Zendesk Alternative: Why go with DelightChat?

Would you want to use a help desk software that’s not even made for ecommerce? Try DelightChat today!

We’d like to tip our hats to the team at Zendesk.

They have done a great job in building a product that empowers large ecommerce brands to manage customer support. And if you’re here evaluating Zendesk alternatives like DelightChat, then you’re already on the right track for finding tools that empower your brand to deliver delightful customer service.

So what’s the difference between Zendesk vs DelightChat?

Sure, we’ll have differences in the way our product is implemented, its design, certain feature set, and more of which you can find out about in the post below.

But one reason stands out more than anything else. The one reason to rule them all.

It is our DNA.

The founding team at DelightChat initially built software for small ecommerce and DTC brands. From the roots, we are built for the small teams, the underdogs, the ones trying to change the world from the ground up.

That’s why you’ll find DelightChat to be designed for ease-of-use (small business owners have a lot on their plate already). And a pricing model that’s affordable and enables your brand to get the best software, without breaking the bank.

We created DelightChat to be the best customer support software for small ecommerce & DTC brands.

Top reasons why DTC brands choose DelightChat over Zendesk.

Reason #1

Deliver unequaled customer support from a single screen

Do boring, clunky, and poorly designed tools bother you? Well, it does bother us. That’s why we created DelightChat, a customer service tool designed for the ecommerce industry that’s both pleasing to the eyes and quite simple to use. 

With DelightChat you can respond to your customer queries, collaborate with your team & perform certain Shopify admin operations, all from a single screen. No need to jump around tabs just to respond to a  customer query. 

Reason #2

Built for ecommerce brands

Zendesk is a great customer support platform but it’s built for any and every industry you can think of (yes, that one as well). It doesn’t take into account the unique problems an ecommerce store faces every day.  

But as for DelightChat, we were born to solve the customer support management issues an SME ecommerce business face daily. Our robust set of features like team collaboration, conversation-first approach, deep Shopify integration enable us to provide the best possible solution for budding DTC & ecommerce companies. 

Reason #3

Feature-rich but inexpensive

Your business is unique and the way you handle customer service might be different from your peers. With a diverse set of features, DelightChat caters to all kinds of SMB ecommerce & direct-to-consumer brands. Multi-channel helpdesk, team collaboration, deep integrations with Shopify & other apps - we got it all.

But unlike Zendesk, we don’t charge by the number of reps you onboard. Heck, you can onboard your whole team. We simply charge by the number of conversations you have with your customers in a month. That helps you to onboard your entire team on DelightChat where you can collaborate & solve customer queries together. 

Reason #4

Collaborate with your team without the annoying back & forth

Up until now, we assume that you used to collaborate with your team over WhatsApp or Slack by sharing customer query screenshots. Or, you’d be jumping between tickets within Zendesk to resolve a simple customer complaint. 

With DelightChat, you can collaborate with your team and respond to customer queries from a single screen. No need to juggle between different tabs or lose your way within the tool itself. 

Reason #5

We’ll never charge extra if you add more users

We don’t hold you in contempt for adding extra users, encourage unsafe practices like seat sharing, or create a “smart” pricing model that you will need 6 days and 7 nights to unravel. 

Unlike Zendesk, our plans are based on the number of conversations you have with your customers in a month. Add all your teammates, manage a million orders (or more), and connect all your favorite apps into the account. You still just pay a straightforward monthly subscription fee.

Reason #7

Directly integrates with Shopify and other apps

With Zendesk, you have to switch between tools to fetch the necessary information to solve a ticket. That’s not the case with us. DelightChat solves that problem by deeply integrating with Shopify and other important ecommerce applications. 

For example, before DelightChat, our customers would modify the wrong order because they searched with the wrong ID on the Shopify admin dashboard. Deep Shopify integrations mean peace of mind that you will always modify the correct order.

Reason #8

Conversation-first approach

Most ecommerce tools are predominantly designed as a ticketing system. If someone reports a problem, a ticket gets generated and you solve it. But your customers are humans and not just an assigned number in your support tool. 

That’s why we have built DelightChat as a conversation-first tool. The app interface gears you to have a conversation with your customer like a human, as opposed to just treating them like a lifeless ticket. Even when you’re replying to an email, it feels like you’re right there having a real conversation with your customer. How cool is that feeling?

Reason #9

Connect all your Shopify stores

We can feel the pain of managing multiple customer support tools if you run more than one ecommerce store. Running more than one ecommerce business on Shopify? Connect them all and deliver delightful customer support from a single screen. 

Reason #10

Barely any setup time

Unlike Zendesk where you jump through hoops to even start using the tool, you can start using DelightChat in no time. Our tool is so simple that you don’t need to talk to a sales rep, watch a 20-min explainer video, or sit through an hour-long demo.

We built DelightChat to be self-serve. That means you sign-up and start using it without anyone’s help. Our beta customers say that they could figure out the basic operations within a couple of minutes.

Reason #11

Unrivaled support from a small & caring team

We noticed this at our previous company SuperLemon that bigger companies like Zendesk don’t care much for SME ecommerce brands. They either have to wait a minimum of 24 hours for someone to answer their query, or they’re left to fend for themselves.

At DelightChat, we take great pride in providing delightful service to all our customers, whether they’re on the free plan or the paid ones. We love our customers and since we’re a small team (<10 members), we always put you first.

Turn customers into brand advocates with stellar customer service.

With DelightChat, you can manage customer service with your teammates from a single screen. Sign-up today and get 90 days free access