Increase Sales & Manage Support Effortlessly

Omnichannel Customer Support Inbox
Reply to your customers across all channels from one unified dashboard - WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email & Live Chat.
WhatsApp Marketing Suite
Grow your sales by sending promotional broadcasts via Official WhatsApp API. Automate abandoned carts recovery, send order notifications, and create advanced customer segments to increase repeat purchase & LTV.

1000+ great DTC brands trust us with their business

A unified platform for managing Customer Support & running WhatsApp Marketing

Say hello to DelightChat, a customer service and marketing tool tailor-made for ecommerce brands that use WhatsApp, Instagram and other modern channels. Combine that with WhatsApp marketing, and you now have everything you need to grow your D2C brand.

Powerful features. Affordable price. Ridiculously simple to use.

Talk to your customers on every channel

Save countless hours & have peace of mind by never missing a customer query across any channel like WhatsApp, Email, FB & IG comments, Messenger, Instagram DMs and Live Chat.

Grow revenue via WhatsApp Marketing

Using Official WhatsApp API, send Broadcasts to your customers list. Thanks to high deliverability and read rates, brands are seeing upto 26x ROI on WhatsApp marketing spend and 7.1x higher conversions than Email.

Create upsell & cross-sell journeys, winback customers who haven't purchased in a while, and grow your revenues on autopilot.

Automate WhatsApp Notifications at scale

Automate abandoned carts recovery, send order confirmation and tracking notifications, verify cash on delivery orders, collect product reviews, all via WhatsApp API.

Collaborate with your team within tickets

See who’s replying, leave private notes for your teammates, tag a conversation, assign tickets to the right person, set a reminder and so much more – all without switching your browser tab.

View & modify Shopify order data while replying

You always modify the correct order as DelightChat’s deep Shopify integration leaves no room for manual errors But that’s not all; with readily available customer info, you can always respond to queries with better context.

Save dozens of hours by automating replies

Let customers view their “order status” using our self-service widget. Set up automation rules that check for keywords like “refund” in your incoming messages, and automatically reply with the refund policy link.

Enable your customers to serve themselves

Your customers want to find answers, fast. DelightChat's beautiful self-serve widget enables them to view their order status or browse help articles in one click. The same widget also houses a contact form and Live Chat.

All the features you need to streamline support ops

1000+ customers say DelightChat is powerful, easy-to-use, and provides fast support 😍

This app has been a game changer for our CRM. We tried many solutions like interakt, zendesk , freshchat etc, to no avail.
The team especially Preetam and Baz are very instrumental in listening to our day today problems and I am always getting positive feedback and changes that I recommend have been implemented in the app to suit my needs.
Studio Y
It literally took 15 minutes to be up and running after integrating Email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger & comments and Instagram comments.
STAC Fine Jewellery
The DelightChat team were an absolute delight. The whatsapp group they created to resolve our queries has been amazing and the responses have been really prompt. The automated responses have reduced our transaction customer service interaction significantly so that the team can now truly focus on Customer Delight.
Our experience with the DelightChat team has been amazing. It is the perfect combination of a great product, very simple and intuitive UI, and outstanding support.
Fabric Pandit
Literally the most seamless & user friendly UI we have seen yet. We currently handle over 3k orders daily and we have tried almost every customer support tool out there but DelightChat suited our operations to handle the high volume of tickets across multiple channels best.
Shop Curls
I really really love the App. It has everything I was looking for and more. The platform is clean, organized and easy to use. The support team is very helpful, they created a WhatsApp Group after our demo and are always there to help us right away. I highly recommend this app!
Kudos to the team for being super prompt in solving merchant queries. The team understands the ecommerce ecosystem very well and the solutions that they make, fit very well to the communication needs of the merchants.
Sleepy Owl Coffee
DelightChat has made life so much easier for us at Sleepy Owl! Apart from the ease of use, Preetam & his team have been very accommodating to tweak and make this a super helpful app for brands like ours. With all channels consolidated into one, it has saved us all a lot of time and hassle.
Our experience is nothing less than perfect. Delightchat offers us all the features we were looking for. However, the absolute best thing is that the team is extremely proactive and agile. Literally demonstrating what an ideal customer service looks like. This is honestly the best CRM tool available out there!

Ready to streamline customer support & grow your revenues?