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One WhatsApp Business number for your entire team

One WhatsApp Business number for your entire team

With a shared WhatsApp inbox, your entire team can support your customers using a single WhatsApp business number.
Effortless agent-to-agent communication

Effortless agent-to-agent communication

Stop sharing chat screenshots asking for help. With a collaborative interface, your team can assign tickets, tag customer queries, and request assistance without leaving the chat screen!
Have the right information at your fingertips

Have the right information at your fingertips

DelightChat automatically displays customer details from Shopify on the chat screen, so your team spends less time looking for information and more time resolving issues.
Modify orders on-screen with deep Shopify integration

Modify orders on-screen with deep Shopify integration

No more switching tabs to modify orders! With a seamless Shopify integration, you can modify, duplicate, refund, or cancel orders right from the chat.
Delegate customer conversations to your team

Delegate customer conversations to your team

Keep an eye on all customer inquiries being handled by your team and ensure the highest quality support to your customers!
Respond quicker with Fast Replies

Respond quicker with Fast Replies

Wow your customers with super-fast resolutions using Fast Reply templates, which automatically insert customer details from Shopify into the message body.

FAQs about WhatsApp Business Inbox

What is a WhatsApp inbox?

A WhatsApp inbox allows multiple people from your team to send and receive messages from your customers, on the same WhatsApp number. This is possible by using a WhatsApp Business API-enabled phone number.

What do you mean by a shared inbox for WhatsApp?

If you use a regular WhatsApp number with the WhatsApp Business mobile app, only one person can respond to customers at a time.

With a shared WhatsApp inbox, multiple members of your team access the same phone number and reply to your customers. Your customers will be receiving all the replies from the same number - your WhatsApp Business API enabled number.

You can also oversee the replies being sent by all your team members to your customers on WhatsApp, thanks to DelightChat’s WhatsApp shared inbox.

Can you integrate existing WhatsApp numbers into the Inbox?

You can apply for WhatsApp Business API access with your existing WhatsApp number. However, the conversion from a regular number to an API number is one-time and cannot be reversed.

If you want to test WhatsApp Business API, you can always buy a new SIM card or phone number and apply for API access. You can always apply for more numbers, or convert your existing number at a later time.

Can you also reply to Facebook messages?

DelightChat’s all-in-one eCommerce support inbox lets you reply to messages from multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Emails, and WhatsApp from a single screen. And if you own multiple stores, you can add them to DelightChat and reply to conversations on different social media platforms for all your stores too!

What is the cost of WhatsApp API?

WhatsApp API has two chargeable components:

1. For sending and receiving messages from customers. This is called a session message.

2. For sending outbound messages to your customers. This is called a template message.

The rates of WhatsApp API vary depending on the provider. Contact us to learn more about pricing.

How does the WhatsApp integration with DelightChat’s Inbox work?

We’ve partnered with popular WhatsApp API providers so you only need to enable the API and select the inbox partner as DelightChat. Then, all messages coming to that WhatsApp API number will show up in DelightChat.

Can you integrate a WhatsApp live chat on your website?

Absolutely! While we’re working on a combined live-chat widget for DelightChat, you can use our partners to get the WhatsApp chat button on your Shopify website very easily.

Our customers say DelightChat is easy-to-use. They also love our fast & friendly support 😍

The Nestery
With over 300+ vendors and a large customer base, we moved from Freshdesk to DelightChat in April, so we could have all members collaborating. The sync with Shopify is seamless and fast replies with dynamic fields helps answer repetitive queries such as "Where is my order?" quickly.
Studio Y
The app has a clean UI. It literally took 15 minutes to be up and running after integrating Email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger & comments and Instagram comments.
Our experience with the DelightChat team has been amazing. It is the perfect combination of a great product, very simple and intuitive UI, and outstanding support. Whats even better is that they are constantly seeking to get better and to improve your experience.
Fabric Pandit
One word for DelightChat - Game Changer. Absolutely focussing on providing the best customer experience with literally the most seamless & user friendly UI we have seen yet. We currently handle over 3k orders daily and we have tried almost every customer support tool out there but DelightChat suited our operations to handle the high volume of tickets across multiple channels best.
XYXX Apparels
You ought to have DelightChat on your store to streamline, manage & easily handle every customer issue. Very easily replaces multiple 'desk' software & provides solutions for everything that you'd possibly need. Need something additional? DC team is extremely agile & they love to solve your problems quickly.
Sleepy Owl Coffee
DelightChat has made life so much easier for us at Sleepy Owl! Apart from the ease of use, Preetam & his team have been very accommodating to tweak and make this a super helpful app for brands like ours. With all channels consolidated into one, it has saved us all a lot of time and hassle. Working with the team is a pleasure by itself. Highly recommended!

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