apps into one single account without having to worry about seat-sharing and the likes. All DelightChat plans support unlimited agents.
Connect all your Shopify stores
Have multiple stores? No worries! Connect all your Shopify stores to one single account, at no additional cost.
Gain insights on your agents’ performances
Get insightful metrics on who’s handling your tickets, how long they’re taking, and how effectively they’re dealing with them to help your agents perform better.
Enjoy delightful service from a caring team
We take customer support seriously. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, right? Whether you’re on a free or paid plan, our team will make sure all your queries are handled quickly and efficiently.

Built by a team that has previously served 20,000+ Shopify stores.

We previously built the widely loved SuperLemon app, serving over 20,000 happy Shopify merchants with an easy-to-use product and top-notch customer support.

This is when we realized all the customer support software out there is too expensive for smaller retailers, or they simply don’t serve the specific needs of an ecommerce business.

So we made it our mission to empower 100,000 ecommerce brands around the world to grow their business by delivering delightful customer service by building a high-quality, easy-to-use customer support tool.  

Are you ready to offer your customers an unparalleled support experience?

SuperLemon Customer
Amazing and easy to use app. Preetam is giving us support for every query we have and it's very instant. Thanks team for such a wonderful app.
SuperLemon Customer
One of the best app in shopify store. Extremely happy with the support from team. We use day in day out and has taken our customer relationship to next level.
SuperLemon Customer
Preetam from SuperLemon is super helpful, super supportive and very open to new app feature suggestions too. I HIGHLY recommend installing this app! Thanks, Preetam & Team SuperLemon!
SuperLemon Customer
This app is too good, No flaws as of now. Customer service is good with positive vibes :). Just get this app without thinking much, it is totally worth it.

Ready to simplify your customer support operations?